History of Canadian Astrology

by Robin Armstrong

This issue I have chosen to highlight New Brunswick’s Cedric W. Lemont. I was able to find Cedric’s birth data but unfortunately no photograph or image could be found.

Cedric W. Lemont: 1879 – 1954.

                Cedric W. Lemont was born on December 15, 1879, at 8:35 PM in Fredericton, New Brunswick. The source for the birth data came from the “Sabian Symbols” by Marc Edmund Jones: chart #565. Cedric was a friend of Paul Clancy who published the “American Astrology” magazine.

                There seems to be no information in Canada about his practice as an astrological consultant or teacher, but he is well represented in the American astrological journals of the thirties, forties and fifties. In 1943 he was living in New York City, how long he lived there is unknown. Since he was published in many American magazines, it is probably safe to assume he lived in the USA through the thirties and forties.

                His material first shows up in the monthly “Wynn’s Astrology Magazine” throughout 1936. The articles were entitled: “The Moon in the Signs”, “Mercury in the Signs”, and “Venus in the Signs”. This was significant because there was and still is relatively little information on Moon Signs. In 1936 he also wrote an article entitled, “Artistic Expression and Sign Influence”, for the “American Journal of Astrology: Autumn edition”. In this article he presented a statistical presentation of 123 men who worked in an artistic field.

                In the Winter 1937 issue of the American Journal of Astrology Cedric penned an article entitled: “Astrology and Metaphysics” (included later in this biographical sketch).

                In August 1942 the following editorial note appeared in the pages of American Astrology magazine.

                “For The Record: Under the date of June 17, 1941 we received a letter from Cedric W. Lemont containing two horoscopes which Mr. Lemont had rectified according to a system he implied was of his own invention but the technique of which he did not explain.

                The letter (with charts) was published in the August issue of American Astrology Magazine, page 35. It will be noted that one of the charts was that of President Roosevelt and that Mr. Lemont had rectified his chart to 8:45 PM. This acquires additional significance in the light of a biography of the Roosevelt family published a few weeks ago (copyright 1942) in which (page 200) we find the following statement:

                ‘Happiest of all the days at Hyde Park was the 30th of January 1882. On that day James Roosevelt set down these historic words in his wife’s diary: ‘Monday, January 30, 1882. At quarter to nine my Sally had a splendid large baby boy. He weighs ten pounds without his clothes.’

                This would seem to constitute a proof for Mr. Lemont’s method of rectification — whatever it is.”

                In the same issue of August 1942 he wrote “Time and Events”, a discourse on the nature of the Saturn-Uranus conjunction in Taurus. In the November 1942 American Astrology he wrote “The Fantastic Forties: A Study of Neptune in Libra in Relation to Future Social Conditions”. He also states that “the presence of the mysterious, visionary Neptune in Libra cannot fail to add an irresponsible , masquerading quality to these children, particularly in relationship to marriage”. Well, in retrospect, these were the children of love-ins, the hippies…… ‘tune in, turn on, drop out’ ….. was it irresponsible?

                In March 1943 (American Astrology) he wrote, “The Ruling Sign” an article about localities, countries, and mundane rulerships. In September 1943 (American Astrology) Cedric wrote about the Canadian horoscope he uses and its correct time of birth. The article is as follows:

“New York City, N.Y.

                While in Canada recently I did a little research on the horoscope of the Dominion. I had previously tried to ascertain the hour for which the chart should be set up, but without success. As a matter of fact I had overlooked the obvious, and the matter finally became quite simple.

                On Sept. 1, 1864, a conference was held in Charlottetown, P.E.I., and a second one in Quebec on October 10, with the object of bringing about a Federation of Upper and Lower Canada, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. This was successful, and the resolution went to the Imperial Parliament. The result was the British North America Act, which was passed without amendment, and signed by Queen Victoria on March 29, 1869. By Royal proclamation the Act became effective on July 1, 1867.

                According to Canadian law the Civil Day starts at midnight at the expiration of the previous day. So the Dominion of Canada obviously came into being at 12:00 AM (0 hour) on July 1, 1867. The chart presented below was from that data set up for Ottawa, the Capital. I sent it to you in the hope that it will prove of both of both interest and value to you and the readers of your magazine. Cedric W. Lemont.”

                In the June 1951 edition of Everyday Astrology Cedric wrote “The 36 Marriage Types”. This was an article using the Sun sign and breaking it into decanate divisions.

                In the July 1954 issue of American Astrology was written:

“Cedric W. Lemont , a very dear friend, as well as a noted astrologer, writer and musician left us for that “Beautiful Journey to Somewhere” on April 27, 1954 at 10:43 p.m. Eastern Daylight Saving Time, New York, N.Y.. He was born December 15, 1879 in Frederickton, New Brunswick, Canada. Mr. Lemont will always be with us through his inspired writings and beautiful music.” ……Paul Clancy.

                Cedric W. Lemont was a competent astrologer. He was an early trail blazer. He was in his fifties when his writing was published. Perhaps he wrote more, but this is all that is known for now. His material has the distinctive experiential quality that wise old astrologers manifest after years of work in the field. To conclude: Cedric’s article on Astrology and Metaphysics is reproduced to maintain some idea of his philosophy and style.

Astrology and Metaphysics

By Cedric W. Lemont…“American Journal of Astrology” Winter 1937

ASTROLOGY and metaphysics, both in theory and practice, are irrevocably joined together, though unfortunately many astrologers and metaphysicians attempt to ignore the fact. I am an astrologer, but I am also intensely interested in metaphysics. Naturally I read much along both lines, and it seems deplorable that, undoubtedly due to mutual misunderstandings and lack of comprehension, astrologers often seem very materialistic, while the writers on meta-physics usually are antagonistic in their attitude toward astrology. Within recent years, however, astrological interpretations have clearly become more spiritual but if current issues of metaphysical publications are any criterion, there has been little change in that field.

We can’t get away from the fact that we are immersed in a material world, and as a consequence most of our interests and efforts are turned toward material affairs. That is right and proper, but if we leave out the metaphysical our attitude becomes unbalanced and our judgment warped. If we reverse the process we are just as badly off. But if we combine the two we follow a normal God-like process.

A horoscope pictures to the astrologer certain trends, conditions, and tendencies which may be interpreted and stated in either physical or metaphysical terms. The possibility of misinterpretation is of course the great drawback in any case, and in the use of the relative terms of good and evil we may sadly err. If, however, we have a sound metaphysical basis from which to start we are less liable to make mistakes. It is of course assumed that a wide and deep knowledge of astrology is present in any case.

As astrologers we are so familiar with the terms favorable and adverse that they are apt to be overworked and at times used ill-advisedly. We speak of favorable and adverse aspects between the planets or positions in the horoscope, whereas truly there are no bad or adverse aspects. All aspects are good because they represent a combination of forces which may be used either constructively or destructively. A weak horoscope is one in which the aspects are weak or lacking, with consequent absence of energy. The only difference between good and bad aspects is that the so–called favorable ones naturally tend to work out constructively with little effort on our part, while the adverse ones call for self-control and directed energy, otherwise they tend to produce obstacles or to act destructively. Since most of us are inclined to shirk the effort involved we dislike certain aspects and call them bad or adverse.

Change of attitude is a metaphysical process, and the change may occur suddenly or it may involve an extended period of growth and development. What the meta-physician with no knowledge of astrology overlooks or of which he is ignorant, is the fact that such changes do not occur hap-hazardly, but only under certain planetary and zodiacal stimulus. And the time and duration of this stimulus is indicated in the horoscope, although the effect of the change may last for an indeterminate period. Also, our judgment of the depth and breadth of the influence is relatively limited, being based on our knowledge of the probable effects of aspects, signs, houses, etc. Here much will depend on the natural and acquired ability of the astrologer. But above all we must never forget that God is back of the planetary vibrations just as truly as He is back of all other known and un-known forces and processes.

A change of attitude may occur; an entirely new interest may loom up; a heal-ing of mind or body may take place; busi-ness or financial conditions may alter for the better or worse; why, for instance, should this occur in August, 1936, rather than in September, 1935 ? One who has faith may work and pray diligently for months or even for years with no apparent result, when gradually or perhaps suddenly things start to happen. Why ? Without the office of astrology we cannot attempt to forecast the times when the subconscious metaphysical processes will be likely to bear fruit.

Under the so-called adverse aspects conditions are apt to prove trying and our best efforts often seem to go unrewarded. Should we then lessen our effort, feel sorry for ourselves, and lie down on the job ? In-deed, no, but we should, so far as is possible, try to accept the conditions lightly and go to work on ourselves. This process of shall we call it—soul growth should be carried on from the moment we become conscious of our identity until we pass on. With increased wisdom and power conditions gradually tend to mean less and less, for we are living on a higher metaphysical plane. Even when under what would ordinarily be considered highly adverse aspects we may still move forward, for we have acquired power that is above and beyond the material and physical.

Entirely apart from the metaphysical, so far as conscious effort is concerned, but illustrative of planetary stimulus, I have in mind the case of a business man who, until the age of 53, had displayed no interest whatever in anything beyond material affairs and had indeed scoffed at the possibility that there was anything else. Suddenly, or at least within a few months something unknown happened to him, and his interest was turned into Uranian and Neptunian channels. He was still the business man, but he felt a strong inner urge to make some commercial use of astrology, a thing he would have laughed at a year before. Moreover, he followed the urge and has, I believe, splendid possibilities in that field.

But the question is: How did he “happen” to become acquainted with astrology and undergo such a change of attitude at that particular time rather than at some other period in his life? A matter of coincidence to the skeptical, but not to the astrologer, who has some knowledge of the why and when on the metaphysical plane.

If God be present everywhere, I am now as much in His presence as I ever have been or ever shall be, but at the moment of typing this I am not as conscious of the fact as I have been at times now past or as I may be at times in the future. Everyone who has any spiritual aspirations whatever must recognize these recurrent periods of ebb and flow. And such swings are not confined to a realization of spiritual presence alone but are common to all the affairs of life and even to life itself.

One who is striving to better himself mentally, morally, physically, or materially by metaphysical means will find added courage to continue his efforts during the apparently unproductive stretch if he is able to look ahead and know just about when he may expect his labor to bear fruit. Astrology can be of great help in this connection. Metaphysics needs astrology just as much as astrology needs metaphysics though few of the metaphysicians seemingly are aware of it. It is a grand thing to have sufficient faith to advance blindly in the dark, but it is still better to have a light in sight in the distance.

Comparing horoscopes the astrologer sometimes is inclined to wonder why one individual apparently is born to undergo certain hard experiences, while another escapes them entirely. There must be a reason, for if they happen by mere chance there is no such thing as Divine Justice. My philosophy rebels at such a contingency so I conclude that whatever comes to us in this life we must at some time and in some way have earned. The experience must have been necessary otherwise we would not have to undergo it. To me that is self evident.

You may cite the case of the congenital idiot, and I would still hold to the same belief. What apparently is a cruel trick of nature must have some reason for being. Viewing a horoscope of this type and attempting to interpret it on a physical basis is a waste of time. The astrologer must be metaphysically grounded or he will never be able to see beyond the end of his nose. Max Heindel’s works, especially ASTRODIAGNOSIS, will throw more light on such cases than any astrological writings with which I am familiar.

Another phase of astrological interpretation where it is impossible to go far without a good grasp of metaphysics is in connection with what I may call horoscopic equivalents. As we all know, a horoscope with Jupiter or Venus angular, especially when in the first or tenth houses, brings many more than average friendly contacts, openings, and opportunities. But a strong aspect of the Sun, Moon, or ruler of the ascendant to either of these planets will act as something of an equivalent, although the effect will not be so spontaneous and will require–conscious effort. This, however, is getting a bit too technical for the scope of this article, so I shall go no deeper into the matter, which after all has meaning only for the advanced astrological student.

Metaphysical processes are great mysteries to most metaphysicians. A mode of procedure that works well at one time won’t work at all at another, or it may work well with one individual while another can get no results at all from it. Theoretically we are all sons of God and brothers, but practically no two of us are exactly alike, as our horoscopes clearly show. To use a broad comparison—the logic of Virgo is as different from that of Sagittarius as day is from night. So the metaphysical approach of Virgo cannot be the same as that of Sagittarius because they start from entirely different points. Both may agree that God is the source of all things and that we should look to Him for all our needs. But Virgo’s God is not the God of Sagittarius; consequently Virgo’s approach cannot be the same as that of Sagittarius.

 It was not so far back that many of the materially minded astrologers were dubious of the generation born between 1905 and 1911, when Neptune and Uranus were in opposition from Cancer to Capricorn. But that generation brought something new to the world and something the world needed even though their ideas and attitude were something of a shock to their elders. If you are pessimistically inclined you may still feel that as a whole the 1905-1911 generation remain hell-bent. But so it has been from the beginning, breaks from tradition always have shocked, but the world moves along. One generation is destined to be different from another, but each has something to add to the eventual good of the race, though for a time it may appear quite the opposite.

There is some Power or Directive Energy back of all things: some Power keeps the stars in their courses: some Power, some Wisdom, some Love directs our evolution. I prefer to call it GOD, and if God be Good why should we fear for the future of the race or for ourselves as individuals? If we consciously ally ourselves with God which is a metaphysical process, we can all assist in making this a better and happier world. If something within us calls for an understanding of the steps which we may take as individuals and of the steps which each succeeding generation unconsciously takes in evolution, we may turn to astrology and find our answer.

   Material progress is not enough. The physical and metaphysical must go hand in hand if we are to achieve our destiny. And who can doubt that we are not? What we call time is something which is little understood but which is a factor in our earth-life. “Time marches on,” but the rate of our progress as a race depends on the efforts put forth by each of us as individuals.