Week 1: Introduction-Adv. Case Study 1

Level 10 – Week 1:  Introduction: Case Study 1

A review of the stages we have grown through and an elaboration of the need to assimilate all the information in a reasonable amount of time. The student runs into the mass of information and must try to isolate potential problems and give adequate advice. Students are challenged to know why someone is coming to get the chart done, What they need to know, When they need to know it, and How are you are going to tell them. They must make up a scenario and advise accordingly. These classes are designed to make the student think and develop speed and accuracy. The emphasis here continues to stretch and train the student to perceive correctly and to learn to give healing and helpful advice. The responsibility for any conclusions made or any advice given is highly accentuated Techniques for cutting away irrelevant pieces of information are developed. Faster and improved methods of transit deduction are introduced and put into practice. Why, What, When and How are still predominate themes but they are being deduced faster. Advice as to dealing with clients is included in these case studies. The test of a good astrologer is one who can interpret the chart according to the person’s actual values and needs, rather than one’s own; and still have a sense of wonder about life, its mysteries, and the human condition.