RASA Scholarships Morocco

Map of Morocco

Morocco, Size: 446,550 sq km, Population: 31,968,361

Rabat, 34N01, 6W49

Astrology has been and still is a major influence in Moroccan culture. There is the five pointed star in its flag! There are roots influences of Babylonian and Berber astrology. There is a large presence of Indian Astrologers and African shamanistic astrologers.

The RASA Moroccan Astrology Scholarship Program

Provided By:           RASA School of Astrology

Acceptance Date:  Presently open ended. (Subject to change in the future.)

Deadline:                 No Deadline. (Subject to change in the future.)

Type of Award:      Full Scholarship with“ No Fee

Renewable:            No

Value:                     $1,000 USD

Announcement: Awards will be announced quarterly on Mar. 21, June 21, September 23, and December 22.


Level of Study:     Bachelor Equivalent

Field of Study:      Astrological Studies

Year of Study:       Four Years

Course Load:       Full-time or Part-time

School of Study:   RASA School of Astrology

Region of Study:   World Wide

Study Type:           Home Study


A career in astrology can make a significant difference in your life and enhance your relationships. These classes will prepare you to become a competent astrologer.

Scholarships are open to everyone.

The course includes over 250 hours of video classes and a vast library of graphics, articles and booklets relating to the course.

Some conditions apply and additional costs can be incurred but are not required.