Our NCGR Group Insights

by Robin Armstrong

Over the winter we have started to study the fixed stars and their meanings, and soon we will be well into this addition to degree meanings. All we have done to date is look up the stars that conjunct our planets and angles. We have also started to encourage members to follow up this with a more detailed study of the books on star meanings in the Star Centre Library.

                We have as a group been trying to complete the symbolical assessment of degree symbols before progressing into the stellar realms. We have studied sixteen degree systems to date. We still have nine or ten more degree systems to assess.

                As we go we are trying to introduce appropriate techniques for using degree symbols. We have been watching twin charts, twin event charts and composite charts. Our last session was a very stimulating one. We studied the composite Sun degree for OJ and Nicole Simpson (included as an article in this issue), for Marcia Clark and Robert Shapiro, and for OJ’s relationship to each lawyer. The symbols were exceptionally valid. No one left early that night.

                We continue to work with Franz Bardon’s magically evoked spirits for each degree. Some people cannot relate, but those familiar with a magical tradition found it quite workable. Like many of the degree systems there is a tendency to present a belief of one kind or another. With Bardon, the belief in magical spirits is essential.

                We finally got to a third approach to the Sabian Symbols. The material is entitled “Degrees Of The Zodiac: The Sabian Symbols”, by Rick Klimczak. It was first published in 1989. They originated from a study of Marc Edmund Jones’ and Dane Rudhyar’s versions. This is no quick and frivolous revision. It comes as a result of much study and cooperation. Rick worked on the 30 degree cycles within the Sabian degrees with Lin Luttrell. He also mentions his association with Martin Goldsmith and Dale O’Brien as being significant. His worked was enhanced or studied by the “Tuesday Group” and more recently the “Silver Spring Sabian Symbol Society” which includes Dale, Lin, and Delores Allegra.

                Rick has taken a very unique and useful approach to the Sabian Symbols. While Marc Edmund Jones published the Sabian degrees in pairs of opposites, Rick has chosen to present them numerically.

He lists the symbols for each degree of the twelve signs on a page by themselves. There are 30 pages with twelve symbols on each. All symbols for one degree are grouped together on one page, , the next page lists all the symbols for the second degree, then for the third degree and so on…….. In M.E. Jones version it was easy to see oppositions like the ascendant and descendent , or the MC/IC. Connections between these two degree symbols would stand out, quite usefully. Rick’s book allows to see the connections between the same degree in each sign, and to witness the link between exact aspects. This is a fascinating approach, that enhances the use of degrees in astrology, and encourages further numerological  considerations. Researchers should take notice.

                Rick has simplified the symbols presenting the original images with a clarifying extension or a modifying image added to it. In so doing he has removed the prejudice from many of the seemingly tainted Sabian symbols, referred to in our early editions of News By Degrees. He has adapted them and improved their expression without damaging the content. In fact, his simple rewording of the meanings has been long awaited by many who had difficulty working through the pre-television literacy of M.E. Jones and Dane Rudhyar. This is a significant addition to astrological degree work. To obtain a copy of Rick Klimczak’s “Degrees Of The Zodiac: The Sabian Symbols”, write to: Rick Klimczak, 816 Easley St. #1531, Silver Spring, MD 20910.

                We also studied a second set of symbols this winter; those by Peter Weber from Arizona. Peter uses a formula using astrological subdivisions within each sign, to develop the meaning of each degree. He gives an example of his system but is rather short of the complete explanation of it. He used the Decans to rule 5°, 15°, and 25° of a sign. He seems to give the other element in the same masculine or feminine mode to 0°, 10°, and 20°. With these points as the anchors he determines a duad system of division across each sign. To this he adds an aspect cycle as they spread out across each sign. He puts the conjunction at the point of correspondence between the main sign and its decan namesake…. basically at 5° of each sign. He also adds a form of elemental triplicities within each 5 degree section.

I will try to get more about this system from Peter himself. He adds some information about the fixed stars and explains about precessional rotation. He then goes on to explain how to use the degree symbols and gives a meaning for each planet and chart factor that he feels would be good to look up.

                These Weber degree symbols seem a little confusing at first because there is often reference to several different signs of the zodiac within the one degree interpretation. His degrees symbols have invoked a positive response from our group as you will see in the next section. If there is any place to criticize Peter Weber’s degree meanings it is in his basic understanding of the zodiac signs and their subsystem relevance.

                Like Iain McLaren-Owens, Peter has taken the time to relate the degrees to the days of the year. He also compiles a list of famous people born on each day to confirm his degree meanings. This is a well organized book. It is easy to access and use. It allows for comparisons of other people born in that degree.

Peter claims that his interpretations are not based on anything mystical or occult, but on scientific method and mathematical formulas.

                Peter Weber’s book : “Zodiac Degrees” , was first published in 1987 and can be ordered from Parnell Publishing Company, P.O. Box 16432, Phoenix, AZ. 85011. It is reasonably priced at $5.95 US.

                We welcome any and all feedback. Please send in your comments and questions. If you would like to participate, you can send in your own particular experiences of any degree symbol. If you know of any degree systems that we have not used, please let us know.