2024-07-05 Cancer New Moon – Northern Hemisphere

Editor: Robin Armstrong


Cancer New Moon

Northern Hemisphere

The New Moon

When your feelings about the past, memories, and your sense of security

conjunct or meet up with

Your confidence,  purposefulness, and your hopes for the future

A profound impression is made.

A note on the harp of the soul.

A seed moment in celestial manifestation.

The Horoscope for the New Moon is for the exact moment of the New Moon.

There are no houses in this chart because the Moon is in all 12 houses at the same time when viewed globally. So this is the true New Moon chart for anywhere on earth. You can add the houses to it according to where you live.

Most computer printouts will draw the horoscope with the houses as appropriate for where you are on the planet. This was not done here in order to focus on things valid for everyone on the planet.

New Moons are the peak  points of subjective impressionability in the month.

Receptivity to core insights and to God, are accentuated.

Chanting (or even drumming) on a New Moon will give an extra vitality to your efforts over the following month,

until the next New Moon.

A holy  environment and spiritual companions are a great blessing.

The New Moon accumulates and reflects on all of the experiences of the past month. On the New Moon the conglomerate of experiences past, creates a high tide of intuitive impressions. At the moment the Moon meets the Sun, light is  shone on these impressions creating a new sense of purpose. It is the Sun than effects the Moon.

From our worldly consciousness we cannot see the combination or aggregate of memories, but we can certainly feel it.

Unfortunately our habit patterns are too gross or physical to allow us to attune to this phenomenon consciously, but we certainly can feel it.

Only the initiate or one established in spiritual disciplines can clearly witness the New Moon within.

For all of the symbolism and associations given here for the new moon, there are also equivalent symbols and associations to each planet or factor in an individual horoscope.

Zodiac Pattern Types


All the planets on one side of a chart, within an opposition. One half to almost two thirds of the chart is empty.

The Bowl Type has a deep sense of being separated from one half of existence. Half seems to be with you and the other half not. Because this pattern is based on the op­position there is an inherent awareness of duality. You will embrace your concerns strongly. You will also be powerfully aware of what does not concern you. You clearly see who you are, and who you are not! You tend to champion causes and will usually go out of your way to give to others on one level or another. Your sensitivity to duality will find you questioning the purpose of existence.


45° – 0°, 3 1/2 to 0 days before the New Moon.

            This is the last phase of the lunar cycle before the new moon. It is often called the balsamic moon phase and it lasts for three and one half days from the crescent to the new moon. The light finally disappears into the mystery of silence and darkness. Completion becomes important. Your own projections seem to disappear in the vastness of all that is happening around you.

            You are searching for something new but are unsure of how to end the old attachments. Your awareness of others begins to lose relevance as you approach renewal. Try to understand what needs to be left behind. This should be a daily meditation. You have the uncanny ability to know when anything is ending or about to fall apart. Unfortunately it is not usually wise to tell others about it. They would probably consider you to be too negative. You need to learn why things come to an end. It is important for you to mind your own business or you will keep seeing everything that is going to collapse on everyone. Learn to look within for the new vision. Trust silence. Take steps to move towards your vision. Be very selective. Listen and wait.

            Often people will not appreciate you until you have gone. Try to insure that your influence is a positive one. Watch what you say. Often you will seem overwhelmed by useless or futile commitments. Do not try to save face. Be honest and let go.

            The quality of ending will directly effect the nature of the new beginning just about to come. So be wise. No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. It may not make sense to others but if you trust your conscience, you will see the way. Hold on to your principles. Do not make promises that you cannot keep, especially long term promises.

            You have the tendency to lose yourself in others only to be left very insecure when they do not have the answers. You want to become completely involved with someone. You will constantly search for or wonder about the ultimate love of your life. Often you will feel that what you have is not enough, and then you will wonder why you bother to stay within it.

            You are looking for completion and fulfillment and are not likely to embrace freedom comfortably. You want to burn your past for future goals. It is amazing though how long you can procrastinate and wait. You want to help but often do not know what to do. You will probably not bother until somebody else cares.

            A little encouragement can have profound effects. To attract positive feedback you must be positive towards others. If you must end a situation, it is important for the reason to be correct, otherwise your problems will reoccur in the new arena.


O°- 45°, 0 to 3 1/2 days after the New Moon.

This is the beginning of the lunar cycle and lasts for three and one half days. The light is emerging gently. From the depths of the darkest moment up to the first slim crescent of light, and a little farther until the crescent is smiling brightly.

            This is a highly intuitive time filled with deep impressions and new beginnings. This is a time of seed moments and powerful insights. There is a predominant undercurrent of anxious anticipation. A new moon cycle is born.

            Born under this phase you need to feel that your life is just beginning to open up. The challenge is subjective: are you prepared to advance your own cause? You should readily adjust your lifestyle to support any new sense of direction that you feel is emerging within you. You will be constantly having to make new starts in life. You will be sensitive to new beginnings and uncertain about your present surroundings. You are inclined to leave old attachments and memories behind. You want to move forward towards your goals and will be frustrated by any setbacks.

            When you begin a project it is important to advance with care and gentleness. Make sure that you nurture and protect the germinating seed; ie. the new you. It is usually easier for you to do things than to talk about them. Remember that you do not have to achieve everything right away, but it is important for you to feel that you are advancing toward your goals.

            You are the kind of person who plants ideas in the minds of others. You will reach out and impress others subtly. You will always be able to sense the new path that should be taken. As long as you are moving along this path you will feel relatively secure. Worries and problems will surface when you crystallize or stop growing. Do not look back or hold on to the past. Nurture the light within. Protect your own development and do not throw your good ideas out to fools who will not appreciate them. Neither should you follow the dreams of others. Trust your own inner sense of direction. Whenever you can make the effort to be creative, you should. Do not try to explain the process, just do it! Consistent effort will accumulate. Reach out. Rely on your instincts. Grow. Break out of old patterns. Move on. Move on. New beginnings always seem small against the vastness of life around you, none-the-less every journey starts with one small step. Try to find friends who will support and acknowledge your efforts. Always be cautious about what you say. Words can come back to haunt you.

            You will always be trying to start something. Make certain that you take time to water the flowers and plants in your garden of hopes and dreams. The end does not always justify the means so make your daily life creative. Take time to smell the flowers along your path. You will be able to draw encouragement and inspiration by listening to birds singing.

DAYLIGHT IS DECREASING     =          Momentum towards responsibility

MORE DAYLIGHT THAN DARKNESS  =   Individuality predominates

CARDINAL                            =        Makes things happen.

WATER                                   =        Emotional, impressionable, sensuous,                                    judgmental.

FEMININE                             =        Reflective

RULED BY                             =        MOON: Need to be healthy, nurtured, and secure.

KEYNOTE:                             =        “I feel”

PART OF BODY                    =        Stomach, breasts, armpits, solar plexus,

                                                            and pancreas.

COLOUR                                =        Orange-yellow, amber.

GEMS                                      =        Pearl, crystal, selenite, and black onyx.

METALS                                 =        Silver

HERBS                                    =        Lettuce, Water lily, chickweed, honeysuckle,  agrimony, balm, cucumbers, melons, gourds, watercress, endive, seaweed, and  mushrooms.


Some Cancer Considerations:

Cancer is a Cardinal sign. Cardinal is assertive and driving.

While Cancers may seem shy, they empower feelings and act on them. They respond personally to every situation.

They can hold feelings in but cannot ignore them.

Whether positive or negative, Cancers have their own way of doing things.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon which represents Mother, memory, nurturing, habits, feelings and one’s sense of security. Cancers are driven by their need for security.

When secure they are humorous and nurturing

But their moods, like the moon, can change quickly.

They have their own way of doing things and are sensitive about it.

They are profoundly effected by memories and past performances.

This is the beginning of Summer.

As darkness begins to increase, responsibilities grow.

Cancers are increasingly sensitive to the source of commitments and responsibilities.

Daylight is still greater than darkness

And one’s individual path holds a greater significance than the path of others.

This is the light half of Summer

And the trigram is The Gentle, The Penetrating, Wind and Wood.

One should not underestimate the sensitivity and penetrating effect

Of one born in the sign of Cancer.

A sympathetic approach will have a powerful influence.

The Eightfold Path for Cancer is the path of Right Concentration.

This involves the four stages of trance:

1. One discards passionate desires and unwholesome thoughts, such as lust, ill-will, worry, restlessness and doubt.

2. One suppresses intellectual activities. Tranquility and one-pointedness of mind are developed. Joy and happiness are retained.

3. Joy disappears and happiness remains along with mindful equanimity.

All sensations, like happiness and unhappiness, joy and sorrow disappear. Only pure equanimity and awareness remain


Pentans are five degree divisions of the Zodiac in which the zodiac repeats itself creating a sub-level  of meaning. Sub-pentans divide each 10 degrees of the zodiac into 12 sub-sub-signs adding a third level of meaning. The Zodiac sign is the Main Theme, The Pentan is the Special Focus and the Sub-Pentan is the Intimate Detail.

To Understand Pentans watch this video: (Click on the title Pentans)

Zodiac Faces

Today we see

the Face of Discrimination

Aries:   It will seem as if people are watching your every move. No matter what you try to do you will offend someone. Everyone will be a critic. Don’t ask for an opinion of for sympathy.

Taurus: Take things in your own good time. Do not rush. Helping others in little ways will be in your best interest. With some discrimination you might rise to elegance.

Gemini: Cross currents and mixed signals will prevail today. Your perspective will be out of focus. Do not speculate. You are inclined to exaggerate. In the end, you own opinion will be the one that counts.

Cancer: Pay attention to the little details. Personal discrimination will work in your favour. Cleanliness is close to godliness. Dress neatly. Look carefully at what you eat, before you eat it.

Leo: There will be some room for you to expand your activities. Be discriminating about who you associate with. Do not get pulled into petty squabbles. A positive outlook will gain recognition.

Virgo: Someone will rub you the wrong way today. Follow your own instincts in any case. Do the best you can and do not ask for an opinion. Do not criticize anyone behind their back.

Libra: Your social popularity will be increasing, but unfortunately someone close to you will feel threatened and take offense. Be careful about who you give special attention to.

Scorpio: A discriminating eye will save you from many difficulties and align you with a better quality of opportunities. Trust your feelings but say as little as possible.

Sagittarius: Double standards will prevail today. Discrimination will be needed to discern which side you are on. Tone your delivery down. Any expression of pride will draw criticism.

Capricorn: You need to be sharp and attentive today. Be careful who you listen to and what you say. Discretion is the better part of valour. Be prepared to provide details.

Aquarius: Smiling faces will not always have your best interest at heart. Discrimination will be needed around the company that you keep and who you talk about. Your own words will come back to haunt you.

Pisces: Mixed feelings will prevail today. You will attract sympathy from your inner circle, but you will also attract criticism from others. Mind your own business and hopefully others will do the same.

Hexagram Degrees

14 Cancer 23

Main Theme:

CAN  14°-15° (IC)  THE CALDRON: W.50, Line 3: Active.

Special Focus:

14° 20’-14° 30’ Can (Sa  IC-lvl2)  THE RECEPTIVE, EARTH: W.2, Line 4: Yielding.

        Intimate Detail:

    14° 23’ 20”-14° 25’ 00” Can (Vi IC-lvl3)  DISPERSION, DISOLUTION: W.59, Line 4: Responsive.

Main Theme


Alternative Name: (29. Nurturing)


Zodiac:………18° – 24° Cancer

Calendar:……..Northern Hemisphere: Jul 10 to Jul 16 approx

……………….Southern Hemisphere: Jan 9 to Jan 15 approx

House 9:………162° – 156° setting to IC

Time of day:…01:12 to 01:36 PM (Local Mean Time or Sun Dial time)

Aspect:……….162° – 156° Waning

Moon Phase:.. Waning Full Moon Phase (180° – 135°)

……………….(0 to 3½ days after the Full Moon).


Fire above, wind below.

Clarity above, gentleness below.

The pot above, the wood below.

One watches what is cooking

And stirs the pot.

Perceptive without, persuasive at close quarters.

Vulnerabilities and dependencies

Can too easily become the subject of conversation.


Gentle clarity.

Too much coffee.

Too much sugar.

Observe what is needed.

In all your activity take time to eat.

Fill their stomachs, win their hearts.

Food cooks faster when one fans the flames.

It helps to have a pot!


Clarity without, gentleness within.

Words of kindness will be heard.

One advises others in good cheer

And clings to the work at hand.

Others will join in willingly.

If one is watchful and takes care of the little things,

The big things will take care of themselves.


The first daughter to the second daughter.

The first daughter is perceptive and wants to get things done.

The second daughter is perceptive and wants to be noticed.

The first daughter moves towards security.

The second daughter wants adventure.

The first daughter expresses her expectations.

The second daughter wants to be free of expectations.

If the second daughter does not help,

The first daughter will remind her and insinuate blame.

The first daughter will give advice.

The second daughter sees what is needed

But can be evasive if left to herself.


12-18 CN: 50. The Caldron

Wind on the wood. One must be careful around fire.

There are mouths to feed. There is much to be done.

A plan would be useful.

One must use all the help one can get

And all the resources one has.

Everything needs to be done on time.

If one is not going to help, one should get out of the kitchen.

Soon everyone will be hungry.

Are you prepared to wait or do without?


Nine in the third place: (14° – 15° Cancer)

One makes the most of what one has.

The work is accomplished.

You will make others smile and laugh.

Only you will know what left out!

…..The third place: 14° – 15° Cancer:  2. The Receptive, Earth

…..Everyone is included.

…..No one goes hungry.

…..United we stand, divided we fall.

…..Take special care of the weakest link.

……….Nine in the third place:

……….Spontaneous initiative brings good cheer.

……….One makes other people’s work easier.

……….Everything will get done on time.

……….Good fortune.

Technical Considerations of Line 3:

Solid in an odd place

Appropriate action

Firmness at the right time

(Astrological note: This place concerns the affairs of Houses 5 and 6)

No Holding Together

No Correspondence

Trigrams of Influence:

Lower Primary          Lower Nuclear           Upper Nuclear

Zodiac Considerations (Sub-Pentans) for the Third Place:

Special Focus


Alternative Name: (Open Heart)


The earth above, the earth below.

Yielding without, receptive within.

There is a great mystery here

For those who can listen.

One surrenders to the universe.

In openness, everyone and every thing is included.

There is no time for oneself,

And yet there is nothing but Self!


Silent night.

The longest night.

Receptivity prevails.

If there is a close bond between friends and family,

There will be no need for words.

Consider everyone.

Leave no one out in the cold.

If the child goes hungry, no one will sleep.

The way of the humble.

Take care of the small things,

And the big things will take care of themselves.

Avoid being insensitive.

Surrender to the needs of others

And you will sleep well.

Silent contentment.



Yielding without and yielding within.

Outer acceptance, inner virtue.

This is the way of the mother.

Individuality is encompassed by the needs of others.

Responsibilities prevail over freedom.

By including everyone, no one will be left out.

Adjusting without and within.

There is no limit to the vastness of the universe.

Without contending,

It becomes possible to comprehend the virtue of emptiness.

Without knowing, one understands.

This is the gateway to profundity

Although it appears to be nothing at all.

How can one be responsible for life?

This is not something one does.

It just happens.

Virtue is not won or lost by others.


The mother to herself.

Many vulnerabilities. Many responsibilities.

Everyone comes to her for help.

She is always busy

And rarely has time for herself.

Because she is sensitive to everyone’s needs,

She develops an understanding of life.

She may try to explain or advise,

But her power is in her silence.

She is the spirit of the family.

She is inclusive and not separative.

She will not force her will,

But she will take her moments when they come.

At home she will rarely be acknowledge for who she is,

But her sense of belonging is profound.


24-30 SA: 2. The Receptive

The needs of the group.

So many people, so much to do.

One is easily distracted and runs here and there.

Time can be wasted.

Criticism of others is unproductive.

Good efforts will heal or help.

There can be great vulnerability.

There is also a great mystery in silence and surrender.

One can be pulled out or in.

This is a time for belonging and for participation.

One must be careful not to lose inner composure

Aspire to peace and good will.

Many things are better off left unsaid.

One cannot ignore the needs of others.

To sleep with a clean conscience is to sleep well.


Six in the fourth place: (26° – 27° Sagittarius)

Inspired by the spirit of togetherness.

Differences are put aside.

Appreciation of the small will prevail.

There is no need for words.

…..The fourth place: 26° – 27° Sagittarius:  59. Dispersion, Dissolution

…..Words over water.

…..Everyone will hear.

…..Even if you have something to say

…..It would be wiser to wait.

…..Only words of encouragement will succeed.

……….Six in the fourth place:

……….Receptive to the circumstances of others

……….One is trustworthy

……….And will share what one has.

……….One will go out of one’s way to help

……….Without any concern for rewards.

Technical Considerations of Line 4:

Broken in an even place

Appropriate receptivity

Yielding at the right time

(Astrological note: This place concerns the affairs of Houses 7 and 8)

No Holding Together

No Correspondence

Trigrams of Influence:

Lower Nuclear                 

Upper Nuclear   

Upper Primary

ZoZodiac Considerations (Sub-Pentans) for the Fourth Place:

Intimate Detail


Alternative Name:(Expressing Concerns)


Wind above, water below.

Wood above, water below.

Gentleness without, discrimination within.

Words over water can be heard from a great distance.

Must not one then be cautious about what one says?


Wind over the water.

A ship at sea.

Wind on the sails.

Good movement.

Great ideas must be presented gently.

Many problems can be solved through sympathetic discussions.

Do not cast blame.

Get on board.

Follow the momentum.


Gentle without, discriminating within.

Sensitive in one’s interaction with others.

Critical about one’s own worthiness.

If one improves one’s self

There will be a gentle penetrating influence on those around you.

Soothing words.

No dark thoughts are spoken.

A good example is worth a thousand words..


The second son to the first daughter.

He will be critical, but she will penetrate his defenses.

He tries to improve. She like to advise.

He is easily threatened. She is gentle.

He will listen. She will speak.

He is discriminating. She will try to influence his decisions.

He tries to think things through for himself.

She will try to influence through suggestions.

He is critical of what he eats.

She will often have to cook for him.

He should be cautious about voicing criticism.

She will remind him of his errors.


06-12 VI: 59. Dispersion, Dissolution

Growing responsibilities.

Like a ship at sea, one is driven by the needs of the day.

Duty will be the wind on your sails.

You will be known for your ability and for your work ethic.

Complete what you start.

If you do not let others down

Good words about you will spread and increase opportunities.

Good work will be rewarded.


Six in the fourth place: (08° – 09° Virgo)

One hears many things.

It is not appropriate to repeat them.

The greater the excitement is,

The great the complications will be.

It is important to align with what is right.

…..The fourth place: 08° – 09° Virgo:  45. Gathering Together

…..People gather to enjoy.

…..By sharing perspective they will be improved

…..And goodwill will increase.

……….Six in the fourth place:

……….Listen well.

……….Speak when spoken to.

……….Be patient.

……….The right response requires receptivity.

……….Let others go first.

Technical Considerations of Line 4:

Broken in an even place

Appropriate receptivity

Yielding at the right time

(Astrological note: This place concerns the affairs of Houses 7 and 8)

Holding Together with appropriate energy above.

(Astrological note: Appropriate reinforcement from Houses 9 and 10)

No Correspondence

Trigrams of Influence:

Lower Nuclear          

Upper Nuclear

Upper Primary

Zodiac Considerations (Sub-Pentans) for the Fourth Place:

Aspect Hexagrams

Stars By Degree

Earth Zodiac

Light of  Qabalah in this Degree

Light of  Qabalah in this Degree

Light of  Qabalah in this Degree

Ancestors by Degree

Movement by Degree

Drumming by Degree

Drumming by Degree

This hexagram reveals the drum rhythm by degree.  Play this  on your own or in a drum circle for the New Moon. Tune into the seed moment of the month. The Base at the red dot should be played louder!

Melodies (Scales) by Degree

Each degree has a very special melody or scale. You can play this with any instrument and tune into the feelings of this New Moon.

Watch the video:

CAN  14°-15° (IC)  THE CALDRON: W.50, Line 3: Active.

Chanting by Degrees

Chanting on the New Moon evokes a very special presence.

It is one of the most powerful and sensitive times to chant.

Chanting by Degrees

This is the Chant for the New Moon in Cancer at 14Can23.  By chanting you will tune into the essence of this New Moon in Aquarius.

——— 5 minutes of call and response chanting

——— 1 minute of continuous chanting

Watch the video:

CAN  14°-15° (IC)  THE CALDRON: W.50, Line 3: Active.

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