Level 0: Astrology Calculations

Greenwich Mean Time line

Calculations: From an era before computers. This is available as an option but it is not necessary in today’s world of abundant astrological computer programs. Students will get through the entire curriculum using a computer program without having to learn or bother with the calculations. It remains available as an option for anyone interested.

This class is for calculating the natal chart from an ephemeris,  using a table of houses and a time change atlas. Special calculation forms will be used with step by step instructions. Once calculated correctly, then the instructions are given to draw the horoscope on a blank form. (again from an era before computers!)

Calculations are a good skill to have in your astrological repertoire. It will guide you in finding mistakes, visuallising the heavens, developing a real textured sense of time and space, and in understanding the history and development of time and place.

What to do when the computer doesn’t work, or how to get the information from books onto a chart.

It will certainly help with understanding advanced calculations at every stage of development.

This course is available to students. It involves the use of forms, an ephemeris, a table of houses. Calculations are done in a step by step manner using a numbered calculation form. The mp3 instructions talk you through the steps. This will include a simple manner of calculating aspects thoroughly and accurately.

   This is the actual Greenwich Mean Time line at the Greenwich Observatory, UK