Northern Lights of the Canadian Independent Astrologers Order, V1#3


1. To help people to identify to and take a responsible attitude towards astrology.

2. To help people find the books and supplies they need.

3. To act as an information and communication centre.

4. To assist individual astrologers in getting established and to help get astrology onto a solid foundation in Canada.

5. To further educational and creative ventures of astrological significance. To provide classes and lectures.

6. To help astrologers and students to test themselves, improve their techniques and their performance.

7. To improve the public image of astrology and expose the Canadian public to good astrology. To improve the relations between astrologers and/or students in Canada.

8. To help create legal reforms that would further the astrological community.

9. To further the deeper understanding of astrology and to make astrology accessible to all the diverse areas of Canada. help establish standards for professional astrology, perhaps even certificate exams. To assist the professional astrologer, the consultant, the teachers, etc…. organize astrology conferences in varying areas across Canada. To help bring astrologers, students, and interested persons into relationships and friendships. To further high astrological hopes. provide responsible astrology to Canadians, and to responsibly apply astrology to Canadian affairs and problems, thus assisting and validating the karma that any astrologer would have to the country and people that he or she serves.

For membership you get:

1. A membership card

2. Put on an astrology mailing list

3. An annual subscription to “Northern Lights”, Canada’s only

Astrology magazine. It is published twice a year, in March and September.

Membership costs: $6.00 per year

You do not have to be an astrologer to be a member