Other Personal Degree Assessments

By Robin Armstrong

My Sun is in the 28th degree of Scorpio….

SC 28° (Charubel) A tiger crouching ready for a spring on its prey. A revengeful, treacherous and cruel person. This degree is an evil mixture of Saturn and Mars.

Growing up in my childhood I was very, very sensitive and if anyone

stepped  on my toes not only would I step on back on their toes but I

planned their death. Thats how severe my attitude was. I would do

anything to get revenge. “The tiger crouching ready for a spring on its

prey” portrays the picture of of myself ready for anyone who tries to.

screw me or be an obstacle in achieving my goals. I would jump and

kill. My temperament was sensitive like a diabetic  is to sugar. ……..


SC 28° (Sepharial) A rocky eminence  of which is carved a cross in stone. It stands against the rising sun as if haloed in divine light. It is the index of a nature that will give evidence  of a superior faculty, and a disposition for spiritual and religious studies. The mind is firm and de­pendable, the tastes  are monastic and austere, and the whole character lu­minous  yet ponderable, faithful and reclusive. It is a degree of SECURITY.

Not to be arrogant or conceited on the matter but this degree describes 

me today quite accurately. If I had read this degree one year ago I

would have just burned it in the fireplace;  putting it off as ridiculous!

My response  to this degree a year ago would have been “Me? Spiri­

tual? Religious? You’ve got to be kidding.” …….. DD

SC 28°(Alan Leo) Subtle intellect, imaginative yet profound: elder brethren.

I find this description to reflect me in my life presently. My attitude has transformed in the past 10 months and I find myself immersed in more esoteric topics exploring the truths about myself and life itself. I also, find myself becoming capable of seeing deeply into matters but when I try to express them to some people the reaction is one of a blank stare  or one of a fighter. I continually ponder thoughts where answers to esoteric queries are found but kept to myself…….. DD