Personal Degree Assessments

by Robin Armstrong


My Pluto is in the 23rd degree of Virgo.

23º VI(Bardon): Elipinon, By this head the magician is instructed and trained in all mantic arts according to the laws of analogy, no matter whether fortune telling with cards, the tarot game, 1-Ching, chiromancy, horoscopy, or anything of that sort is involved. Elipinon makes it possible for the magician to become a prophet by the training of the mantic arts and he helps him in becoming a genuine expert in this respect. Mantic experts all over the world are under the control of this head of the zone girdling the earth.

Being a naturally investigative type of person who loved solving mysteries, the mantic arts have always been to me the ultimate challenge. My interest more or less began when I was twelve years old. During university, I began reading and studying the art of astrology. This in turn was followed by chiromancy, the tarot, numerology and most recently the I Ching. I am far from being an expert in any of these fields, however, people have come up to me and said that I was good to the point that they were willing to pay to have a reading done jh

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22VI10d      VTX  H07   4L2:25L1:14L5  Adler. Margot, Wicca Priestess

22VI24 00d ASC   HOl    4L2:25L3: 1L4    Ismail Rahgib “RocketS, Football Star

22VI26 33d  PLU   H04    4L2:25L3: 1L3    Graf, &effi, Tennis Champ

22VI35 26d IC.      H04    4L2:36L3:44L4   Gates III, William Henry, Founder of Microsoft

22VI48 19d  MC.    H10    4L2:36L2:2gLS Arnold,Tom,Comedian/actor

My Mars is at 21° 19’ Capricorn

22°CP(Bardon)Ybario is regarded a special custodian of Divine Justice, for he controls the doings of negative powers in the whole zone girdling the earth as well as on our planet in all three planes, i.e. in the mental, astral and physical world. This head sees to it that the negative powers never get the upper hand and that no chaos is created in these spheres, which, if it so happened, would have to be again equalized by the positive powers. Ybario’s basic qualities are harmony and justice.

“…custodian of Divine Justice.” I try my best and I’m very conscience of my actions and believe in trusting the Divine Will.

I’m always trying to fight off false desires especially when it comes to food. I lost over fifty pounds and I can’t let the negative powers get the upper- hand otherwise trouble on the scale. With this being my Mars I am always fighting against the bag of potato chips and I must confess, I don’t always win and I don’t care because bar-b-que is my favourite flavour ….dd

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21CP24 27 d MAR H03    42L4:17L3:26L4     Harrison, George: Singer Beatles

21CP31 45 d JUP  H02      42L4:17L4:5L5      Trump, Ivana: exwife of Donald Trump

21CP33 22 d SUN H12     42L4:17L4: 5L4     Limbaugh, Rush: Talk show host

My Mars is at 8° Pisces

08°Pisces (Bardon) Porascho – This head has a similar range of competence to the foregoing one, with the only difference that he supports man in acquiring his knowledge at school whereas Atherom helps him acquire knowledge by private studies. Porascho therefore can make himself useful in cases of school examinations and courses, should the magician need the assistance of this intelligence for someone who himself is not a magician.

Acquisition of knowledge in school in very important for me. It makes me feel secure. I’m really motivated by learning. I need to go to school because I need communication, encouragement, competition (Mars conjunct the Sun in my chart). The importance of school could be due to a lack of self-confidence or fear in doing things.( Mars is in Pisces opposite Pluto and the Moon.)

My Moon conjuncts Pluto and is in the 9th house which is the house of morals and principles and also the house of educational institutions like universities. I’m thirty years old and I returned to university two years ago. Also, I have been studying astrology in classes for about 3 years. I often study in a group where I play the teacher role. When I don’t study in school I waste my time in parties. I need a lot of excitement (Moon conjuncts Uranus) ….vm

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07PI12 59 d    URA H02     55L5:15L2:23L5     Signoret, Simone: Author

07pi37 08 d    MC. H04      59L5:12L3:24L5     Mandela, Nelson:President S.Africa

My Sun is in 9° Pisces:

09°PI(Bardon) Egention – Everything refering to or connected with travelling comes under this head’s range of power. The magician referring to this intelligence will always be a fortunate traveller and will succeed in everything planned by him and he will be safe of having any kind of accident whilst travelling, regardless whether he travels on the continent, over the water or through the air. When carrying this head’s seal with him, the magician can never be met with a traffic -accident.

This definition is partially true for me. I immigrated to Canada 6 years ago and I love travelling. Travel is in general very good for me but it’s safer for me if somebody else drives. I have already had several accidents on a motorcycle. I know I’m not a good driver because I am too emotional and also because I am not able to concentrate well enough. The definition of this degree seems nice but lacks of depth ….vm

Kozminsky Degrees:

My Sun is at 02°09’ Leo


head. From the left eye emanates a ray of black vapour ,from the right a ray of yellow, and from the centre of the forehead a ray of white. Denotes a remarkable personality who has an understanding of complex subjects.

Rich, courted and strong, he can regulate his forces for the blessing or bane of men. There is also an entirely occult side to this symbol which expresses the same meaning from a spiritual outlook. It is a symbol of Leadership.

In the left eye, to me suggests left brain use, and the right yellow with yellow ray feels like a well-developed creative side or right brain abilities. The ray of white light in the centre connotes a “third” eye or confirmation of my developing psychic ability. I also have strong leadership qualities ….mmc

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02LE13 r    PLU H06        48L3:60L2:43L5       Bakker, Jim Orson: TV Evangelist

02LE15 d   MAR H05       48L3:60L2:43L3       Starr, Ringo: Musician/ Beatles

02LE17 d   URA H01       48L3:60L2:431.2      Gates III, William Henry:Founder Microsoft Corp

02LE19 d   SUN H12        48L3:60L2:43L1       Jagger, Mick: Musician/Rolling Stones

02LE21 d   MON H03      48L3:60L3: 1L6        Quayle, Dan: Vice President USA

02LE24 d   MAR H05       48L3:60L3: 1L4        McCartney, Paul: Musician/Beatles

My Venus is at 11º 06’ Libra in the First House


man falling from an insecure and broken bridge into a dark pit below.

Denotes one who will suffer chiefly from a lack of confidence in self and ability to realize his own powers and limitations. Evils may assail his health or financial position, and place him in positions of danger from which he can only escape by the power of a resisting will. It is a symbol of Timidity.

I have Saturn opposing my Venus which makes it easy to relate to Saturn’s influence as indicated in this degree symbol.

This planet makes me shy and definitely timid. This timidity con trolled my life and I did suffer from a lack of confidence in myself and my abilities. Because of this factor the “dark pit below” was a familiar place because I never thought I was good enough to do much. I felt tremendously inferior. This obstacle was overcome when I decided to sell cars. Can you imagine someone who is very timid with no confidence to approach people and sell cars. I wanted to quit the very first day. I was afraid to talk on the phone. How can I possibly make money when no salary is being paid and commission and performance is the paycheck? For some innate reason I confronted this limitation and finally realized it was nothing. It was just an illusion of my mind. I was no longer afraid to talk to people or to ask for something that I rightfully deserve. I am still shy and reserved but I don’t let hinder my life the way it did before I challenged the limitation..dd

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11LI01 d      SNd H0l       41L6:34L6:58L1       Pele: Soccer super star

11L106 d      NEP H04      31L6:34L6:58L4       Gore, Tipper: Wife of Vice President. USA

11L106 d      NNd H06      31L6:34L6:58L4       Lennon, John: singer/songwriter-Beatles

11L139 r      NEP H03      31L6:34L3: 5L1        Gore, Albert Arnold: Vice President USA

11L139 d      URA H04     3IL6:34L3: 5L1        Harding, Tonya: Skater Olympics94

11L140 d      IC. H04        31L6:34L2: 9L6        Jagger, Mick: Musician/Rolling Stones

11L141 d      SNd H08      31L6:34L2: 9L6        Tong, Shen: Leader ProDemoc Tiennamin


I found this system very difficult to relate to as most of the degree interpretations really did not have any meaning for me. However I have tried to relate to the Sun as best I can….mm

In general I did not get a sense that this association of body parts to degrees zeroed in on my problems to date…mmc

My Sun is at 23° Taurus

23° TA (EB) Teeth (Rheumatism)

I have never had a problem with my teeth. In fact, they are exceptionally strong. My parents always made sure that we visited the dentist regularly, a practice

that I have continued into adult life. Every once in a while, someone will comment on what nice teeth I have. I always find it a strange compliment There are other things that I’d like to have stand out about myself. It sort of makes me feel like a prize horse. …mm

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22ta01      d    MER H09     45L2:25L1:14L6     Pele:Soccersuperstar

22TA30   d    SAT H07      26L2:36L3:44L1     Phoenix, River: actor/ died overdose

My Venus is at 22° Cancer

22° CA(EB) – Gastric mucosa.

I have had contractions of the colon and mucous in my stools (some of the

symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome) under high stress situations at work – a murder at the workplace, and when my apartment was burglarized. .mmc

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21CA53 d       MON H06      32L4:17L6:34L5       Hill, Benny: Comedian

My Sun is at 02°09’ Leo

03°LE (EB) Right artery

Strong heart to date. Recovery rate after exercise is nice and slow. …mmc

My MC is at 18°46’ Leo

19°LE(EB) – Ventricular system (spine).

A small portion of one of my lower vertebrae is missing. …mmc

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18LE08 d     MAR 1101   47L6:32L1:42L5       Gore, Albert Arnold: Vice President USA

18LE25 d     VEN 1106    47L6:32L3:2lL4        Tong, Shen: Leader ProDemoc Tiennamin

My Sun is at 30° Leo.

30 LE(EB): Saturn, back.

This is one that I can really relate to as I suffer from major back pain. However, through regular exercise and by avoiding activities that aggravate it, I manage to keep the problem under control. (Discipline/Saturn) Although I have been exposed to some severe pain, I have always kept up with my responsibilities (Saturn) and have never stayed in bed as a result, nor missed a day of work due to that problem. …mm

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29LE01 d     NEP H04      64Ll: 7L6:63L5        Gauquelin, Francoise: Astrologer/Statistician

29LE07 d     SNd H03      64Ll: 7L6:63L2        Harding, Tonya: Skater Olympics 94

29LE51 d     MC. H10      64Ll: 7L1:l3L6         Lanzoni, Fabio: actor

My Asc is at 6°55’ Scorpio

07 SC(EB). Scrotum (left fallopian tube). No problems to date. …mmc

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06SC28 d     ASC HOl      52L1:52L3:45L2       Phoenix, River: actor/died overdose

06SC36 r      NEP Hl2       52L1:52L4:35L3       Lanzoni, Fabio: actor

06SC46 r      NEP Hl 1      52L1:52L5:l6L3       Arnold, Torn: Comedian/actor

My natal Uranus is in 30° Cancer.

30 CA(Chandra) WILD GRAPES GROWING EVERYWHERE. Ability to find sustenance in any and all situations. Drunk with experience. Grapes are associated with the Greek God Dionysius.

This makes particular sense. Uranus is in my third house, opposing Mercury in the 9th. I find that I can talk to just about anyone. ‘Strange’ people are always coming up to me.

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29CA00 d     VEN H03       57L6:13L6:63L6       Bambenek,LawrenciaBambi:escapedtoCan

29CA17 d     NNd H03        57L6:13L5:37L2       Jordan, Michael Jeffry: Basketball Star