The Chandra System by John Sandbach

by Robin Armstrong

My ASC is in the 8th degree of Aries.

Aries 08 (Chandra) A LIZARD DRESSED IN BLUE SATIN AND POINTED SHOES. Innocent humor with a sharp edge. Acceptance of the unusual and unexpected. Hostile sarcasm and/or parody. There is a lizard who wears clothes in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland .

  Again the snake theme for me is relative as I was born in the year of the Snake. I tend to accept the most bizarre and unusual people and situations without hesitation, but usually to my detriment. …..CJM

Also in this 8th Degree of Aries:

Degree           Focus on:              Hexagrams:           Person/Event:

07AR49 04   d  DSC   in H07  41L2:11L2:27L6  Dean, James: actor

My natal ASC is in the 5th degree of Gemini.

Gemini 05 (Chan) AN IMMENSE TORTOISE WITH JEWELS INLAID IN ITS BACK. Firmness in thinking. Vivid expressive ability.-Wanting attention but shying away from it when it comes. There is a tortoise like this in Huysmann’s novel, Against the Grain.

This is all too true. I can be ‘diplomatically obnoxious’. I always say what I think, but then want to be let alone. People find me dramatic and self-assured, but I am physically quite shy. I especially dislike crowds. ….km

Also in this 5th Degree of Gemini:

Degree             Focus on:         Hexagrams:       Person/Event:

04GE28 41 d  MON  in H03  9L2:54L3:59L1 Armstrong-Jones, Anthony

04GE48 38 d  VTX   in H08  9L2:54L5: 4L1  Poitier, Sydney Actor

04GE50 22 d  SUN   in H03  9L2:54L6: 7L6  Price, Vincent Actor/horror

04GE52 23 d  SUN   in H12  9L2:54L6: 7L5  Kissinger, Henry Politician

My natal Pluto is in the 28th degree of Leo.

Leo 28 (Chandra) MEN DOING GYMNASTICS. Love of displaying one’s power and abilities. Development and maintenance of assets.

Pluto, here, falls in my fourth house. It’s intriguing that this symbol is supposed to involve development and maintenance of assets. I take this to be more spiritual or personal than physical. I’m obsessed with, but unsuccessful at, keeping things working, having enough money, etc. But on a personal level, I find that every year I become more and more aware of personal power and ability………km

Also in this 28th Degree of Leo:

Degree            Focus on:          Hexagrams:           Person/Event:

27LE13 47  d  MC.  in H10    64L3:29L5:23L4   Uranus, Discovery of)

27LE29 02  d  PLU  in H06    64L3:29L4: 2L1    Hamill, Dorothy Skater

27LE34 35  d  MER in H12    64L3:29L3:24L3   Sellers, Peter Actor

27LE57 31  d  MC.  in H10    64L3:29L1: 3L5    Eastwood, Clint actor

My natal Sun is in the 16th degree of Libra.

Libra 16 (Chan) A WOMAN: THE LOWER HALF OF HER BODY IS A SERPENT. Union of primitivism and refinement. Wisdom of the subconscious.

Born in the year of the Snake. I know things without knowing why I know this … the wisdom of the subconscious. ie. Precognitive dreams. In personal relationships I form primitive attachments which are refined to the best they (the relationships) can be. …..CJM

Also in this 16th Degree of Libra:

Degree            Focus on:            Hexagrams:             Person/Event:

15LI02 58 d   NNd  in H10      56L4:44L1:33L2    Chiron, Discovery of

15LI03 49 d   PLU  in H10      56L4:44L1:33L3    Chiron, Discovery of

15LI08 06 d   MON in H03      56L4:44L1:33L5    Atom Bomb, First

15LI13 43 d   NEP  in H12      56L4:44L2:31L3    Princess Anne

My natal Sun is in the 28th degree of Scorpio.

Scorpio 28 (Chan) “A BUILDING: THE ONLY PART OF IT LEFT IS THE CORNERSTONE” The ability to reject everything about an idea or experience except for its essence.

It’s great to have the natural ability to see through things and get right to the point. At the same time being the Scorpio that I am I can’t live with myself by not living the truth I see. It makes me a bit too serious. It has to be meaningful or forget it and sometimes I go overboard. I’ve been told, “Loosen up!! Geeeezzz. You’re so serious sometimes! Have a drink.”  But the bottom line is by knowing the “essence” and being able to live it and experience it is absolutely profound. I wouldn’t give it up for anything. ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING AND NOTHING ……DD

Also in this 28th Degree of Scorpio:

Degree            Focus on:          Hexagrams:           Person/Event:

27SC05 59  d  NEP  in H08    35L3:30L6: 8L3    Kerrigan, Nancy: Skater

27SC33 05  d  PLU  in H11    35L3:30L3:24L2   Earthquake, Los Angeles

27SC34 17  d  VTX  in H05    35L3:30L3:24L3   Griffin, Merv Entertainer

27SC46 22  r   JUP   in H01    35L3:30L2:27L4   Uranus, Discovery of

My natal IC is in the 29th degree of Scorpio.

Scorpio 29 (Chandra) AN UMBILICAL CORD. Intimacy of connection with others. Intense direct giving of self. Thriving on one’s associations.

I am personally motivated by inner trust and personal bonds of intimacy. For a commitment I will give everything. Trust, truth and consequences. These are important. I am motivated to impress and to establish deep meaningful relations with others. I do feel secure in my associations. I feel an inner connection to those with similar commitments……..ra

Also in this 29th Degree of Scorpio:

Degree            Focus on:        Hexagrams:          Person/Event:

28SC47 05  d  MC.  in H10  35L2:49L2:36L2  Gretzky, Wayne: Hockey

My natal MC is in the 9th degree of Aquarius.

Aquarius 09 (Chan) VIOLETS BLOOMING BY THE BARRED WINDOWS OF A DUNGEON. Hope in the midst of despair. Appreciation of life even in confining circumstances. Violets are a symbol of modesty and simplicity.

I like this one, although it could be more encouraging in terms of MC-10th – home matters. I’ve had many career ups-and-downs, but try not to let it get me down too much. ………