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Welcome to the RASA School of Astrology

To study astrology and become good at it will take some time but it is exciting and inspirational. Everything you learn in astrology applies to yourself and everyone you know. Astrology is never boring! On top of this, in today’s world you don’t have to calculate or learn to draw up a horoscope. You don’t need to know math! All the calculations and horoscopes can be done by computer. This makes it easier than ever to study astrology.

(The calculations option is still available and much can be learned from it, but few people take the time to do the hand calculations anymore.)

Astrology is a wonderful language. When learning a language, one must first learn the alphabet, then simple words, then phrases, then sentences, then paragraphs and so on. It is the same with astrology. But since astrology applies directly to your life and the people around you, it makes studying insightful and fun. What you learn can be applied right away.

To complete all of the courses will take from two to three years, at the speed of one class a week. This is a very appropriate speed to learn astrology and absorb what you are learning. Every week something new is added and your perceptive abilities will grow.

The curriculum has been approved by Professional Astrologers Inc.

If you follow through to the end of the classes, you will have spent some two hundred plus hours on your own horoscope. After this, you will certainly have the capacity and the right to speak to someone else for an hour or two. You will know what you are talking about! The language will be yours. How you use it will then be up to you.

Astrology totally inspired and transformed my life. I hope that it will do the same for you.

Robin Armstrong