Personal Degree Assessments

by Robin Armstrong

I Ching System

My Sun is in the 17th degree of Aquarius:

17 Aquarius (I Ching level 1): Hexagram 36: Darkening of the Light The receptive earth above , the clinging, fire below.

“. . . here a man of a dark nature is in a position of authority and brings harm to the wise and able man…”

    Being from the States, this phrase calls to mind Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Mayor Daley of Chicago, where I grew up. I lived in a very conservative blue collar neighbourhood on the South Side, not far from the ghetto, where an interracial war was going on over integration. There were race riots in the park two blocks from our home and in one riot that made international headlines, Martin Luther King was hit by a brick and demonstrators’ cars were torched. The American Nazi Party set up headquarters in a local storefront and stayed there for years.

    I had planned to work in Bobby Kennedy’s presidential campaign during the summer, but he was killed on the last day of our school term. I moved to the more cosmopolitan North Side but protests against the Viet Nam War disrupted all my years in university. Since I had watched on live television the the police riot outside the 1968 Democratic National Convention, I was careful to join only the demonstrations that included mainstream groups and featured singing rather than shouting. Even among university students, politics and religion were divisive issues and I generally kept my minority opinions to myself. In a Jesuit university, I began studying Eastern Religions and, on my own, astrology, and realized that these topics, along with women’s liberation, could only be discussed with my closest friends.

 “In adversity it furthers one to be persevering… One must not unresistingly let himself be swept along by unfavourable circumstances, nor permit his steadfastness to be shaken. He can avoid this by maintaining his inner light, while remaining outwardly yielding and tractable.  With this attitude he can overcome even the greatest adversities.

In some situations a man must hide his light, in order to make his will prevail in spite of difficulties in his immediate environment. Perseverance must dwell in inmost consciousness and should not be discernible from without. Only thus is a man able to maintain his will in the face of difficulties.”

“The Image . . . Darkening of the Light, Thus does the superior man live with the great mass. He veils his light yet still shines.”

    I moved to the more progressive state of Wisconsin, where the new and reactionary Republican governor declared a hiring freeze the day after I took the Civil Service test. In Madison, Wisconsin, there were many opportunities to freely discuss anti-nuclear politics, women’s rights and Eastern philosophies and I even took astrology classes, but under the hiring `freeze’ I could only get entry level receptionist jobs, first in a business office and then in a department in the School of Agriculture, where they did not care much for people from big cities, or for vegetarians.

    I came to Toronto in 1987 after immigration opened up, largely to escape the American combination of authoritarian government and anarchy in the streets. Seeking “peace, order and good government”, I found Mulroney in power and the Free Trade Agreement often made me feel Canada had been handed over to George Bush and American corporations.

“In time of darkness it is essential to be cautious and reserved. One should not needlessly awaken overwhelming enmity by inconsiderate behaviour. In such times one ought not to fall in with the practices of others; neither should one drag them censoriously into the light. In social intercourse one should not try to be all-knowing. One should let many things pass, without being duped.”

    During the last three decades I have been “steadfast” in pursuing my goal of living in a more peaceful community. At first the “inner light” came from my natural Aquarian utopian visions, then the peace movement and the study of social sciences, philosophy and astrology. I have also been steadfast but quiet about being a vegetarian for humane and ethical reasons, since speaking up attracts only criticism and ridicule.

“Darkening of the light injures him in the left thigh. He gives aid with the strength of a horse.”

    In terms of injury, I felt mentally exhausted by constantly struggling to survive in these communities presided over by the dark natured man. Physically, I’ve been hurt by allergies and back problems that may not have developed in a cleaner, less polluted environment. Both problems were aggravated by waiting outside in all weather from 15 minutes to half an hour for buses or elevated trains. My neck was whiplashed when the car I was in was rear-ended by a young punk who was speeding. And there was no OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) to pay the bills.

“He gives aid with the strength of a horse. Good fortune. He thinks only of saving the others who are also in danger.”

    I try to be helpful to people needing aid. A handful of old school friends and I have helped each other through many crises by providing practical and moral support for each other. Since the 1970’s I’ve been able to contribute my knowledge of astrology, especially useful during Saturn returns and mid-life crises.  Often I will use my astrological knowledge, without any direct mention of the subject, to offer support and sometimes practical advice to people in crisis. …….dn

Degree             Focus on:   Hexagrams:          Person/Event

16aq08 32  d    MER H03   6L2:28L1:52L6    Mandela, Nelson , President S.Africa

16AQ16 02 d    IC. H04      36L2:28L2:12L3   “Sartre, Jean Paul, Writer”

16AQ19 58 d    MC. H10    36L2:28L2:12L1   Gauquelin, Francoise, Astrologer/Statistician

16AQ38 42 d    SAT H05   36L2:28L4:35L1   O’Neal, Tatum, Actress


My Ascendant is in the 7th degree of Scorpio:

SC 07°(Koz). UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE PLANET JUPITER. A winged horse flying over a fortress. Denotes one whose destiny is to triumph over mere material force. One of great spirit, who will be enabled to demonstrate how much grander and how much more uplifting are the applied thoughts of man than the crude assertions and denials of materialism, no matter in what garb it may appear. His nature is free, his thoughts are free, and he desires to see all men aspire to true freedom and understanding. It is a symbol of Raising.

                The symbol feels great although I have had no dealings with horses to date. As my grandmother’s spirit becomes stronger with time, her mastery of handling horses, four at a time, compels me to learn how to ride. ……mmc

Degree                 Focus on:        Hexagrams:        Person/Event

06SC07 47     d    NEP     H12   52L1:52L1:52L5   Ferguson, Sarah “

06SC28 00     d    ASC     H01   52L1:52L3:45L2   Phoenix, River, actor/ died overdose

06SC36 24     r     JUP      H08   52L1:52L4:35L3   Price, Vincent , actor/horror”

06SC36 24     r     NEP     H12   52L1:52L4:35L3   Lanzoni, Fabio, actor

06SC45 52     r     NEP     H11   52L1:52L5:16L3   Arnold, Tom, Comedian/actor

06SC58 18     d    MER    H04   52L1:52L6:20L2   Prince Charles, Prince of Wales

My Venus is at 0°19’ Sagittarius:

SA 01°(Koz). UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE PLANET VENUS. A woman in the dress of a religious order struggling through a dark and storm-swept valley, a luminous anchor above her. Denotes one of fine intellect who is gifted with persuasive eloquence. The native is poetic, reverential, and inspiring. He reaches a certain power and dignity after striving through worries and inharmonies. His will is firmly directed and cannot be broken, for above all he has faith in self and knows his own powers. It is a symbol of Triumph.

                Venus is in her one of her own degrees. Well I certainly feel that I have strong values. I do value philosophy, principles, and learning.

                I really relate to this image but as a man in search of the essential feminine within. I spent years alone in darkness in a black room, meditating. It was in my deepest most receptive inner being. The vision that led me out was that of a tremendous storm in which I was hit by lightning as I awoke ….. spiritually and physically.

                I have written and published poetry. I do play music and I have invented and built a musical instrument. I have a deep faith in God and in my innermost self. I also know my personal strengths and weaknesses. The symbol of triumph stands solid for me, as I have withstood much hardship for vision, and the beauty of truth and inspiration.

Degree             Focus on:     Hexagrams:            Person/Event

00SA03 11 d    PFT H01      16L6:19L1:19L2    Mays, Kimberly: Switched as baby

00SA12 25 d    MER H05     16L6:19L2:41L2    Harding, Tonya:Skater Olympics94

00SA15 00 d    NEP H05      16L6:19L2:41L3    Harding, Tonya:Skater Olympics94

00SA21 35 d    MC. H10      16L6:19L3:60L1    Knievel, Evel : Daredevil”

00SA26 14 d    SNd H05      16L6:19L3:60L4     Schwarzenegger,Arnold:Actor

00SA30 01 d    SNd H04      16L6:19L4:61L1    Gauquelin, Michel: Astrologer

00SA36 36 d    MON H01    16L6:19L4:61L4    Trump, Ivana: ex: wife of Donald Trump

00SA37 25 d    JUP H06       16L6:19L4:61L5    Clinton, Hilary: 1st Lady USA”

My I.C. is at Capricorn 11 51’

CP12°(Koz) . UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE PLANET MARS. A man in full armour, visor up, holding his two hands on the hilt of his sword, the point of which pierces the ground.  Denotes courage and self confidence. The native often meets danger or anxiety face to face, and is ever prepared to repel it when it comes. His sword is always ready, but he presses the point to earth, for he knows the power of the spirit, above all material force. It is a symbol of Striving.

                I can relate to the Martian influence on my I.C.. I’m very competitive and sometimes too much so if I don’t reflect what I’m doing. I’m also motivated by sex, too much, but I’m learning to understand these manifestations and using the energy more positively. It’s not easy but I’m progressing slowly and surely.

                A lot of people, actually almost no one, knows where I’m coming from and I see this symbol as a realization of surrendering your spirit to a higher power. With the “visor up”, I see that as a time where one finally realises that aggression and war is non-productive and the rest of the sentence, “…holding his two hands on the hilt of his sword, the point of which pierces the ground.” depicts me, at the present time of my life, looking for real answers to life instead of fighting and competing. Instead of the sword it’s my ego I’m pointing down towards the ground allowing the spirit to rise above the selfish ego. This new turn is really what motivates me now in my life. It’s where I’m coming from and everyday when I wake up I strive to become a better person in order to live a more meaningful life.

                In order to meet “…danger or anxiety face to face.” you need courage and self-confidence and I’ve always realized that deep down inside and being a Scorpio I can’t back down from any imposing situation. But instead of fighting with a Martian attitude I’m presently realizing ways that are more profound and healing to meet these dangers and anxiety which is spiritually, “…presses the point to earth, for he knows the power of the spirit, above all material force.”… dd

Degree               Focus on:         Hexagrams:            Person/Event

11CP00 12   d    DSC   H07      27L6:20L6:58L1     Griffin, Merv Entertainer

11CP06 02   d    MON  H04       27L6:20L6:58L4     Lennox, Annie: Musician/Eurythmics

11CP06 13   d    NEP   H07      27L6:20L6:58L4     Montreal Massacre 14 students killed

11CP07 07   d    SUN   H11       27L6:20L6:58L5     Bakker, Jim Orson: TV Evangelist

11CP10 07   d    MC.    H10      27L6:20L5:10L1     United Nations

11CP11 17   d    SNd    H09       27L6:20L5:10L1     Mussolini, Alessandra:                                                                                                 Politician/Mussolini’s Daughter

11CP13 16   d    VTX   H05      27L6:20L5:10L2     Flight Space, First Sputnik

11CP40 28   d    MON  H09       27L6:20L2: 9L6      Farrow, Mia: Actress


My Sun is at 27°19’SC:

28° Scorpio (Bardon)- Anadi is a specialist in hydrotherapy. Like the thirtieth head of the zodiac of the Libra called Megalogi, Anadi, too, is responsible for all methods of water treatment. He teaches the magician how to use the electromagnetic fluid in connection with water for treating the most various diseases. He also shows him how to remove the causes of diseases by thermic stimulants and to create the dispositions of harmony and health in the human body. This head informs the magician about many methods of hydrotherapy which so far have remained unrevealed, provided the magician is interested in this field.

                I can’t say I have any direct relationship with this degree but I am health oriented to a very strong degree. The only way I relate to water as a health aspect is this. The water that you witness flowing in a river is never the same, it is always changing never fixed. The body is much the same in that the cells are constantly changing and regenerating which gives the person the opportunity to make things healthy as they once were. This is a simple explanation but because it doesn’t relate to this degree directly, elaborating it wouldn’t be appropriate. …….dd

Degree             Focus on:                                   Hexagrams:  Person/Event

27SC05 59 d    NEP   H08     35L3:30L6: 8L3   Kerrigan, Nancy: Skater Olympics94

27SC12 11 d    IC.     H04     35L3:30L5:23L5   Allen, Woody: Actor/producer/writer

27SC28 51 d    MON H11     35L3:30L4: 2L1   Depardieu, Gerard: Actor

27SC05 59 d    NEP   H08    35L3:30L6: 8L3   Kerrigan, Nancy : Skater Olympics 94”

27SC33 05 d    PLU   H11    35L3:30L3:24L2   Earthquake, Los Angeles: LA Earthquake

27SC34 17 d    VTX  H05    35L3:30L3:24L3   Griffin, Merv : Entertainer”

27SC46 22 r     JUP    H01    35L3:30L2:27L4   Uranus, Discovery of: (10 to 11 PM lmt)

My Sun is at 23°30’ AQ in H11.

24°Aquarius (Bardon) Arisaka – Being a perfect master of magical incarnation, this head awakens within the magician his understanding of the music of the spheres and teaches him how to express by music or song every idea, every thought. Following the methods given to him by Arisaka, the magician can develop an excellent ear for music.

                Music has always been a part of my life. When I was younger, I took music lessons. I also took music in school and was in many of the school’s music ensembles. I still play my clarinet and penny whistle sometimes, although nowadays I enjoy singing more. I especially like to sing when I’m happy. This sounds terribly vain, but I like to listen to my voice and to feel the texture of my voice when I’m singing. I have a good ear for voices. Listening to a beautiful voice (speaking, singing…) moves me.

                I don’t think I usually say things in a musical way, but I do like to try to express ideas so that they will flow like a poem or a verse of song. I think that when a person’s words are spoken with a musical beauty, they are more easily absorbed by listeners…jl

Degree             Focus on:     Hexagrams:          Person/Event

23AQ04 39 d    SNd   H06   22L1:47L6:32L3     Lang, K.D.(Kathy Dawn):CountrySinger

23AQ11 39 d    URA  H02   22L1:47L5:57L1     Menuhin, Yehudi :Musician/Violinist

23AQ18 09 d    VEN  H03   22L1:47L5:57L5     Chretien, Jean :Prime Minister Canada

23AQ25 04 d    MC.   H10   22L1:47L4:48L4     Graf, Steffi: Tennis Champ

23AQ46 24 d    MC.   H10   22L1:47L2: 6L3     Battle, Kathleen: Soprano

23AQ53 10 d    MON H04   22L1:47L1:47L5     Sartre, Jean Paul : Writer”


My Jupiter is at 5°53 Scorpio

SC 06° (Lein): This degree is fraught with wasted energy. There is danger of injury to the legs. There is insufficient direction, planning or control of the energy and abilities. Because of this most of the effort he puts forth dead ends to no useful purpose. However, if the rest of the chart grants the necessary direction and control this degree would provide the energy for success. It also must not be ruled out that he, himself, seeing this pattern will take steps to correct the obvious faults. These natives are often successful in their work usually earning high salaries, even though perhaps they move around from one job to another. So, perhaps there is a sense of genius which society has not recognised here. Perhaps it is a lack of conformity which really causes this native trouble, although he is not obviously recognised as a non-conformist. Rather than fighting society’s rules he simply ignores them and cuts his own path which, of course, requires more effort and must of necessity result in much trial and error.

                I have not had any major injuries to my legs.

                I do tend to waste my energy. When I am busy, I am busy with two or three things at the same time, overzealously spending too much time on my interests and not enough time resting. I then burn out and have to get complete rest until my energy comes back. I am beginning to change this pattern, trying to be more moderate so that my energy goes in a more steady flow and I can get more work done.

                I also lack direction. I’ve been working towards my Bachelor of Arts for six years. One of the reasons it’s taken me so long is that I have changed my degree six times since starting university. Just this October, I have changed my mind twice about which courses I will take over the next few years.

                As for planning, I’ve never planned the distribution of my energy until this year. There are obvious yearly patterns in the way I use my energy. Based on these yearly patterns, I have made a loose guideline for myself so that I do not suffer burnout this school year. Usually I burn out in November because I use all my energy (and more) in October. Then most of the winter is spent recovering. This October, I conserved my energy and I will have enough of it for the rest of the school year. With a bit of planning, my energy is flowing more smoothly.

                Besides having difficulty directing my energy, I have had difficulty directing my abilities. In school, I’ve moved several times from one subject to another. On my school record is an odd collection of courses including philosophy, linguistics, psychology, literature and languages. This year, I am taking a combination of Russian and Irish courses. Moving from one subject to another does take a lot of energy and has resulted in much trial and error, but it’s led me to two interesting subjects – Russian and Irish philosophy.

                Perhaps there is a sense of genius which society has not recognised. Although I do waste a lot of energy because of a lack of direction, I gain a lot of knowledge from the different areas of interest I pursue. I not only gain knowledge about specific subjects – for instance, linguistics or psychology – I also gain knowledge about people in general. The specific and more general knowledge help me to be able to succeed in almost any area I choose.

                As for not conforming, I’m not an overt non-conformist. Yet not conforming to others’ expectations does get me in trouble sometimes…jl

Degree             Focus on:     Hexagrams:              Person/Event

05SC00 19 d    SNd H04      39L6:39L1:33L1       Prince Charles, Prince of Wales

05SC00 32 d    SUN H05     39L6:39L1:33L1       Gates III, William Henry

                                                                            Founder of Microsoft Corp

05SC03 17 d    SNd H12      39L6:39L1:33L2       Uranus, Discovery of (10 to 11 PM lmt)

05SC11 01 d    DSC H07      39L6:39L2:31L1       Mussolini, Alessandra:Politician/

                                                                            Mussolini’s Daughter

05SC13 23 d    PFT H05      39L6:39L2:31L3       Ustinov, Peter : Actor

05SC19 01 d    ASC H01      39L6:39L2:31L6       Sartre, Jean Paul : Writer

05SC20 54 d    SNd H04      39L6:39L3:56L1       Phillips, Mark

05SC42 53 d    PFT H07      39L6:39L5:53L2       Mussolini Alessandra: Politician

                                                                            Mussolini’s Daughter

The Leinbach degree system applied to twins:

Description of the twins:

                They are fraternal twins. The first born was a big and strong baby who did well in school, and immigrated to Canada when she was 25. The second was very tiny at birth and is marginally mentally retarded with no psychiatric problems and she still lives with her mother in France. The first twin is over responsible and sometimes puts too much weight on her shoulders. The second twin seems to be a dreamer. She is able to work in a special environment but refuses any responsibilities at home. She was over protected by her mother. Neither of them are loners. They like to be surrounded by people and they like travelling.

The twins with the Sun at 8° 31’ Pisces: This native seems to have well-developed abilities in the business world, but he lacks the ability to handle smaller problems connected with his personal life. He tends to be unreliable and immature in his action. There is a child like quality which is undeveloped and naive. He finds living alone difficult but he also finds someone who will put up with his lack of firmness.

                This description is partially true for both twins. They do function well in the professional life. The first twin is in a helping profession. The Second twin is able to be efficient despite her handicap, and she is also able to help others who have more difficulties than she does.

                The first twin is able to live with someone if the person lets her be completely free and doesn’t interact with her routine. She can lack firmness and be lazy at times, but she tries to adapt to the other person’s needs if she thinks that it is worth it. The second twin is forced to live with her mother because she is not able to live on her own. She refuses to take on any responsibilities at home. She spends her free time socialising, shopping and watching TV.           

                The twins are not “unreliable and immature. He seems to be totally inept in recognising and coming to grips and weakness. He may take more than he can handle and fail due to his own incompetence.”

The adjective immature could fit the second twin but not the first twin. Also the first twin is objective and self-critical enough to be aware of her own strengths and weaknesses. The second is always content, never wonders and likes to be in a state of just being.

                “Except in the capacity of following a routine which he has been trained for he seems to live in the fog which is enable to penetrate. “

Being in a fog is actually a normal state for them. They are both dreamers and can sometimes be disconnected from their environment, but this has nothing to do with mental confusion. The first twin is studying at university. She can be practical and logical when it is needed. She looses things easily and is always looking for her key or her metropass. The second twin, despite her handicap is able keep her feet sufficiently “on the earth” to function properly, and contrary to the other twin she knows exactly where things are. They both have an excellent auditive memory. In fact even when they are in a fog, they always listen.

                “He has ability to accomplish remarkable achievements along clear and set lines. It is only when he is given some measure of freedom to express an original genius that he seems to suffer from egotism or stage fright of something which paralyses whatever abilities he might had.”

Freedom is very important for the twins. They need to function in a half-structured environment where they can have the freedom to be creative and at the same time, not be working completely on their own.

                I conclude that the description is accurate. ..vm, the first twin

Degree             Focus on:     Hexagrams:            Person/Event

08PI17 42  d    URA H09     55L4:45L5:51L5     Ustinov, Peter: Actor”

IC: First Twin 15°Aries 50’: The individual needs to follow guidelines which has been tested and proven. Everyone must learn from his own experience, but this degree indicates an undeveloped judgment. These people do well when they have pattern or rhythm to follow. They do better when they are educated. However, they tend to trust the wrong people and leave themselves unguarded. Some people seem to be protected so that they can walk safely through a dangerous situation without a scratch. But people who come from strongly under the influence seem not to have this protection. They seem to feel this vulnerability and even their fear draws the thing they the most fear to themselves.

                This description seems to be accurate. I need to learn from experience and formal education is very important. This protects me from being impulsive. Also, Venus and Jupiter are conjunct my IC and trine my Asc., which is a blessing. My Mars, my IC ruler is conjunct the Sun and opposite Pluto, Uranus and the Moon. I should follow guidelines in order to reduce the number of mistakes I make. My education has allowed me to understand and to go over the fear, the uncontrolled anger, and other vulnerabilities…vm

Degree                 Focus on:     Hexagrams:              Person/Event

15AR02 58  d      SNd   H04    60L4:44L1:33L2       Chiron, Discovery of: by Charles Kowal

15AR08 42  d      URA  H10    60L4:44L1:33L6       Perot Henry Ross: Politician USA

15AR11 54  d      VEN  H10    60L4:44L2:31L2       Fischer, Bobby : Chess grandmaster

15AR22 07  d      URA  H10    60L4:44L3:56L2       Alpert , Richard: Guru/psychologist

15AR26 33  d      SNd   H01    60L4:44L3:56L4       Starr, Ringo: Musician/ Beatles

15AR52 30  d      SUN  H10    60L4:44L6:39L2       Alpert, Richard: Guru/psychologist

IC: Second Twin at 23°52 Aries: This degree has the Neptune flavour. It would be well to judge the strength or weakness of that planet in the chart before attempting to establish the influence of this degree. If the individual has a mastery of Neptunian influences so that he is spiritually oriented to genuine truth this degree will lend its influence to that direction. If the individual is inclined to take Neptunian avenues of escape this degree will contribute greatly to his fall down. At any rate it will raise cloudy and Neptunian problems to be solved. If he can perceive these situations in their true light and deal with them ina meaningful way rather than being overwhelmed with confusion, he may rise to great heights under this influence. The trick here is to look beneath the surface for individual is likely to misjudge even his own abilities. He may look through rose-colored glasses or through dark and forbidding fog.

                The second twin has a Neptune influence on her IC. That is interesting because the IC is the motivation and also where we come from, the mother and the past. It seems that she was affected at birth (lower weight, health condition, and light mental retardation). She also has, like her twin, Venus and Jupiter conjunct the IC, which could be interpreted as confusion around understanding. Fortunately her Neptune is not afflicted in her chart. She is a happy individual, who in her own opinion does not seem to have any problems. She is lazy and her only preoccupation is day dreaming and having fun. That could be the Neptune and Venus influence. But being a Pisces with the Moon in Virgo she needs to help people. She is usually protected from being victimised. Her mother takes good care of her. Also, perhaps because of Pluto affecting all her chart, she learns how to protect herself. She is actually pretty defensive….. vm

Degree              Focus on:       Hexagrams:        Person/Event

23AR09 38  d    SUN   H04     61L6:47L6:32L6   Kasparov, Gary, Chess Grand Master

23AR55 17  d    VEN   H05     61L6:47L1:47L3   Lanzoni, Fabio: actor

23AR03 16  d    IC.      H04     61L6:47L6:32L2   Princess Diana, Princess of Wales “

23AR29 53  d    URA   H05     61L6:47L4:48L6   Chretien, Jean :Prime Minister of Canada

23AR57 23  d    SNd    H0       61L6:47L1:47L2   Ciccione, Madonna: Singing star

MOON DEGREES by Sybil Leek

My Moon is in 17 ° Cap.

17 ° Cap (Leek): Philosophical and enjoys quiet.

                Reflecting on Leek’s interpretation of this degree, I do not find her statement to be particularly insightful in characterising a person. For most if not all people that I know, philosophise and enjoy the quiet to some extent or another. Am I philosophical and enjoy the quiet? Yes. Am I more so than others? NO…..jy

Degree             Focus on:     Hexagrams:        Person/Event

16CP08 43 d    PFT   H06    3L5:27L1:52L6   Harding, Tonya: Skater Olympics94

16CP29 10 d    MAR H12    3L5:27L3:45L1   Arnold,Roseanne: Comedian/actress

16CP29 10 d    MAR H12    3L5:27L3:45L1   King, Coretta ScottWife/Martin Luther

16CP40 32 d    MER  H12    3L5:27L5:16L6   Yeltsin, Boris: President USSR

My North Node is in 10° Aries.

10° Ari (Leek): Inner fears of being inferior.

                I only feel this way when I believe that I should know how to do something and I do not. Unfortunately, this is applies to a certain extent to just about every part of my life. This is not to say that I do not work at learning new concepts, materials and ideas. ….jy

Degree             Focus on:  Hexagrams:        Person/Event

09AR34 45 d    VTX H07   41L4: 5L3:30L4   Koresh, David, Cult leader/Waco Tx

09AR38 52 d    SNd H04    41L4: 5L3:30L1   Lee, Bruce, Martial Arts/actor

09AR54 52 d    URA H01   41L4: 5L1:13L4   Armstrong-Jones, Anthony

My M.C. is in 11° Aries.

11° Ari (Leek): Irresponsible.

                I certainly hope not. In fact, I would say I tend to lean toward the opposite. I am a constant worrier about doing a job correctly and am always picking myself apart in trying to do it better. …..jy

Degree             Focus on:     Hexagrams:        Person/Event

10ar07 21  d    MAR H07    31L5: 9L6:19L5   Pele  Soccer super star

10AR36 56 d    JUP H12       41L5: 9L3:61L5   Mussolini, Alessandra: Politician

                                                                                Mussolini’s Daughter

10AR40 43 d    NNd H02     41L5: 9L2:54L1   Meher Baba, Sri: Parsi Guru

10AR55 27 d    SUN H09     41L5: 9L1:38L4   Gore, Albert Arnold, Vice President USA

10AR01 30 d    SAT H06      41L5: 9L6:19L1   Rockefeller, Nelson: Politician

10AR45 33 d    URA H08     41L5: 9L2:54L4   Vatican City

10AR45 55 d    MC. H10      41L5: 9L2:54L4   Phillips, Mark

My MC is at 28°51’ Taurus

TA 29° (Leek): Rather more happy-go-lucky than one normally associates with Taurus. Can live on happy memories of childhood, and these sustain him in adulthood.

                At times I am happy-go-lucky at work, or so it may seem, but I am in fact very serious and hard working. I do a lot of work with genealogy and I do have some very happy memories, but I also have a wonderful ability to forget the dark memories…..ra

Degree           Focus on:     Hexagrams:            Person/Event

28TA02 00 d  PFT  H11     5L2:49L6:42L2       Jagger, Mick: Musician/Rolling Stones

28TA37 49 d  IC.   H04     5L2:49L3:17L5       Arnold, Roseanne: Comedian/actress

28TA37 49 d  IC.   H04     5L2:49L3:17L5       King, CorettaScott,:Wife/Martin Luther

28TA37 56 d  SUN H05     5L2:49L3:17L5       Little, Malcolm X: Political Activist

28TA47 05 d  IC    H04     5L2:49L2:36L2       Gretzky, Wayne : Hockey superstar

28TA50 47 d  JUP  H09     5L2:49L1:22L6       Vatican City

My Moon is at 19°47’ of Cancer

CA 20° (Leek): With a desire to be of service to others, this can deteriorate into a martyred existence.

                In a way I can relate to this. I am very dedicated to my work and I have championed many a long term cause, demanding many isolating hours without remuneration or even support at times. I do place a special value on being of service to others. I often feel that I am alone in my work and dedication…..ra

Degree             Focus on:   Hexagrams:          Person/Event

19CA06 26 d    ASC H01   32L2:51L1:63L3   Schwarzenegger, Arnold: Actor/body builder”

19CA06 57 d    IC. H04      32L2:51L1:63L2   Mussolini Alessandra: Politician

                                                                                Mussolini’s Daughter

19CA12 09 r     PLU H10   32L2:51L2:37L5   Dean, James: actor

19CA21 12 r     PLU H06   32L2:51L3:55L6   Yeltsin, Boris: President USSR

19CA31@ d    MAR H00  32L2:51L4:30L6   Mulroney, Mila:Wife of PM of Canada

19CA31 09 d    VTX H08   32L2:51L4:30L6   Arnold, Tom: Comedian/actor

19CA37 38 d    NEP H05   32L2:51L4:30L2   Price, Vincent : Actor/horror

19CA48@ r     MER H00  32L2:51L5:49L2   Bowles, Camilla Parker:

                                                                                Friend of Prince Charles

19CA52 12 d    MAR H08  32L2:51L6:13L5   Glenn, John H. Jr. Astronaut

My Mars is at 18°Leo.

18° Leo (Leek): The degree of brilliance, excellent mentality and sparkling personality.

                I am flattered by Leek’s interpretation of this degree. I enjoy believing that I am all of these things but the reality is I oscillate between their complements. One minute I am a brilliant problem solver, and the next, someone who is only average. Mentality wise, it would be excellent if only I didn’t go through periods of forgetfulness. Lastly, my personality is one that is known to brighten up even the worst of storms as well as cause them. …..jy

Degree             Focus on:     Hexagrams:          Person/Event

17LE09 42 d    URA  H11    6L1:50L1: 8L1    Koresh, David: Cult leader/Waco Tx

17LE24 19 d    SNd   H07    6L1:50L3: 2L4    Arnold, Roseanne: Comedian/actress

17LE24 19 d    SNd   H07    6L1:50L3: 2L4    King, Coretta Scott: Wife/Martin Luther

17LE34 23 d    ASC   H01    6L1:50L4:24L3   Trump, Donald John:

                                                                        Millionaire Businessman

17LE18 30 d    IC      H04    6L1:50L2:23L1    Gauquelin,, Francoise, Astrological

17LE58 01 d    PLU   H10    6L1:50L6: 3L5     Princess Anne

After working through Sibyl Leek’s degrees for my natal chart, I find her statements to be less than satisfying and instead to be rather vague and generalised. I can see myself to be all of those that she mentions as well as seeing everybody else with those same characteristics. …..jy.


My Mercury is in the 9th degree of Scorpio.

Scorpio 09(Chandra)   “A HAND WITH SIX FINGERS”

Personal uniqueness in the extreme. Evolution of new forms.

                 I need all the fingers I can get. The things I say on occasions have lead to uncomfortable consequences. You figure it out.

                Ideas in my mind, when expressed to my friends or family members, has an effect where their faces stare at me with complete blankness. A “duh” look. If not a “duh” then a vicious attack. Some of things I say are strong and incredible. I look at things very profoundly and the friends I have including family are not very deep on life. They’re all very shallow. That would leave as the “weird one of crowd or family” but I look at it positively as this degree has described it, “personal uniqueness”……………………dd

My Uranus is in the 29th degree of Virgo


Knowledge of unusual techniques. Use of the powers of nature. Manipulation of the forces of the physical world.

                I’m a health freak and I’ve been learning the most natural and scientifcally proven system. The techniques are only unusual because of the brainwashing society has been exposed too otherwise the techniques have been around for thousands of years. It’s called Ayurveda and it originated from India. It’s very different and innovative and it heals people through them tuning into nature. Absolutely no drugs are used only things like “magic mushrooms”……………………………dd