A Prediction on Canada ‘s July 8, 1974 Federal Election

Robin Armstrong correctly predicted the outcome of the Canadian National Election on July 8, 1974. With all his planets rising and Uranus transiting over his natal Sun trine to his natal Uranus in the 10th House, he decided to call a news conference and announce his predictions, in an attempt to prove the validity of astrology. He was not alone in his venture. He gathered together four other prominent Toronto astrologers and worked with each separately. They were Philip Jagger, Gerald Baron, Byron Barwick, and Eric Tarkington. Each astrologer took a different approach, studied the chart on his own, and then each in turn met with Robin and discussed his findings. One final meeting brought everyone together in open discussion.

Robin then arranged a news conference for June 19, 1974 – an eclipse day with Uranus on the Ascendant. It was announced that a panel of five of Toronto’s foremost astrologers would be on hand to release the results of their research and answer questions about the upcoming July 8, national election and about the new government. The news conference was a big success. All the radio and television stations showed up and a number of newspaper reporters. Coverage was very good but it was toned down and lightly presented. When the results case true however, the media remembered to give respectful mention and plenty of it. The adventure got national television, radio, and press coverage.

Robin had planned from the beginning to get national publicity for the Canadian Independent Astrologers Order. At the same time he hoped to expose the Canadian public to good, honest astrology and gain public respect for the profession.

When transiting Uranus conjuncts you natal Sun, it is a time of dreams come true, so remember and be ready for it!

The following article is Robin’s election forecast. He claims that it validates the Canadian birth chart cast for July 1, 1867, at 00:00 A.M.