SATURN – Just Doggerel (employ the rod and enjoy the child)

By Stephen L. Merrill, Charlottetown, PEl.

Hey! Stay awake,

Abide awhile.

Take time to obey

The cosmic codes today,

To earn the freedom

That Saturn sends:

He does not bind

He makes you free,

He draws the line

Which shapes the me.

Go with Mars

When impulse speaks,

But scribe a form

              It cannot breach.

Saturn holds and Saturn tests,

Saturn’s the bricks which build the best.

Saturn’s patience is stable and silent and slow,

In seriousness he waits and meditates and concentrates Identifying responsibilities for Aquarian initiates.

Hark! The Dove –

The Awakened pulsates with Love

Allowing freedom from above.

The stars are my eyes triumphant

By Nanci Ahern, Toronto, Ontario

The stars are my eyes triumphant,

a million other prayers in the soul

making pictures in the night,

those guidelines to the spirit

piercing through chaos

with destiny patterns.

I raise my head to the nightime sky,

see their path shining all around me,

Triumphant, triumphant, triumphant!

le soir qui tombe

Phillip Bres, King City, Ontario

Le temps devenu sable est resté suspendu

Aglutines jusqu’au delà du confondu

des corps fondent, s’enfoncent sous la vie

  et deviennent bove

Les chaines du chaos ont hapé le degout

des fourmis dans mes yeux griffent l’abime de la peur

L’esprit est tombe; le chariot noir emparte ma fleur

  mort, prend moi dans ton vase

  et avale mon âme

  ecouree de mon corps.

Maya, Maya, Maya by Robin Armstrong

Has your mind begun to reel yet?

All the pleasure of Life

              is in its intoxicating spin.

Spiral-eyed, we look out on a world

              expecting clarity

Maya, Maya, Maya,

              what a dizzy sight!