The Astrological Mystery of Christmas

The Astrological Mystery of Christmas, By Robin Armstrong

The winter solstice marks the moment of greatest darkness in the year; the shortest day; the moment when the Sun is at its furthest point south as we observe it in the sky. This moment of greatest darkness is the most mystical moment in the year. Because of the small amount of daylight, there is a corresponding decrease in the amount of individual activity. There is an increase in group or family activity. We see it as very difficult to be alone on or around Christmas, and we develop a significant sense of sharing and goodwill towards others. This is a time when we wish for love and peace in the world and feel most sensitive towards those that are less fortunate than ourselves.

            The winter solstice refers to the 365th day of the year, or the most special day of the year (Astrologically the year starts on the winter solstice.). This is the day of greatest stillness and quiet. It is the day when we can be open to the greatest degree of understanding and receptivity.

As with all things there are two extremes at work here. It is the time of greatest darkness and the beginning of winter, hence the time of greatest natural depression with the least amount of hope if one only looks to the phenomenal world. However, at this very same moment, when things are at their darkest, if one chooses to look within for understanding, a vast depth unfolds. This looking within represents the first essential step on the spiritual path. Look within. It does require one to still the senses and ones desires. The bleakness of winter and its seeming hopelessness forces us to look for answers within. The process takes three days. These are the three days for wise men (& women). Listen well to what the spirit within has to say, for the time will come when you will act upon your understanding.

The three days including the winter solstice and those following it are the three darkest days. It looks like the sun has set in the southern regions without any sign of movement back to the north. The point on the horizon where the Sun rises and sets is literally stationary and at its furthest point south. After three days one can visually observe that the rising and setting points of the Sun are beginning to move North again. The observation of this momentum brings with it the promise of spring to come, when the light force will be resurrected from its wintry grave to dance on the face of the earth in full glory.            

The story of the birth of Christ symbolizes the birth of hope in the light within each of us, to become born into the world across the year. Is this not the purpose of life? To listen to the light within and to resurrect it into the world around us. Can there be any greater gift?            

Remember that “Wise men follow the stars!” has very deep implications. To overcome the fears of darkness, trust the light within. May you have a Divine Silent Night