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ASTRO-LOGIC By Omra Oramaat (Pseudonym for Robin Armstrong)

Astro-logic refers to an integrated system of I Ching and Astrology. Astrology has been linked to psychology. I Ching has been linked to psychology. In this four volume series on Astro-logic, Omra Oramaat successfully relates the I Ching to Astrology in such a manner as to provide a remarkable psychological tool.

Astro-logic, Part One – The Degrees.

This volume gives the exact correspondences between each line of the I Ching and each degree of the Zodiac. For each line of a hexagram, there is also a specific hexagram. Not only are the degree meanings clarified by this correspondence, but they also present a gateway to the Mysteries of Life. Until Part Three is available, this book will have to be used in con­junction with a standard I Ching text.

Astro-logic, Part Two – The Synthesis…. (Dec. 1976)

Astro-logic, Part Three – The Text……. (    ?    )

Astro-logic, Part Four – The Applications…(   ?   )

THE ZODIACAL TORTOISE POSTER, This poster shows in one mandala the basic relation of the I Ching to the Zodiac.