By Eugene A. Moore, Moore School of Astrology, Gibbstown, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Today there is great confusion among astrologers as to which is the correct House System. This is especially confusing to new Astrology students, because each House System has it’s own supporters and followers. All claim their system is the correct one. However it is a known fact that even experienced Astrologers have difficulty in truly determining the correct House System.

Recently the Publishing House “Quick Specs”, introduced the BENCHMARK to clarify certain concepts relating the Fixed Stars to the house cusps in their book entitled “Mundane Positions of Fixed Stars in Astrology”. While the BENCHMARK is new to Astrology it has been used extensively by Surveyors and Engineers to locate precisely the elevation and differences of level of various objects or points in space. The BENCHMARK therefore is the ideal device to test the accuracy and correctness of the various House Systems. In fact there is no better method of graphically, demonstrating this accuracy and correctness. A copy of the brochure “BENCHMARK MUNDANE CHART”, by Quick Specs is shown below. Please read and examine carefully this brochure. You will quickly and easily see that the Placidus System is closest to being exact. The 26 minutes of space are less than two minutes of time from being exact with the BENCHMARK calculations. Other House Systems were out of focus by varying degrees. There is now absolutely no question that the Placidus House System is the most accurate and scientifically correct of all the House Systems.


The dictionary defines “Benchmark” as, “a mark on a permanent object, firmly fixed in the ground, from which differences or elevations are measured.”

“Quick Specs” utilizes the mundane position of the Sun on the 11th Cusp, measured for June 14, 1973, 0º Longitude and 40º North Latitude, 9:30 a.m. Local Time, when the Sun is 1/3 of its semi-diurnal arc from the midheaven meridian.

The ca1culations were made in mundo, however, the calculations on the above date can be made using the standard procedure of chart erection. The results will differ, as the “mean time” and apparent time” of the Sun, although in close agreement, are not exactly in phase. The difference in the sidereal time of the Midheaven resulting from calculating in mundo and calculating by the ordinary method will be trifling and will not invalidate the use of the mundane “Benchmark Chart” for comparing various house systems for use as a vehicle in the presentation of mundane work.

Refer to the diagrams above for charts comparing the various house systems.

(“Benchmark” Mundane Chart and the illustrating diagrams are protected by: Quick Specs” ®  ©Percival & Fox 1975. All Rights Reserved)

The Placidus House System is truly the Great House System of the Zodiac. Some authorities claim that the Placidus House System tends to fail mathematically at high latitudes from 60°to 90° North. In fact one authority states that it is absolutely impossible to use the Placidus House System above 66°33’ North. These claims are now proven to be false. In 1974 J. Allan Jones Jr. published his book entitled “Mechanics of Tables of Houses with Placidean House Cusps for Above the Arctic Circle”. For proof of the validity of the Placidus House System, J. Allan Jones Jr. publishes the Horoscope of Marie Peary Stafford, born September 12, 1893, 6:45 PM EST at Inglefield Gulf, Latitude 77°N 44’, Longitude 76°W 40’. Here the supposedly impossible was accomplished and the vindication of the Placidus House System to work anywhere in the world is now complete. All Astrologers can now use the Placidus House System with the assurance they will obtain greater accuracy in Horoscope delineation.

Personally I have known that the Placidus House System is the correct one, because of the exact readings for the intermediate House cusps. Over 8,000 Horoscopes have been tested, with excellent results. For final proof of the validity, correctness and exactness of the Placidus House System, six Horoscopes are presented here with an interpretation of an event.

In all six Horoscopes take note that an intermediate House cusp was activated by a transitting or progressed planet, making a key aspect for the event by conjuncting the intermediate House cusp, within one degree of exactness.


Annette was born August 26, 1961, 2:36 PM, Portland, Maine, 43°N 39’ 70°W 16’ Birthdata given in American Astrology Magazine, May 1972. Annette’s Horoscope was submitted as a medical Horoscope. She suffered from a congenital heart disease indicated by natal Saturn (restriction) at 24°02’ Capricorn, retrograde, and natal Jupiter (ruler of the Horoscope) at 28°33’ Capricorn, retrograde, opposition natal Venus at 26°41’ Cancer, in the eighth House of death. It is to be noted that natal Venus rules the sixth House of health as well as the fifth House ruling the heart. Annette underwent several operations and seemed to be on her way to a relatively normal life. However the progressed Sun at 12°41’ Virgo, had moved to the opposition of the natal Moon at 12°22’ Pisces. The natal Moon is located in the third House and most important rules the eighth House of Death. The progressed Moon at 17°16’ Cancer moved to the cusp of the eighth House at 17° Cancer, where it was opposed by the transitting Sun at 16°37’ Capricorn. Here we have a repeat of the progressed Sun opposition natal Moon. This repeat aspect increases the probability of action about four times that of the single opposition aspect. Annette was coming home from school on the school bus (Moon rules school buses):, when she dropped an orange which rolled under the schoolbus. Annette was run over by the school bus and killed apparently trying to retrieve the orange. Here again the progressed Moon ruler of the eighth House makes the key aspect, being exactly on the eighth House cusp marking the death of this unfortunate young child.


George was born May 16, 1951, 9:04 AM, EST, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A., 42°N 20’ , 83°W 03’. George was a college student studying to be an Attorney. Note the natal Jugiter at 5°17’ Aries conjunct the natal Midheaven at 2° Aries. Jupiter rules Attorneys and the Midheaven rules the public life. If this man were to continue his career he could be a very successful and prosperous Attorney. Natally George has Mars at 26°25’ Taurus conjunct his natal Sun at 24°54’ Taurus. Anyone who has natal Mars conjunct their natal Sun is apt to be injured in some way, either a back injury or a head injury. This man was a client and I gave him the standard Astrological warning for this aspect, which is no speeding in cars and above all no riding on motorcycles.

My warning was not heeded and on August 1, 1974, at 11:30 PM, approx. in Levittown, Penn., this man while riding his motorcycle collided with a pedestrian who was running across the road. George was thrown from his motorcycle and sustained heavy head and face injuries, losing the sight of his right eye. The Sun rules the right eye of a male. He recovered fairly well but in October 1974 trouble developed with his back. This injury came from the accident but as sometimes happens the effects were delayed. The cause of the accident (secondarily) was the Moon Eclipse at 13°56’ Sagittarius opposing progressed Mars at 12°41’ Gemini and the progressed Sun at 17°07’ Gemini. Primarily the cause of the accident was transitting Mars at 3°27’ Virgo conjuncting the third house cusp at 3° Virgo. George was living in the area at the time.

Once again the Placidus House System demonstrates it’s great accuracy with Mars ruler of accidents conjuncting the third house cusp of short trips, within one degree of exactness.


Peter was born July 23, 1931, 10:30 AM, DST, New Brunswick, N.J., U.S.A., 40°N 29’, 74°W 27’. Peter is a fishing boat captain. Natally he has Mars at 24°29’ Virgo in close proximity to his natal Ascendant at 24°49’ Virgo. This is a powerful Mars indeed because of Mars strategic placement. Peter is a medium size, wiry type man with tremendous physical strength and vitality.

In the twelfth house we find an unaspected Neptune at 4°13’ Virgo. The twelfth house is the Achilles Heel of losses and misfortunes and on March 24, 1972 at approximately 8:00 PM off the east coast of New Jersey an oil line (ruled by Neptune) ruptured. The boat caught fire, was a total loss but all hands were saved. Astrologically transitting Neptune at 5°10’ Sagittarius, retrograde, squared natal Neptune at 4°13’ and progressed Neptune at 5°40’ Virgo, causing the oil line to rupture. Progressed Mars at 20°02’ Libra reached the cusp of the second house at 20°Libra. The second house rules profit and loss. Here again we have an exact House cusp aspect in the Placidus System. Mars rules fire and the total loss of the boat was caused by progressed Mars squaring natal Pluto at 20°40’ Cancer, progressed Pluto at 21°37’ Cancer, also squaring natal Saturn at 19°13’ Capricorn retrograde, and opposing natal Uranus at 19°23’ Aries and progressed Uranus at 18°48’ Aries retrograde. The Astrological advice for this man is to get out of fishing, periodically the unaspected Neptune in the twelfth house will give him trouble. A second boat was lost April 24, 1975. My question is when will the third boat be lost?


Margaret was born January 26, 1945, 4:15 PM,EST, Trenton, N.J., U.S.A., 40°N 13’, 74°W 45’. This young lady entered the hospital to have a Cystoscopy. A Cystoscopy is a diagnostic test to examine the female sex organs and the bladder. With natal Neptune at 6°20’ Libra, retrograde, square natal Saturn at 5°07’ Cancer, retrograde, and Saturn located in the twelfth House, ruling hospitals, there exists a basic health danger to the native in having difficulties with drugs in a hospital. For the event October 31, 1973, the Mars a 7°50’ Aquarius was separating from a conjunction to the natal Sun at 6°37’ Aquarius located in the eighth House of death. Both progressed Mars and natal Sun are in opposition to the progressed Moon at 8°23’ Leo and natal Pluto at 9°09’ Leo, retrograde, and progressed Pluto at 8°32’ Leo Retrograde. Progressed Mars is very powerful because natally it is located close to the seventh House cusp. Other adverse aspects operating were transitting Pluto at 5°29’ Libra conjuncting natal Neptune at 6°20’ Libra retrograde, and progressed Neptune at 5°50’ Libra retrograde. Transitting Pluto also squared natal Saturn at 5°07’ Cancer, retrograde, and progressed Saturn at 3°55’ Cancer, retrograde. At the same time transitting Saturn at 4°34’ Cancer, retrograde, conjuncts natal Saturn and squares natal Neptune and progressed Neptune. Furthermore the transitting Sun at 7°58’ Scorpio is squaring progressed Mars, progressed Moon, natal Pluto, progressed Pluto, and the natal Sun. Also transitting Moon at 8°24’ Capricorn is opposition the Sun Eclipse at 8°22’. With this very large number of adverse aspects the net results were that with one hypodermic injection of Sodium Pentathol, this young lady’s heart stopped. There was no heart beat or pulse for about 30 minutes. Seven doctors worked furiously to save her life, using heart massage and other emergency medical proceedures. Suddenly she opened her eyes and apparently made a miraculous and complete medical recovery with no after effects, which is so often the case. What planetary aspects could save this young lady from such a formidable array of evil aspects? Principally one planet, transitting Jupiter, the great protector exactly on the eighth House cusp at 4° Aquarius and transitting Jupiter at 4°01’ Aquarius. Death is cheated of another victim and this Horoscope powerfully indicates the super accuracy of the Placidus House System.


Richard Speck was born December 6, 1941, 1:00 AM,

Kirkwood, Illinois, U.S.A., 40°N 55’, 90°W 39’.

Richard Speck’s horoscope has natal Mars at 15°06’ Aries, square his natal Moon at 10°22’ Cancer. This aspect indicates difficulties in female relationships, also possible hatred of women. Richard Speck had been married and divorced and claimed he hated his ex wife. On July 13, 1966 at about 10:30 PM, in Chicago, Illinois, Speck after a drinking binge and a fix of hard drugs, managed to gain entrance to a dormitory for student nurses. Please note that progressed Mars at 24°21’ Aries, had reached the cusp of the eighth House at 25°Aries. Progressed Mars is within 1° of being exactly on the eighth House cusp. That night Speck killed eight of the nine student nurses in the dormitory. One escaped by hiding under the bed. Actually Speck used a knife to murder most of the nurses (some were strangled). Mars rules knives, stabbings, and death. Mars rules rape and Speck raped one of the women before killing her. Other contributing Horoscope factors was the Sun Eclipse at 28°57’ Taurus conjunct natal Uranus at 27°42’ Taurus, retrograde. Eclipse also trines the natal Ascendant at 29°08’ Virgo and natal Neptune at 29°41’ Virgo and progressed Neptune at 29°53’ Virgo, stationary retrograde. The Sun Eclipse activates both natal and progressed Neptune accounting for the drinking and drugs. Not to be overlooked is transitting Saturn at 29°41’ Pisces, retrograde opposing natal Ascendant, natal Neptune, and progressed Neptune. With transitting Saturn on the Descendant, the native can precipitate cruelty of some kind against other persons. Speck’s progressed Mars within 1º of the lethal eighth House cusp is definitely a bulls eye for the P1acidus House System.


    William Calley born June 6, 1943, 5:12 PM, EST, Miami, Florida, U.S.A., 25°N 47 , 80.W 11.

William Calley’s Horoscope has the natal Moon in the ninth House, near the cusp of the tenth House. Planets which natally are close to the angles, have a very strong effect by transit or progression to planets, nodes, and House cusps throughout the Horoscope. In William Calley’s progressed Horoscope the Moon had moved to 23°41’ Cancer, conjuncting the ninth House cusp within one degree. Lieutenant Calley had been in Vietnam for sometime before participating in the famous massacre of My Lai, which took place on March 16, 1968 at about 6:00 AM. Planetary action. which contributed to the massacre as follows. Progressed Mars 27°02’ Aries, Mars (co-ruler of the Horoscope) rules death and is activated by the Moon Eclipse at 24°21’ Aries, furthermore the Moon Eclipse squares the progressed Moon on the cusp of the ninth House. Pluto (co-ruler of the Horoscope) rules mass killings and by transit is 21°26’ Virgo, retrograde, conjunct the progressed Midheaven at 21°46’ Virgo. Furthermore transitting Neptune at 26°27’ Scorpio, retrograde, opposes natal Mercury at 27°38’ Taurus. This is a very powerful aspect because natally Neptune at 29°17’ Virgo, stationary direct trines natal Mercury. Mercury is very important here because Mercury rules the eighth House of death. Neptune always adds confusion, chaos, and mystery to a situation. Neptune does a good job here because transitting Neptune here squares the progressed Midheaven at 27°Leo, the progressed Venus at 26°11’ Leo and transitting Jupiter at 27°51’ Leo , retrograde. With these heavy Neptune transit aspects, drugs were undoubtedly important in the massacre. Lieutenant Calley has tremendous protection here because both Jupiter, the great protector and Venus the lessor protector are very helpful. Progressed Venus is now conjunct the natal Midheaven and transitting Jupiter also conjuncts the natal Midheaven.

    Lieutentant Calley was finally convicted after a lengthy trial and was in and out of prison on various legal maneuvers by the prosecution and defense. Please note that the Moon rules the ninth House, which is foreign affairs as well as law suits. The progressed Moon exactly on the cusp of the ninth is a prime example of the super accuracy of the Placidus House System.