Murder in the First Degree

by Robin Armstrong

This is the second episode in a series designed to look at the de­gree symbols in the horoscopes of violent criminals and victims. It is not likely that our choice for this issue committed murder in the first degree, but she did commit murder most foul. The reason for choosing this mur­derer is that we have both her chart and the chart of one of her victims. Ac­curate data on both murderer and victim is extremely rare. In this case it came from a Montreal  astrologer who had done both charts some years before the murder.

The murder took place in the last half of December of 1977 in Sherbrooke, Quebec. The exact date and time of the murder is not for the time being, at our disposal. I will pass this information on to you in a future issue. Neither do I have the names of the persons involved, but this does not matter as we do have the birth data.

This is the story of a mother who slashed the throats of her three daughters. Killing them all. She obviously went berserk and to my under­standing she is now in a mental institution.

It is hard to imagine why anyone much less a person’s own mother would kill in such a manner. These charts deserve much study, however our concern is to observe which degrees in the natal horoscope, if any, held the potential for such a dire consequence. Are there any degrees in the child’s nativity that implied this fate? …. or that could shed light upon this matter.

No doubt the natal charts themselves reveal much of the story, as do the transits and progressions. Perhaps your astrological curiosity is now peaked. I suggest that you do take time to learn from these charts. Who knows, one of your clients might have been born at the same time?

The degrees are supposed to give some inspiration, some extra insight or accentuation onto the nature of any planet or sensitive point oc­cupying the same. They are not meant to tell the whole story, but rather highlight some special frequencies or messages latent within the zodiac. They might show the nature of a soul’s struggle in a particular life.

MURDEROUS MOTHER, Slashed throats of her 3 daughters.

Born: August 23, 1948, 10:55 AM, CST, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.

Murderous Mother’s Sun 00° VIRGO

VI 01° (Charubel) A WOLF CARRYING AWAY A LAMB. Denotes deception, cunning, avarice, and cruelty. Such a degree, unless there be much to counteract it, would render the native liable to become a great criminal.

VI 01° (Chandra) A VOLCANO ERUPTING AT NIGHT. Sudden intense purgation. Reaching of new heights. Bold revealing of one’s depths.

VI 00°-01° (I Ching) DELIVERANCE: W.40, Line 6 Arousing out of the abyss …. out of danger …. Thunder and rain set in. Thunderstorm breaks the tension and clears the air …. suggests forgiving sins and mistakes.

Line 6: “The prince shoots at a hawk on a high wall. He kills it!” The hawk is the symbol of a powerful inferior in a high position who is hindering deliverance. He withstands the force of inner in­fluences because he is hardened in his wickedness. He must be forcibly removed and this requires the appropriate means.

VI 00°-01° (Alexandrinus) £ Mercury Mercury here seems to add a cerebral quality to her purpose.

Murderous Mother’s Moon 13°50 Aries

AR 14°(Sepharial) A man out in mid-ocean on a raft, famished  and in pitiable distress. It denotes loneliness and indigence  in life; one who will lead a strange and outcast life, with few friends, and those either unwilling or unable to help him. It seems to contain the idea of much travelling, perhaps exile, and finally a lonely grave. It is a degree of ISOLATION.

AR 14°(Alan Leo) Violent in temper, yet of a brooding nature: vehement in desires. AR 14°(Muir) One who, seeing a light, expects others to follow. Let him be sure that it is a true light or seeming friends will betray him.

AR 14° (Chandra) AN APPLE TREE— MANY ROTTEN APPLES ON THE GROUND AROUND IT. Trust in nature’s abundance/ wastefulness. A  feeling of “nobody wants what I have to offer”.

AR 13°-14° (I Ching) LIMITATION: W.60, Line 2 … the fixed limits that the superior  man puts upon his actions  … .. Galling limitation must not be persevered in ….. setting fixed limits on expenditures will preserve property and prevent injury to the people ….. galling limitations upon his own nature would be injuri­ous…. too much limitations on others and they would rebel … one must set limits on limitation. Line 2: Not going out of the gate and courtyard brings misfortune.

AR 13°-14° (Alexandrinus) ¦ Jupiter Jupiter will increase or exaggerate the aggressive impulses of this Aries Moon. The challenge is to understand properly. Let wisdom guide the family rather than force. The problem of practising what one believes is difficult here. 

Mother’s Ascendant 08°14 Scorpio

SC 09° (Muir) Restless and aggressive, yet loving art and poetry in his qui­eter moods. Enjoys conquest.

SC 09°(Alan Leo) A restless and critical disposition, ever trying new experi­ments: death of brethren.

SC 09° (Sepharial) A nest of young and unfledged birds lying upon the ground. This symbol is indicative of a childhood spent in adverse cir­cumstances; and of a nature that may be in danger  of degeneration through neglect in the earlier stages of its  growth. Bereft of parents and guardians at an early age, the  nature is doomed to self assertion and effort, or else to desolation and despair. Obscure in origin, and reared among strangers, the nature is yet capable of attaining to considerable distinction. It is a degree of ORPHANAGE.

SC 08°-09° (I Ching) KEEPING STILL, MOUNTAIN: W.52, Line 3 Line 3: “Keeping his hips still. Making his sacrum stiff. Dangerous. The heart suffocates. ….refers to enforced quiet. The restless heart is to be subdued.”

SC  08°-09° (Alexandrinus) ¢ Sun The Sun in this degree adds will power and purpose to the personal judgments. Again this adds to aggression.

Mother’s Mars 22°56 Libra

LI 23° (Sepharial) An old man in a gown and skull cap like a doctor surrounded by chemical and other instruments. It denotes  a person of careful, systematic, and patient observation:  much inclined to the study of science, especially chemistry, medicine, or alchemy. A researcher in the secrets of Nature, given to the careful and accurate tabulation of results which  will prove of use to science, and by this means the native will  gain for himself certain distinction and honour. It is a degree  of RESEARCH.

LI 23° (Chandra) A TREMENDOUS BOULDER HOVERING OVER THE OCEAN.  Overcoming of the illusion of the material realm. Apprehen­sion.  There is a painting by Rene Magritte which exactly portrays this symbol.

LI 22°-23° (I Ching) PREPONDERANCE OF THE SMALL: W.62, Line 5

Thunder in the mountains is more ominous and threatening than thun­der elsewhere. In such a situation one must rely on basic duty. Line 5: Dense clouds, No rain from our western territory. The prince shoots

and hits him who is in the cave. LI  22°-23° (Alexandrinus) £ Mercury Mercury’s degree will add restlessness and impulsive ideas to the mothers

Martian forces and desires..

Mother’s Venus 15°03 Cancer

CA 16° (Sepharial) A man like a Hercules or Samson standing over a slain lion. It indicates a person of much tenacity and  strength of purpose; who by dint of extreme power, whether  physical or mental, will overcome his greatest and most terrible enemies. The native will have much to contend with  in life, and will encounter many dan­gers; but, as indicated, will finally overcome them. Together with this native strength, there may be blended a softness and gentleness of manner, which may induce others to attempt an advantage over him;  but those Philistines who may have this Samson out (shorn and eyeless though he be) to make sport with him will rue the day. It is a degree of CONQUEST.

CA 16°(Alan Leo) Designing nature, apt in executing plans: exceptional parentage, fame through marriage,

CA 16° (Chandra) A SKULL CARVED OUT OF QUARTZ CRYSTAL.  Craftsmanship. Clear thinking. Crystallized attitude. To allow light into one’s mind.

CA  15°-16° (I Ching) THE CALDRON (Ting): W.50, Line 4 … here wood serves as nourishment for the flame. All that is visible must grow beyond itself & extend into the realm of the invisible. …. the ting serves in offering sacrifice to God. Humility brings great success. …Fire over wood …the superior man consolidates his fate by making his position correct. The fate of fire depends upon wood; as long as there is wood below, the fire burns above. The same in human life…. There is in man a fate that lends power  to his life. If he succeeds in assigning the right place to life and to fate, thus bringing them into harmony, he puts fate on a firm footing. Line 4: The legs of the ting are broken. The princes meal is spilled and his person soiled. Misfortune. Confucius says about this line, “Weak character coupled with honoured place, meagre knowledge with large plans, limited powers with heavy responsibility, will sel­dom escape disaster.”

CA 15°-16° (Alexandrinus) § Saturn Venus occupying a degree ruled by Saturn does not make her a happy camper. Self worth and satisfaction would be diminished.

Mother’s IC 11°59 Aquarius

AQ 12° (Charubel) A sexton digging a grave. A secretive, unsympathetic per­son, who takes pleasure in others’ misery

AQ 12° (Sepharial) A lion raging against the bars of its cage. This symbol imports a nature of considerable native strength and dignity, yet unfor­tunate and in danger of being carried  away by his passions and love of freedom. Hard though it  may be to force his spirit into submission it will be well with  him should he early learn that his compeers and supe­riors are  equally jealous as himself of their rights and privileges. At  some time in his life he will be the victim of a nature superior  to his own and will suffer restraint and curtailment of liberty thereby. Let him adapt himself to his environment. His will else be the hard fate of those who are born of free spirit into the bonds of necessity. It is a degree of RESTRAINT

AQ 12 (Chandra) A HEATED ARGUMENT TURNS INTO LAUGHTER. Release of tension through the giving up of one’s personal bias.

AQ 12° (Alexandrinus) ¤ Venus:  The mother is motivated (IC) by obtaining appreciation ( c) for her ideas.

Mother’s Neptune 11°14 Libra & Composite Sun 11°37 Libra

LI 12°(Alan Leo) A gentle and retiring nature, full of sympathy: confinement through ill-health.

LI 12° (Sepharial) A fair woman looking at her face in a hand-glass. It denotes a person of a frivolous and lighthearted disposition, improvident and foolish, neither regarding the future or profiting by the past: laughing in the face of fate, and  closing the eyes to experience: self-centred and worldly. The  native will come by much misfortune, but will flaunt his colours to the end of a foolish career. It is a degree of FOOLISHNESS.

LI 12° (Charubel) A man with a bow in his hand; but he has no arrow. A per­son of splendid parts and excellent abilities, but who is ever unfortunate in being deprived of the means of effecting his purpose. When an op­portunity presents itself, he finds himself unable to turn it to advantage.

LI 12 (Chandra) THE BURNING OF A BOUGH  OF SAGE. Dispelling of negativity by focusing on enthusiasm. Creation of a warm,  positive atmosphere. American Indians burn sage to rid environments of evil spirits.

LI 11°-12° (I Ching) INFLUENCE, WOOING: W.31, Line 6 Line 6: “The influence shows itself in the calves of the legs. Misfortune. …… one should wait quietly until one is impelled to action by a real influence. Then one remains uninjured. LI 11°-12° (Alexandrinus) ¦ Jupiter The mother’s Neptune in this degree could distort or confuse Jupiter’s inherent wisdom. It could in fact magnify or increase her illusions. The composite Sun in this degree reinforces the need for and impor­tance of understanding and tolerance in the relationship.

MURDERED DAUGHTER, The eldest girl. Born: November 15, 1972, 8:49 PM, EST, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

Daughter’s Sun 22°48 Scorpio

SC 23° (Chandra) A COLLECTION OF DOLLS. Delight in personality differences.  Possessiveness of other people. The study of human types.


… the gathering together of people …. natural and successful. The family gathers about the father as its head. The perpetuation of this gathering in groups is achieved through the sacrifice to the ances­tors…. the superior man renews his weapons in order to meet the unforeseen. Human woes usually come as a result of unexpected events against which we are not forearmed. If we are prepared they can be prevented.

SC  22°-23° (Alexandrinus) ¢ Sun With the daughter’s natal Sun in a Solar degree it adds power and implies a great need to be creative and have fun. Perhaps this might even increase a certain amount of arrogance. She could stand up to and challenge authority.

Daughter’s Moon 03°13 Pisces

PI 04° (Sepharial) A trilithon consisting of two strong pillars of stone with a horizontal thwart of the same material. Within the trilithon is a strong iron gate. This is the index of one whose  nature is set about with the security which arises from a  prudent and cautious nature, a high order of intelligence and  a strong stability of character. He will prove to be a haven  of refuge for the weak and helpless and a pro­tection to all who stand in need of a friend. Within his gate there is peace and security, rest and satisfaction. He will successfully with­stand the assaults of his enemies, and although it will be  at all times difficult to get at the inward nature and motive  of his life, yet to those who are admitted to his confidence he will justify his reti­cence, his retirement and his independence of action. Justice and self-restraint will be the keynotes of his nature. It is a degree of DEFENCE.

PI 04° (Charubel) A Man holding the end of a rope in his hand, the other end out of sight in the heavens. Denotes one who will  betimes de­velop a very peculiar psychological power, which will place him or her in the condition to procure esoteric truth at will consciously. This belongs to a class of mediumship of a very high order.

PI 04° (Chandra) MUSHROOMS SPRINGING UP EVERYWHERE  Im­mediate response to favorable conditions. Uncontrolled growth. Progress in many directions with no central objective. 

PI 03°-04° (I Ching) THE FAMILY,THE CLAN: W.37, Line 3 … represents the laws within the family…. The family…the persever­ance of a woman furthers. … when the family is in order all the social relationships of mankind will be in order… Line 3: When tempers flare up in the family, too great a severity brings remorse…..

PI 03°-04° (Alexandrinus) ¤ Venus With the Moon here in a Venus degree, the daughter would need to be loved, and might be slightly over-indulgent. (Remember the mother’s Venus in Saturn degree). She might even be quite seduc­tive.

Daughter’s Mars 29°26 Libra

LI 30° (Sepharial) A man sleeping upon a bundle of clothes. Over him hovers a vulture, while upon one side of him is a serpent ready to strike and on the other a leopard in the act of springing. It indicates a na­ture that is careless and imprudent; one who  is foolishly oblivious to his environment, believing himself secure while yet he is sur­rounded by dangers, and given over to self-indulgence and untimely pleasures which will render  him subject to misfortune and violence. It is a degree of INDIFFERENCE.

LI 30° (Charubel) A raven standing on a stone. Denotes individuality, mo­roseness; a person avaricious, destructive, or revengeful; secretive; a recluse; a misanthrope.

LI 30°  (Chandra) A BLACK ROOSTER.  Pride in one’s difference. Trans­formation of ego. Aggressive yet nonthreatening self-affirmation. Roosters=Sun.

LI  30° (I Ching) DEVELOPMENT, GRADUAL PROGRESS: W.53,Line 6 Line 6: “The wild goose gradually draws near the cloud heights. Its feathers can be used for the sacred dance. Good fortune. … Here life comes to its end. A  man’s work stands completed. The path rises high toward heaven, like the flight of wild geese when they have left the earth far behind.”

LI  29°-30° (Alexandrinus) £ Mercury Here the daughter’s Mars activates a Mercury degree, implying a capacity to force issues and  ideas, perhaps even a knack for arguing and for sarcasm.

Daughter’s Asc 29°26 Cancer

CA 30° (Sepharial) A young horse running across a field with a leading cord in trail it lifts its head against the breeze and sniffs the air. It denotes a person of much intelligence, ardent  spirits, somewhat wil-ful and daring nature; having a great  love of freedom, contempt for public opinion, and much self-reliance. The mind is quick and alert, but somewhat untameable and wilful, and the emotions are apt to run away with the reason. There is, however, a good deal of intuitive  judgment in the native, and this degree gives a keen sense of justice, a warm passional nature, strong will, little self-restraint and much insight into human character. It is a degree of FREEDOM.

CA 30°(Alan Leo) Profound and silent nature: difficulties through long journeys.

CA 30° (Chandra) WILD GRAPES GROWING EVERYWHERE. Ability to find sustenance in any and all situations. Drunk with experience.  Grapes are associated with the Greek God Dionysius.

CA  29°-30° (I Ching) GENTLE, PENETRATING, WIND: W.57, Line 6 Line 6: “Penetration under the bed. He loses his property and his ax. Perseverance brings misfortune. … A man’s understanding is suffi­ciently penetrating. He follows up injurious influences into the most secret corners. But he no longer has the strength to combat them decisively. Any attempt to penetrate into the personal domain of darkness would only bring harm.”

CA  29°-30° (Alexandrinus) § Saturn The daughter’s personal image and ability to project would be im­peded or inhibited by its position in a Saturn degree. It might also bring a very close identification to her father.

Daughter’s IC 10°27 Libra

LI 11° (Muir) Patient and sympathetic, loving justice and working for it, which excites opposition and secret enmity.

LI 11° (Sepharial) A centaur-half man, half horse armed with bow and arrow. It denotes a person of a subtle and changeful  nature, capable of simulating the virtues and vices of others  from motives of diplo­macy. The native will be alternately impelled to paths of high en­deavour and to those of debasing instinct. The father of the native will die early or will be  unknown to him. It is a degree of ALTER­NATION.

LI 11°  (Chandra) TEA LEAVES THAT FORM A PENTAGRAM. Per­ception of meaning in the seeming randomness of life. Realization of the vitality of spontaneity. The pentagram is a symbol of health, life and vitality. 

LI 10°-11° (I Ching) INFLUENCE, WOOING: W.31, Line 5 Line 5: “Influence shows itself in the back of the neck. No remorse.”

LI  10°-11° (Alexandrinus) § Saturn Here again the Daughter’s IC in Libra implies a need for apprecia­tion, someone motivated by being liked. With Saturn’s rulership of this degree, her innermost motives and home life could be restricted. Her mother could be too severe!

Daughter’s MC 10°27 Aries

AR 11°(Sepharial) A woman of beautiful and kind countenance, standing alone, and but half covered with a robe which falls from the left shoulder. It indicates a soft, gentle and amiable  disposition; ad­dicted to acts of kindness and charity; but of weak will, such as to be led astray through a desire to please others; forgetful of self and liable to acts of indiscretion. This is a degree of BEAUTY AND GENTLENESS.

AR 11° (Chandra) SUNLIGHT ILLUMINATING DUST IN THE AIR. Revealing of things usually hidden. Complete scattering of focus.

AR 10°-11° (I Ching) DECREASE: W.41, Line 5 “…What is below is decreased in favour of what is above. … de­crease combined with sincerity brings about supreme good fortune…. without blame… how is this to be carried out? … one may use two small bowls for the sacrifice. …what matters here is to understand the time and not try to cover up poverty with empty pretence…. Thus the superior man controls his anger and restrains his instincts. .. The lake is the symbol of unchecked gaiety that can develop into pas­sionate drives at the expense of the life forces.”

AR  10°-11° (Alexandrinus) £ Mercury The Aries Midheaven in a Mercury degree could lead to arguments over her father’s role in her life. It could increase a tendency to fight authority…. to speak when she should not.

Daughter’s Neptune 04°32 Sagittarius

SA 05° (Sepharial) A man of middle age watching over a cradle. It is the index of a nature that is given to repining and solitude yet bound by ties of kinship or love to those who are either  enfeebled or bereft of health and fortune. In this character there is a melancholy resignation to the decrees of destiny, and  an uncomplaining submission to the wrongs of this world. Himself a sufferer in silence, he will be little able to help in removing the load of care from the brows of others, yet his  fidelity and natural sympathy will prevent him from desert­ing them altogether. Such a person will suffer severe bereavements and sorrows. It is a degree of REPINING.

SA 05° (Chandra) THREE WOMEN MATERIALIZING OUT OF A FOG. Understanding the symbology of one’s imagination. Ability to concretize the intuition. Reminiscent of the three Fates. Also in the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker there are three female vampires who materialize out of a fog. Fog=Neptune.

SA 04°-05° (Alexandrinus) £ Mercury She could do a lot of thinking about whoever and whatever is not there. She could easily escape into her own mind. This could cause a questionable sense of honesty.

Daughter’s Pluto 03°40 Libra

LI 04° (Muir) One who is self-centred yet desiring love and comradeship. He attracts those who  cause suffering until he realises the purpose of life.

LI 04° (Sepharial) A man with a broken plough standing in an open field. It indicates a person of fair abilities, but one who will suffer from lack of opportunity in life. He will be debarred from reaping the fruits due to him by reason of misfortune  and hindrance in the early stages of his worldly career. He will more than once lose his office, and will be reduced to the necessity of menial work. His life will be difficult and  troublesome. He will have a taste for farming or for cultivation in some form. It is a degree of PRIVATION.

LI 04° (Charubel) A man with a knife in his hand. Denotes one having great dexterity in the use of edged tools. He is capable of great achieve­ments as an artist or engraver as well as in the more humble depart­ments, such as carving, etc. As a surgeon he would excel.

LI 04°  (Chandra) A WOMAN BITES INTO A LEMON AND MAKES A FACE.  Direct reaction. Irrepressible responsiveness. Being strong willed without misusing one’s will force.

LI  03°-04° (I Ching) RETREAT: W.33, Line 4 Conditions are such that the hostile forces favoured by the time are advancing…. retreat is the right course… prepare for provisional re­treat instead of being drawn into  a desperate life and death struggle.  Line 4: “Voluntary retreat brings good fortune to the superior man and downfall to the inferior man.

LI  03°-04° (Alexandrinus) § Saturn Confrontations and power struggles over authority and about the father. Perhaps danger through authority. (A good argument in fa­vour of Children’s  Aid or the need for foster homes.)

Mother Murderer & Murdered Daughter Composite Chart

THE COMPOSITE CHART: It represents the energies of the two people whenever they come together. It is calculated by taking the mid­point of each planet in one chart to the corresponding planet in the other chart. It reveals the challenges and circumstances of the relationship, in this case between mother and daughter. The concept of composite charts and the subsequent degree meanings opens up a fascinating new use of degree symbolism. Having the charts and times of both the murderer and one of her victims allows us a real opportunity to test the validity of com­posite charts.

Composite Sun 11°37 Libra: (See mother’s Neptune!)

Composite Moon 23°31 Pisces 

PI 24° (Sepharial) A woman reclining upon a couch, scantily attired. It is the index of a mind given to the ease and  luxury of life, the soft effeminate pleasures of the senses. Such an one will eat the lotus and make chains of flowers  more difficult to break than the strong­est bonds of steel.  Such an one will dream while others work, and drift upon  the river of life while others ply their oars and brace themselves to nervous effort. The opiate fails, the soul is sick with its satiety, and the sleeper awakes from nerveless  indolence to a life of dull ineptitude, futile regret and self-condemnation. It is a degree of SENSUALITY.

PI 24° (Chandra) A SPRING FESTIVAL. THE PARTICIPANTS ARE IN A STATE OF ECSTATIC FRENZY. Ability to allow oneself to be infected by the joyous aspect of nature.

PI 23°-24° (I Ching) REVOLUTION, MOLTING: W.49, Line 1 “Combat between the forces of light and the forces of darkness brings about the revolution of the seasons…. here the influences are in actual conflict and combat each other like fire and water, each trying to destroy the other. Hence the idea of revolution.

PI 23°-24° (Alexandrinus) ¢ Sun Shared feelings would be emphasized and made more important by the Sun’s rulership of this degree.

Composite IC 11°13 Sagittarius

SA 12° (Muir) Easily swayed through his sympathies but fearful when sick. Health must receive first consideration. SA 12°(Alan Leo) Sensitive and somewhat restless, compassionate: inva­lids in the home.

SA 12° (Chandra) ICICLES MELTING. Gentle and gradual release of pent up emotions. Slow,  steady dissipation of energy. 

SA 11°-12° (I Ching) CONTEMPLATION, VIEW: W.20, Line 1

SA 11°-12° (Alexandrinus) £ Mercury The tendency would be to travel to find security. Perhaps motivated by mutually expressing (b) what is right or wrong, or a tendency to morally assess the role of mother.

Composite Mars 26°11 Libra

LI 27° (Charubel) A rhinoceros. Denotes strength of body, calm courage; one who can stand unmoved on the battle-field  simply because he is incapable of fear, or of realising danger.  Such an one has but one object at a time, that absorbs him.

LI 27° (Chandra) A BLACK LEOPARD BENEATH A FULL MOON. A calm yet unrepressed response to emotional intensity. Acknowledge­ment of the power of subconscious desires.

LI 27°(I Ching) DEVELOPMENT, GRADUAL PROGRESS: W.53, Line 3 Line 3: “The wild goose gradually draws near the plateau. The man goes forth and does not return. The woman carries a child but does not bring it forth. Misfortune. It furthers one to fight off robbers.” The high plateau is dry and unsuitable for the wild goose. If it goes there, it has lost its way and gone too far. This is contrary to the law of development. It is the same in human life. If we do not let things develop quietly but plunge in of our own choice too rashly into a struggle, misfortune results. A man jeapardizes his own life, and his family perishes thereby. However this is not necessary; it is only the result of transgressing the law of natural development. If one does not wilfully provoke a conflict, but confines himself to vigorously main­taining his own position and to warding off unjustified attacks, all goes well.”

LI 26°-27° (Alexandrinus) ¥  Mars Mars in a Mars degree. This adds heat to the fire, and anger to im­pulse. Even with Mars in Libra, there is a hint here that actions could get out of hand and things could get pushed too far.

Composite Mercury 27°05 Libra

LI 28° (Sepharial) An ass tethered to the shaft of a grinding mill. It indicates a nature that is inured to arduous and homely work; one who will pursue the beaten track of an unambitious  life with but slight regard to his own limitations and still less  to the wider projects and life of others. It is a degree of SERVITUDE.

LI 28° (Charubel) A man with a crown on his head and a spear in his hand. Denotes dignity, valour, and humanity combined.

LI 28°  (Chandra) A SINGLE WHITE SWAN SWIMMING THROUGH GREY MIST. Maintaining grace and calm even in the midst of con­fusion and uncertainty. Maintaining an unruffled outer appearance as a substitute for dealing with reality. . Mist=Neptune.

LI  28°(I Ching) DEVELOPMENT, GRADUAL PROGRESS:W.53,Line 4 Line 3: “The wild goose draws near the tree. Perhaps it will find a flat branch. No blame.” “A man’s life too, in the course of its development, often brings him into inappropriate situations, in which he finds it difficult to hold his own without danger. Then it is important to be sensible and yield­ing.”

LI  27°-28° (Alexandrinus) ¢ Sun Mutual communication is emphasized by this Solar degree. Who is leading. Who’s ideas are best?

Composite Asc 08°00’01” Virgo

VI 09° (Sepharial) A stagnant pool filled with weeds and rank verdure. It denotes a person of an indolent and wasteful character, prone to let duties slide and to procrastinate with  fortune .It further indicates that the native will form an  alliance with a female which will be to his detriment. In general, the native will be unfortunate, his mar­riage especially so. It is a degree of STAGNATION.

VI 08°-09° (I Ching) DISPERSION, DISSOLUTION: W.59, Line 6 Line 6: “He dissolves his blood. Departing, keeping at a distance, going out, is without blame.” “The idea of dissolving a man’s blood , means the dispersion of that which might lead to bloodshed and wounds, i.e., avoidance of dan­ger. But here the thought is not that a man avoids difficulties for himself alone, but rather that he rescues his kin — helps them to get away before danger comes, or to keep at a distance from an ex­isting danger, or to find a way out of danger that is already upon them. In this way he does what is right.”

VI 08°-09° (Alexandrinus) ¡  Moon The Ascendant in a Lunar degree places a very strong emphasis on motherhood, nutrition, and security. The family is important. Both good and bad feelings would be easily picked up.

Composite Pluto 09°22 Virgo

VI 10° (Charubel) The Mundane Cross,  t A student of Nature’s mysteries

– a lover of the sublime – an author, or revealer of the strange and the curious.

VI 10° (Sepharial) A bag of money upon a table, near to which stands a dark woman masked. It denotes a person of a fortunate nature, who will attract both friends and money. The  latter will come to his hands as birds to the net of the snarer,  But, see ! he will not know how to use it, and it will become a  source of danger to him through the machinations of a  woman. In character, the native will be socia­ble and generous: weak-willed, but highly industrious and fortunate. Apt in business, but with small knowledge of the deeper  levels of human cupidity and passion, hence liable to be  victimised. It is a degree of SEDUCTIVE FORTUNE.

VI 10° (Chandra) A PIN CUSHION. Ability to arrange things in a useful and/or practical manner. Quibbling over details.

VI 09°-10° (I Ching) DISPERSION, DISSOLUTION: W.59, Line 3 Line 3: “He dissolves himself. No remorse.” 

VI 09°-10° (Alexandrinus) § Saturn Again a confrontation or power struggle over authority and father is implied. Rules and regulations might have to be fought.

Composite Venus 01°43 Virgo

VI 02° (Charubel) A man peeping around a corner at a company of armed men, who are in the act of reconnoitring. Denotes a strategist; one well adapted for the army; or might succeed  in almost any other department. In the meantime such proclivities might appear, at times, anything but enviable.

VI 02° (Sepharial) A solitary rock jutting up from a waste of sand. It indi­cates one of much fixity, steadiness and gravity of character; in­clined to agnosticism or atheism. Cold, mathematical, hard, and very just in his methods of thought, but  lacking those emotional qualities which make of life something more vital than a problematical the­ory. The native is somewhat indolent and wanting in direction and purpose; but there is a great power of resistance and endurance. The fortunes of the native will be poor, partly due to lack of executive ability on the side of the native, and partly to the  conditions of birth and environment. A degree of POVERTY

VI 02° (Alan Leo) Shrewd and penetrating, a delver into mysteries, literary tastes: treachery among brethren.

VI 02° (Chandra) A MAN HANGING UPSIDE DOWN FROM A TREE. Seeing things from another angle. Misapprehension of situations. Devo­tion. Reminiscent of Arcanum 12 in the Tarot, called “The Martyr,” or ‘The Hanged Man.” This Arcanum is ruled by Pisces.

VI 01°-02° (I Ching) DELIVERANCE: W.40, Line 5 “Thunder and rain set in. The image of deliverance. Thus the superior man pardons mistakes and forgives misdeeds.”

VI 01°-02° (Alexandrinus) ¡  Moon Here again the mutual sense of love and self worth would be influenced by security, mother, the family, and nutrition. And with both natal Moons being severely afflicted, problems over love and money are implied.

Mother Murderer & Murdered Daughter Composite Midoint Sort