Acceptance from NCGR

National Council for Geocosmic Research, Inc.

Director of Chapter Affairs

Washington, DC 20020

May 17, 1993

Dear Robin:

            Congratulations! The Toronto Chapter of NCGR has been officially voted into membership by the National Board Members as of 2:36:52 PM EDT in Owings, MD on Saturday May 15. Yes, we really did vote you in at the second you requested – aren’t you impressed?

            As you know from our bylaws, all new chapters are on probationary status for the first year. Assuming you all don’t commit murder in the first degree, your chapter will be given the permanent status at the end of that time. I suppose this gives rise to the question as to whether you can commit first degree murder after that, but we’ve never had to address such a situation.

            In September on the 10th – 12th, NCGR will be holding a Training Wheels Conference in Phoenix, AZ. As Chapter president, you are entitled to attend the conference without having to pay the conference fee. Of course, you would have to responsible for your transportation, hotel and meals, but its still a significant saving. In the event that you can’t attend you can designate one of your officers to attend in your place with the same privilege. Our whole purpose in doing this is to encourage chapters to be represented at all of our conferences; hopefully you’ll get a group of people together from your area and all come together.

            If there is anything you need from me, don’t hesitate to call or write. My best wishes to your chapter for growth and prosperity.


                                    Warren Kinsman