2022 Leo New Moon – Southern Hemisphere

Editor: Robin Armstrong

Editor: Robin Armstrong

The New Moon

When your feelings about the past, memories, and your sense of security

conjunct or meet up with

Your confidence,  purposefulness, and your hopes for the future

A profound impression is made.

A note on the harp of the soul.

A seed moment in celestial manifestation.

The Horoscope for the New Moon is for the exact moment of the New Moon.

There are no houses in this chart because the Moon is in all 12 houses at the same time when viewed globally. So this is the true New Moon chart for anywhere on earth. You can add the houses to it according to where you live.

Most computer printouts will draw the horoscope with the houses as appropriate for where you are on the planet. This was not done here in order to focus on things valid for everyone on the planet.

New Moons are the peak  points of subjective impressionability in the month.

Receptivity to core insights and to God, are accentuated.

Chanting (or even drumming) on a New Moon will give an extra vitality to your efforts over the following month,

until the next New Moon.

A holy  environment and spiritual companions are a great blessing.

The New Moon accumulates and reflects on all of the experiences of the past month. On the New Moon the conglomerate of experiences past, creates a high tide of intuitive impressions. At the moment the Moon meets the Sun, light is  shone on these impressions creating a new sense of purpose. It is the Sun than effects the Moon.

From our worldly consciousness we cannot see the combination or aggregate of memories, but we can certainly feel it.

Unfortunately our habit patterns are too gross or physical to allow us to attune to this phenomenon consciously, but we certainly can feel it.

Only the initiate or one established in spiritual disciplines can clearly witness the New Moon within.

Zodiac Pattern Types

Zodiac Bundle Type

Leo New Moon – Bundle:

As our Southern Hemisphere friends are enjoying their summer time, the Sun and Moon meet in warm spirited Leo. The visible moonlight has disappeared and the moments of utter New Moon darkness make way for the potential of deep spiritual contemplation. Although not visible to the naked eye, the Sun meeting the Moon is an energizing time. Memories have started to diminish making room for proud new beginnings filled with intuitive insights. Enthusiasm, willpower and proud actions we have been exposed to since the last New Moon will nurture the intuitive impressions about to unfold.

It is a powerful yet sensitive time as this invisible luminosity is being channeled into the Bundle Pattern.

It is Leo’s birthright to shine brightly upon us without restraint, yet this New Moon in Leo is challenged to focus its enthusiasm into a few specific special arena’s… projecting it’s creative confidence and sense of purpose intensely! Whether the seeds you will plant now are of spiritual or mundane nature, they shall steadily mature beyond your dreams.

Use this pivotal, confident New Moon energy to focus on your soul and lead with your heart, embracing silent darkness and tender new light!



Pentans are five degree divisions of the Zodiac in which the zodiac repeats itself creating a sub-level  of meaning. Sub-pentans divide each 10 degrees of the zodiac into 12 sub-sub-signs adding a third level of meaning. The Zodiac sign is the Main Theme, The Pentan is the Special Focus and the Sub-Pentan is the Intimate Detail.

Zodiac Faces

Today we see

the Face of Speculation

Aries:  Nothing ventured, nothing gained. This is one of those times when taking a risk will be worth the consequences. Sometimes it is necessary to speculate just to find out what the results will be.

Taurus: Do not let others talk you into speculating especially if it goes against your commons sense. Be content and protect what is yours. Don’t throw pearls before swine!

Gemini: If you don’t make a move now, you may never do it. The time is right. The conditions are favourable. When the moment arises you must seize it and make your move.

Cancer: Speculation will not bring security. You will run into curious people with all kinds of schemes. Do not finance the speculations of others. Maintain the status quo.

Leo: This will be a fast moving and fortunate day. Your instincts will prove correct but you must act on them. You will be able to trust the spontaneous flow of the moment.

Virgo: If you speculate today, you will be sorry. You are inclined to draw quick and incorrect conclusions. You will be inconvenienced by the free spirit of others.

Libra: Your capacity to win or gain attention will be high today. This is no time for indecision. You need to think quickly, perceive the winning options, and then act quickly.

Scorpio: You will not see things clearly today. At least they will probably not work out according to your expectations. Keep speculation to a minimum and do not take the ideas of others too seriously.

Sagittarius: You will be foiled and misled by incorrect information. Do not jump to conclusions. If you speculate you will suffer setbacks. If you try to explain you will increase adversity.

Capricorn: While many around you will be involved in speculation, you need to rely on personal strategy and common sense. Remember that those who talk too much or too loudly rarely know what they are talking about.

Aquarius: Stimulating conversations abound. Power will be in ideas not in muscles. Avoid expressions of pride. Aim for expediency. Start conversations but be aware that there will be some opposition.

Pisces: You will be easily misled today, by your own speculative ideas as easily as those of others. If you try to impress or take the stage you will be embarrassed. Silence is golden.

Hexagram Degrees

Southern Hemisphere

12 Leo 20

Main Theme:

LEO  12°-13° (IC)  PUSHING UPWARDS: W.46, Line 1: Passive.

                      Special Focus:

                    12° 20’-12° 30’ Leo (Ge  IC-lvl2)  POSSESSION IN GREAT MEASURE: W.14, Line 4: Firm.

                      Intimate Detail

    12° 20’ 00”-12° 21’ 40” Leo (Ge IC-lvl3)  THE CREATIVE, INDIVIDUAL: W.1, Line 6: Projective.

Main Theme

Special Focus

Intimate Detail

Aspect Hexagrams

Stars By Degree

Earth Longitude by Zodiac Degree

Light of  Qabalah in this Degree

Light of  Qabalah in this Degree

Light of  Qabalah in this Degree

Ancestors by Degree

Movement by Degree

Drumming by Degree

Drumming by Degree

This hexagram reveals the drum rhythm by degree.  Play this  on your own or in a drum circle for the New Moon. Tune into the seed moment of the month. The Base at the red dot should be played louder!

Melodies (Scales) by Degree

Each degree has a very special melody or scale. You can play this with any instrument and tune into the feelings of this New Moon.

Watch the video:

LEO  12°-13° (IC)  PUSHING UPWARDS: W.46, Line 1: Passive.

Chanting by Degrees

Chanting on the New Moon evokes a very special presence.

It is one of the most powerful and sensitive times to chant.

Chanting by Degrees

This is the Chant for the New Moon in Leo at 12Leo 20.  By chanting you will tune into the essence of this New Moon in Leo.

——— 5 minutes of call and response chanting

——— 1 minute of continuous chanting

Watch the video:

LEO  12°-13° (IC)  PUSHING UPWARDS: W.46, Line 1: Passive.

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