Three Poems

Pluto In The Seventh House, By Nanci Ahern

Pluto visits me in my seventh house

Pluto forces me to be alone in my relationships

holds my head in his arms without touching locked

I would go, but I cannot move.

he is a robot, and attracts the metal in me.

Saturn In The Fourth House, By Nanci Ahern

Into the roots of the unconscious

Find creature hiding under stone, and

Slime in the darkest part of the well,

the unknowing mass,

the very first home.

Perfect End, By Helen Illsley (Toronto, Ontario)

The moon was full and silver on that balmy night,

in the midst of melting mauves,

the trails of pink,

the last of light.

The cinder path I travelled led under a bower of trees,

merging with twilight power,

singing ancient lore of wisdom and

universal knowledge.

There, my spirit was cast free.