2023-01-21  Leo New Moon – Southern Hemisphere

Editor: Robin Armstrong


Leo New Moon

Southern Hemisphere

The New Moon

When your feelings about the past, memories, and your sense of security

conjunct or meet up with

Your confidence,  purposefulness, and your hopes for the future

A profound impression is made.

A note on the harp of the soul.

A seed moment in celestial manifestation.

The Horoscope for the New Moon is for the exact moment of the New Moon.

There are no houses in this chart because the Moon is in all 12 houses at the same time when viewed globally. So this is the true New Moon chart for anywhere on earth. You can add the houses to it according to where you live.

Most computer printouts will draw the horoscope with the houses as appropriate for where you are on the planet. This was not done here in order to focus on things valid for everyone on the planet.

New Moons are the peak  points of subjective impressionability in the month.

Receptivity to core insights and to God, are accentuated.

Chanting (or even drumming) on a New Moon will give an extra vitality to your efforts over the following month,

until the next New Moon.

A holy  environment and spiritual companions are a great blessing.

The New Moon accumulates and reflects on all of the experiences of the past month. On the New Moon the conglomerate of experiences past, creates a high tide of intuitive impressions. At the moment the Moon meets the Sun, light is  shone on these impressions creating a new sense of purpose. It is the Sun than effects the Moon.

From our worldly consciousness we cannot see the combination or aggregate of memories, but we can certainly feel it.

Unfortunately our habit patterns are too gross or physical to allow us to attune to this phenomenon consciously, but we certainly can feel it.

Only the initiate or one established in spiritual disciplines can clearly witness the New Moon within.

For A Deeper Understanding of Southern Hemisphere Horoscopes,

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Zodiac Pattern Types


All the planets on one side of a chart, within an opposition. One half to almost two thirds of the chart is empty.

The Bowl Type has a deep sense of being separated from one half of existence. Half seems to be with you and the other half not. Because this pattern is based on the op­position there is an inherent awareness of duality. You will embrace your concerns strongly. You will also be powerfully aware of what does not concern you. You clearly see who you are, and who you are not! You tend to champion causes and will usually go out of your way to give to others on one level or another. Your sensitivity to duality will find you questioning the purpose of existence.



45° – 0°, 3 1/2 to 0 days before the New Moon.

            This is the last phase of the lunar cycle before the new moon. It is often called the balsamic moon phase and it lasts for three and one half days from the crescent to the new moon. The light finally disappears into the mystery of silence and darkness. Completion becomes important. Your own projections seem to disappear in the vastness of all that is happening around you.

            You are searching for something new but are unsure of how to end the old attachments. Your awareness of others begins to lose relevance as you approach renewal. Try to understand what needs to be left behind. This should be a daily meditation. You have the uncanny ability to know when anything is ending or about to fall apart. Unfortunately it is not usually wise to tell others about it. They would probably consider you to be too negative. You need to learn why things come to an end. It is important for you to mind your own business or you will keep seeing everything that is going to collapse on everyone. Learn to look within for the new vision. Trust silence. Take steps to move towards your vision. Be very selective. Listen and wait.

            Often people will not appreciate you until you have gone. Try to insure that your influence is a positive one. Watch what you say. Often you will seem overwhelmed by useless or futile commitments. Do not try to save face. Be honest and let go.

            The quality of ending will directly effect the nature of the new beginning just about to come. So be wise. No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. It may not make sense to others but if you trust your conscience, you will see the way. Hold on to your principles. Do not make promises that you cannot keep, especially long term promises.

            You have the tendency to lose yourself in others only to be left very insecure when they do not have the answers. You want to become completely involved with someone. You will constantly search for or wonder about the ultimate love of your life. Often you will feel that what you have is not enough, and then you will wonder why you bother to stay within it.

            You are looking for completion and fulfillment and are not likely to embrace freedom comfortably. You want to burn your past for future goals. It is amazing though how long you can procrastinate and wait. You want to help but often do not know what to do. You will probably not bother until somebody else cares.

            A little encouragement can have profound effects. To attract positive feedback you must be positive towards others. If you must end a situation, it is important for the reason to be correct, otherwise your problems will reoccur in the new arena.


O°- 45°, 0 to 3 1/2 days after the New Moon.

This is the beginning of the lunar cycle and lasts for three and one half days. The light is emerging gently. From the depths of the darkest moment up to the first slim crescent of light, and a little farther until the crescent is smiling brightly.

            This is a highly intuitive time filled with deep impressions and new beginnings. This is a time of seed moments and powerful insights. There is a predominant undercurrent of anxious anticipation. A new moon cycle is born.

            Born under this phase you need to feel that your life is just beginning to open up. The challenge is subjective: are you prepared to advance your own cause? You should readily adjust your lifestyle to support any new sense of direction that you feel is emerging within you. You will be constantly having to make new starts in life. You will be sensitive to new beginnings and uncertain about your present surroundings. You are inclined to leave old attachments and memories behind. You want to move forward towards your goals and will be frustrated by any setbacks.

            When you begin a project it is important to advance with care and gentleness. Make sure that you nurture and protect the germinating seed; ie. the new you. It is usually easier for you to do things than to talk about them. Remember that you do not have to achieve everything right away, but it is important for you to feel that you are advancing toward your goals.

            You are the kind of person who plants ideas in the minds of others. You will reach out and impress others subtly. You will always be able to sense the new path that should be taken. As long as you are moving along this path you will feel relatively secure. Worries and problems will surface when you crystallize or stop growing. Do not look back or hold on to the past. Nurture the light within. Protect your own development and do not throw your good ideas out to fools who will not appreciate them. Neither should you follow the dreams of others. Trust your own inner sense of direction. Whenever you can make the effort to be creative, you should. Do not try to explain the process, just do it! Consistent effort will accumulate. Reach out. Rely on your instincts. Grow. Break out of old patterns. Move on. Move on. New beginnings always seem small against the vastness of life around you, none-the-less every journey starts with one small step. Try to find friends who will support and acknowledge your efforts. Always be cautious about what you say. Words can come back to haunt you.

            You will always be trying to start something. Make certain that you take time to water the flowers and plants in your garden of hopes and dreams. The end does not always justify the means so make your daily life creative. Take time to smell the flowers along your path. You will be able to draw encouragement and inspiration by listening to birds singing.

DAYLIGHT IS DECREASING     =          Momentum towards responsibility

MORE DAYLIGHT THAN DARKNESS  =  Individuality predominates

FIXED                                      =       Resists change, determined, (stubborn)

FIRE                                         =       Needs to burn energy, enthusiastic, proud.

MASCULINE                          =       Projective

RULED BY                              =       SUN: Creative confidence, self-esteem, sense of purpose.

KEYNOTE:                             =       “I will”

PART OF BODY                    =       Heart,  spinal column,  marrow, and spinal cord.

COLOUR                                 =       Yellow.

GEMS                                       =       Ruby, (diamond), hyacinth, carbuncle, and cat’s eye.

METALS                                 =       Gold

HERBS                                     =       Sunflowers, chamomile, marigold, saffron, cinnamon,

                                                            bay tree, rue, mistletoe, and St John’s wort.

Some Leo Considerations:

Leo is a fixed sign. It is where Cardinal and Mutable energies meet (at 15º Leo).

The first half of Leo is Cardinal or assertive and driving. There is a tendency to make things happen and to get attention.

The second half of Leo is Mutable and will be inclined to adapt or adjust their perception rather than push forward. Cardinal is assertive. Mutable is perceptive. Leos have one foot on Cardinal ground and the other foot on Mutable ground.

Ruled by the Sun, Leos are willful and proud.

They are inclined to lead or be best at what they do.

The first half of Leo is affected by the Moon and will act on their feelings and instincts.

The second half of Leo is influenced by Mercury. They will have to learn to adjust their ideas about themselves and others.

It is the middle of Summer. It is warm but getting cooler.

The darkness is increasing. Every action will have repercussions and will affect others. Responsibilities are increasing. One wants to do as much as one can before the colder days arrive. Daylight is still greater than darkness and Leos will do their own thing as long as they can. They like to play and lead and win! There is a need to be proud of oneself and to maintain a high sense of self-esteem.

In Leo two trigrams meet at the fifteen degree point. They are The Gentle, the Penetrating, Wind and Wood; and The Abysmal, Water. Leos have the ability to penetrate to the centre of any group or situation, and they also are vulnerable to the dangers of delusions of grandeur.

Two of the Eightfold Paths meet in Leo.

They are Right Concentration and Right Mindfulness.

If one is too focused on oneself, one will be a hindrance rather than a help.

If one is not alert to one’s effect on others, great errors can be made.

How can one be properly aligned and champion the right cause?

On what does worthiness and nobility depend?


Pentans are five degree divisions of the Zodiac in which the zodiac repeats itself creating a sub-level  of meaning. Sub-pentans divide each 10 degrees of the zodiac into 12 sub-sub-signs adding a third level of meaning. The Zodiac sign is the Main Theme, The Pentan is the Special Focus and the Sub-Pentan is the Intimate Detail.

To Understand Pentans watch this video: (Click on the title Pentans)

Zodiac Faces

Today we see

the Face of Extravagance

Aries:   Money will burn a hole in your pocket today. Your lack of patience could prove costly. When you are living in the moment and trying to be best, any expense will seem justified.

Taurus: Extravagance will rule your day. If anything stands out spectacularly you will want it. You are inclined to flaunt what you have and to come across as gaudy and decadent.

Gemini: It won’t take much to get you going today. High energy and enthusiasm abounds. Money is being thrown around. Choose well what you want to do. Initiate conversations.

Cancer: Haste makes waste. You should not follow your impulses today. Do not buy things because of stress or tension. This is not a good day for you to be extravagant. Be content with what you have.

Leo: There’s fool’s gold in them there hills! Confidence and vanity will go hand in hand today. You will see what you want to see and you will hear what you want to hear.

Virgo: Those who rush will make mistakes. Quality is usually worth waiting for. Show your appreciation. Smile! You will attract what you want without resorting to extravagance.

Libra: Keeping up with the Jones’s will prove costly today. Your need to impress others will drive you to extravagance. The more your spend, the less likely you are to be satisfied.

Scorpio: You can’t always get what you want, but you get what you need. A fool and his or her money are soon parted. Remember all that glitters is not gold. In fact the more showy something is the less valuable it will be.

Sagittarius: When you are on a roll who cares about the cost? Increasing adrenaline will encourage extravagance. This will be a good day to travel or put out energy, but a difficult one to collect rewards.

Capricorn: Today you will benefit from the extravagance of others. Let the aggressive ones take the lead. Be content to hold back and wait for what you want. Quality should prevail over quantity.

Aquarius: Don’t try to buy affections today. You will not get what you want. You are inclined to over spend for all the wrong reasons. Do not trust your impulses. Pride goes before a fall.

Pisces: This will be a highly competitive day. If you try to impress others it will lead to unworthy extravagance. Do not go where you are not wanted. Align with those that appreciate you.

Hexagram Degrees

1 leo 33

Main Theme:

LEO  01°-02° (IC)  THE WELL:W.48, Line 2: Active.

…………… Special Focus:

…………… 01° 30’-01° 40’ Leo (Ar  IC-lvl2)  DECREASE: W.41, Line 4: Yielding.

……………….. Intimate Detail:

……………….. 01° 31’ 40”-01° 33’ 20” Leo (Ta IC-lvl3)  WAITING (FOR NOURISHMENT): W.5, Line 5: Projective.

Main Theme

48. THE WELL (Alternative Name: Heartfelt Expression)


Zodiac:……….00° – 06° Leo

Calendar:……..Northern Hemisphere: Jul 23 to Jul 29 approx

……………….Southern Hemisphere: Jan 21 to Jan 26 approx

House 8:……..150° – 144° setting to IC

Time of day:…02:00 to 02:24 PM (Local Mean Time or Sun Dial time)

Aspect:………..150° – 144° Waning (Inconjunct – separating)

Moon Phase:.. Waning Full Moon Phase (180° – 135°)

……………………(0 to 3½ days after the Full Moon).


The abyss above, wood below.

Deep water, penetrating wood.

The water is there but the roots may not reach it.

The well is there but it is not in good order.

It will be difficult to drink.

Danger without, gentleness within.

There is work to be done.

Criticism will not help!


To penetrate the depths,

To find light in the darkness,

And to bring joy to the world.

If you want to teach, positive content is important.

Maintenance of the vehicle is critical.

To be discriminating will ensure good fortune.

Set a good example.

If the body gets sick, who will follow it?

Good water, good life!


Difficulties without, sensitivities within.

There are problems to be solved.

Words of caution will not suffice.

Talk is cheap.

What is needed can be seen.

To help others furthers.

To help oneself will draw criticism.

The best leaders walk in the rear.

In this way dangers can be seen

And the vulnerable can be helped.

To be content with one’s own self worth,

One must have the welfare of others in one’s heart

And act accordingly.


The first daughter to the second son.

She is sensitive to his problems.

She will offer advice. He will listen.

She penetrates. He withdraws.

She will express what is needed.

He will help if he has to.

The gentler she is, the more helpful he will be.

She is perceptive. He is critical.

She will be persuasive. He will be discriminating.

She knows the seeds of responsibility.

He feels the weight of obligation.

She will express herself.

He will reflect and analyze the implications.

He assumes there will be opposition.

She will try to persuade him of the benefits.


00-06 LE: 48. The Well

If one places one’s own self importance

Over the needs of others,

And rushes forward,

There will be humiliation.

To reap rewards, one must approach patiently

And give preference to the difficulties of others.

True leaders will take care of themselves last.


Nine in the second place: (01° – 02° Leo)

You can’t always get what you want.

Opposition creates growth.

It is easy to misuse force.

One who is not considerate will not succeed.

…..The second place: 01° – 02° Leo:  41. Decrease

…..There will be delays.

…..It is important to stay optimistic.

…..Think before you act.

……….Nine in the second place:

……….One is too hasty

……….And makes mistakes.

……….One criticizes others

……….And humiliates oneself.

Technical Considerations of Line 2:

Solid in an even place

Inappropriate action

Firmness at the wrong time

(Astrological note: This place concerns the affairs of Houses 3 and 4)

Holding Together with inappropriate energy below.

(Astrological note: Inappropriate reinforcement from Houses 1 and 2)

No Correspondence

Trigrams of Influence:

Lower Primary          Lower Nuclear

Zodiac Considerations (Sub-Pentans) for the Second Place:

Special Focus

41. DECREASE(Alternative Name:  Keeping Still in Pleasure)


The mountain above, the lake below.

Restraint without and pleasure within.

One wants to move the immovable

But in the end will have to go around it.


Spring floods.

The lake challenges its limits.

Water cannot climb the mountain,

It will flood the valley.

Great force is needed to reinforce the dams and barriers.

To impose restraints on joy is a losing battle.

The wise one will exert influence at the source.

Find good outlets for happiness.

A way must be made for the flow of joy.


Restraint without, happiness within.

Considerate initiative.

There are natural limits to self indulgence.

Without restraint, there is no music, only noise.

If one speaks inappropriately others will be offended.

And one’s fortunes will decrease.

If one’s actions disturb the peace of others

One will be decreased.

Decrease is inevitable.

The question is:

Whether one imposes decrease on oneself,

Or other people impose it?


The third daughter to the third son.

She moves, he waits.

She laughs, he listens.

She likes to have fun.

He will not contend.

They complement each other.

She diminishes his tranquility.

He will not complain.

Maybe, in time, she will learn to listen.


06-12 AR: 41. Decrease

One is impatient

And will not wait for what one wants.

If one rushes ahead, or forces matters

Or makes demands on others

Quality will suffer.

Not every desire is worth pursuing.

Not every mountain is worth climbing.

A little restraint will improve results.


Six in the fourth place: (09° – 10° Aries)

Unexpected changes.

One is not strong enough to resist.

Do not criticize or ridicule.

Help those who are afraid.

…..The fourth place: 09° – 10° Aries:  5. Waiting For Nourishment

…..Storm clouds.

…..Obstructions persist.

…..To use force would be folly.

…..One must wait for the tension to ease.

………..Six in the fourth place:

……….One does not get the response one expects.

……….Excitement invokes resistance.

……….A new approach is needed.

….……If one listens before one speaks,

………..Or one simply listens,

……….There will be good fortune.

Technical Considerations of Line 4:

Broken in an even place

Appropriate receptivity

Yielding at the right time

(Astrological note: This place concerns the affairs of Houses 7 and 8)

No Holding Together

Inner Correspondence: Approval and support from Line 1

(Astrological note: Approval and support from Houses 1 and 2)

Trigrams of Influence:

Lower Nuclear           Upper Nuclear           Upper Primary

Zodiac Considerations (Sub-Pentans) for the Fourth Place:

Intimate Detail

5. WAITING FOR NOURISHMENT (Alternative Name: Work to Stay Positive)


Storm clouds above, heaven below

Danger above, strength below.

The use of force will increase difficulties.

Be discriminating about what you do and when you do it.

Wait for the right time.

You will not have long to wait.


Dark clouds in the sky,

No rain.

To embark now will invite danger.

No satisfaction.

Control your temper.

Smile in the face of adversity.

Nourishment will come.

Wait for the rain.


Discontent without, creativity within.

Progress is blocked.

Too much freedom can be dangerous.

One faces difficulties.

To push forward will increase adversity.

One cannot get what one wants right away.

The voice of criticism will increase opposition.

One’s influence without will be delayed.

One can use the time for self improvement.

In this way one will be able to welcome the storms of life

And benefit from them.

Even flowers need rain.


The father to the second son.

The father is direct. The second son is not.

Any disapproval or discontent expressed by the father,

Will have an alienating effect.

The father wants the second son to solve his own problems.

The second son’s biggest obstacle is his older brother.

The father talks and laughs.

The second son analyzes and broods.

What is easy for the father will be difficult for the second son.

The father speaks freely.

The second son is critical

And will find more support from his mother.


24-30 TA: 5. Waiting for Nourishment

To think that one knows is sickness.

Only when one becomes sick of this sickness

Can one become free of it.

One must listen and wait for the right time.

When your heart is in the right place

You will advance.

Until then you must wait!


Nine in the fifth place: (25° – 26° Taurus)

There is lightning.

One stands under a tree.


One must move to a more appropriate place.

Your feet will get soiled and your clothes will get wet.

This is an inconvenience,

But you will live to see another day.

Minimize complaints.

…..The fifth place: 25° – 26° Taurus:  37. The Family

…..Lightning hits the tree.

…..The danger is obvious.

…..Perceptive and alert

…..One moves just in time.

……….Nine in the fifth place:

……….One has responsibilities.

……….One sees the difficulties.

……….One works to improve the circumstances of others.

……….There is no blame in this.

Technical Considerations of Line 5:

Solid in an odd place

Appropriate action

Firmness at the right time

(Astrological note: This place concerns the affairs of Houses 9 and 10)

Holding Together with appropriate energy below.

(Astrological note: Appropriate reinforcement from Houses 7 and 8)

Holding Together with appropriate energy above.

(Astrological note: Appropriate reinforcement from Houses 11 and 12)

No Correspondence

Trigrams of Influence:

Upper Nuclear           Upper Primary

Zodiac Considerations (Sub-Pentans) for the Second Place:

Stars By Degree

Earth Zodiac

Light of  Qabalah in this Degree

Light of  Qabalah in this Degree

Light of  Qabalah in this Degree

Ancestors by Degree

Movement by Degree

Drumming by Degree

Drumming by Degree

This hexagram reveals the drum rhythm by degree.  Play this  on your own or in a drum circle for the New Moon. Tune into the seed moment of the month. The Base at the red dot should be played louder!

Melodies (Scales) by Degree

Each degree has a very special melody or scale. You can play this with any instrument and tune into the feelings of this New Moon.

LEO  01°-02° (IC)  THE WELL:W.48, Line 2: Active.

Chanting by Degrees

Chanting on the New Moon evokes a very special presence.

It is one of the most powerful and sensitive times to chant.

Chanting by Degrees

This is the Chant for the New Moon in Aquarius at 12Aqu 20.  By chanting you will tune into the essence of this New Moon in Aquarius.

——— 5 minutes of call and response chanting

——— 1 minute of continuous chanting

Watch the video:

LEO  01°-02° (IC)  THE WELL:W.48, Line 2: Active.


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The relationship of the three main cycles: the year (sun), the month (moon) and the day (earth) to both the I Ching and astrology.


A site about the I Ching with a good history, and instructions about how to divine a hexagram using yarrow stalks, coins or dice. The mystical Great Treatise that explains the inner depths of the I Ching is also here.


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