RASA Scholarships Hong Kong

RASA Hong Kong Astrology Scholarship

China: Hong Kong, Size: 1,108 sq km,

Population: 7,263,234

Hong Kong, 22N15, 114E10

Hong Kong has a varied and active presence of astrology. There are astrologers and astrology associations. There are several systems prevalent: Chinese Astrology, Indian or Vedic astrology, Western astrology and various other Asian systems.

The RASA Hong Kong Astrology Scholarship Program

Provided By:           RASA School of Astrology

Type of Award:      Full Scholarship and partial scholarships

Renewable:            No

Value:                     $2,000 CDN


Level of Study:     Bachelor Equivalent

Field of Study:      Astrological Studies

Year of Study:       Three Years

Course Load:       Full-time or Part-time

School of Study:   RASA School of Astrology

Region of Study:   World Wide

Study Type:           Home Study


This scholarship was created to encourage and assist people who are financially challenged, isolated or who have special needs, to develop the skills to become a competent astrologer. This program will allow graduates to create a meaningful career for themselves and change their lives for the better.

The complete program will take two and one half to three years to complete if  you study one class a week. There are about 250 hours of instruction via class videos. It will require another 250 hours of homework to get through the program. The student must be prepared to put in this effort. Be prepared to commit two hours a weeks to watch a class video, and two hours a week to apply the information learned.

There are graphics, articles and booklets that accompany each level. These are  included in the scholarship.

To apply you must be at least 18 years old.

If one receives a RASA Scholarship, they will be admitted to RASA’s level one class. You will have four months to complete level 1 and pass the exam. If successful your scholarship will continue to the next level, where you will have four months to complete it and hand in the worksheets. If you pass level 2 your scholarship will continue to the next level. If you do not pass an exam or you take longer than four months to complete a level, you will no longer benefit from the scholarship. At this point you will be able to continue at your own time but also at your own expense.

If you are sincere, disciplined and determined, you will be able to complete the full ten levels of study without paying for classes. There will be a $25. fee for writing each exam. A RASA Certificate of Achievement will be given for each exam or level that you pass.

A career in astrology can make a significant difference in your life and enhance your relationships. These classes will prepare you to become a competent astrologer.

Course includes over 250 hours of video formatted classes and a vast library of graphics, articles and booklets relating to the course.

There will also be access to the RASA Forum where there are collections of birth data and horoscopes as they relate to each class level or category. In the forum students will be able to communicate and ask questions for each level they are at.