Personal Degree Assessments

by Robin Armstrong


My Mars is at 21°19’-Cancer in the 4th House.

“22° CA: (Kozminsky) . UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE SUN. A hawk standing on a square black rock bathed in the rays of the rising sun. Denotes one whose power is directed to the up-lifting and advancement of his race–a stayer of war and strife, of plague and riot. He looks directly ahead, far ahead into the years to come when the new sun will illuminate the glory of a new age of gold. It is a symbol of Renewing.”

                I can relate to this degree more deeply when looking at the position of Mars in my natal chart. Being in the fourth house I argue with my family members. I fight against doing things in the traditional manner or perhaps more so to the way they live along with their attitude. In the past I allowed myself to get caught up in these petty disagreements, but recently I have been looking forward ahead to the way I will live with a whole different attitude which will be unorthodox in their eyes but congruent to the cycles of the cosmos. This new outlook of advancement in my life fits appropriately with the symbol of RENEWING.             

                When I think of the influence of the Sun on my Mars I can the see the need to be what I want to be. To live the way I want to live instead of what I am told to live. The additional willpower to follow through on my instincts…….dd

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21CA07 03  d  MC.   H10   32L4:17L1:58L5 MaharaJi: Young guru/Milenium 73

21CA22 58  d  DSC   H07   32L4:17L3:26L5 Queen Elizabeth II, of England

21CA37 27  d  MC.   H10   32L4:17L4: 5L2 Prince Edward

21CA38 43  d  URA  H08   32L4:17L4: 5L1 Clark, Marcia: Lawyer:Simpson case

21CA53 14  d  MON H06   32L4:17L6:34L5 Hill, Benny: Comedian

MOON DEGREES by Sybil Leek

My Venus is at 22°04’ Sagittarius, in the 4th house.

23° Sagittarius (Leek) – “Emotionally insecure. Rarely finds a stable companion to share her life, so the insecurity deepens. The search for the right partner gathers momentum even after middle age and several marriages.”

                Yes, this makes me sad bcause it appears written in stone, written in all the wedding rings I re-sold. I’m still “searching” for that perfect Saviour and I’m 42. In my mind I keep thinking This can’t be all there is.

                I’ve got the white horse and its rider…he comes and goes, fades from view. Nothing spouse – wise is ever a definite, sadly.

                In 4th house – this was the climate at home. Never knew. Love or not love. I have never known hands-on secure for forever love everlasting. And now I realize only my LOVE at least for what are known as Christ principles can be a “spousal type of betrothal”.  At 42, I’m still what I feel is alone and unperfected in love and it’s because I am over-romantic and then too earthy and boring when I see another cannot fulfill my romantic vanities and pride.

                But love for me is a total loyalty and respect for the other.

                Unfortunately, through all the hurt feelings, I only last about 2-3 years with a person because I lose my self-respect and then 1 1/2 years later I no longer respect the “lover” for putting my self-esteem at such risk to me. Is that “haughty”? Or is it not religious to love and respect loyalty and with a passion?…

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22sa00 13 d  MON     H04   43L2:46L1:14L6 Pele, Soccer super star

22SA14 07   d  MAR  H02   23L2:46L2:43L4 Mays,Kim ,Switched as baby

22sa35 16 d  VEN      H12   43L2: 6L3:44L4 Mandela, Nelson, Pres. S.Africe

22SA45 37   d  MC.   H10   23L2: 6L2:28L4 Hamill, Dorothy, Skating champ

WEBER DEGREES by Peter J. Weber

My North Node is at 16°52’ Aquarius, in the 5th house.

16°-17° Aquarius (Weber) – “More problems than the previous degree. Gemini enthusiasm, physical skill and excitement are present, but lust for power (Scorpio) and stubbornness (Taurus) affect the normally free, unambitious, helpful Aquarius, possibly producing a thrill-seeker idiot – or careless person. Water and earth elements disrupt the routine, sound thinking processes normally found in Aquarius. Must learn to be careful to have goals and build a secure future honestly and fairly. Pay attentin to others. Mimic their “good” qualities and not the eccentric, show-off ones. Career may not go far. Trouble with the law and family are possible.”

                Too bad. It’s all true. “I don’t want to live anymore”. I only want to die and be received by the council of angels! I have stopped going out except for responsibilities. I have no other goal except getting thru a day without calling it quits – everything. I have no secure future. My career is non-existent presently. Once a policeman stopped me at nite, he confessed later “to get a good look at me”. He was married.

Whose crime was it? Mine for being out and walking home alone, 33 and beautiful because I lost that due to the constant self-blame and stress of “law” and family.

                Once, finding a lost pool cue, I brought it to the police statin. After eight weeks I went to retrieve it at 52 Division. A little rat of a man asked me in a big voice, “And when were you arrested?” He acted like I was a prostitute or something. I was wearing an elegant long leather coat I got at Goodwill for $27.00, regular ladies’ pumps, a black skirt and stockings.

                I said, “I am here because I found something and brought it in honestly. I don’t like this treatment you’re giving me like I am the thief.

                He later apologized but the public damage had already been done. I hate this world that “arrests” unprotected beauty (thereby “dangerous”) and lets all criminals – real ones – go free!

                Family trouble: always. They treat me like dirt, like I, and not their mess, is the problem. I’m nothing to them. I changed my name for medical reasons. What they called me (including the word “dog”) makes me sick. In about one year and $150.00, I will have a legal name at age 42. These degrees are very upsetting to me. It’s the tragedy and waste of my life right on the page before me…

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16aq08 32 d  MER      H03   6L2:28L1:52L6 Mandela, Nelson, Pres S.Africa

16AQ16 02  d  IC.     H04   36L2:28L2:12L3 “Sartre, Jean Paul, Writer”

16AQ19 58  d  MC.   H10   36L2:28L2:12L1 Gauquelin, Francoise, Astrologer

16AQ38 42  d  SAT   H05   36L2:28L4:35L1 O’Neal, Tatum, Actress

KLIMCZAK DEGREES (New and improved Sabian symbles)

My Neptune is at 22°22’ Libra.

23° Libra (Klimczak/Sabian) Chanticleer Saluting the Dawn. Ushering in a new beginning. Inspiration. Dramatic announcements. Enthusiastic blowing of one’s own or a cultural horn. Confidence vs. dandyish strutting. Brag vs. fact. The Messenger vs. the Message.”

                This hits. home. I am a singer. I have sung for money, but I would sing for only the joy and regard for it. Yes, incredibly I have been paid to sing my own songs. However, at this writing, I still don’t believe it. It’s very vague to me what I am. But as far as this degree goes – yes, I agree, this is what I do. Oops…did I just blow my own horn? And yes, the “dandyish strutting” has finally revealed itself to me. I can’t remember all my songs anymore and it bothers me enough to stop dressing up and going out, like something’s happening. I haven’t got access to my own material. I’ve stopped feeling OK about being the Messenger. I haven’t message clear to me anymore, so even though I can look the part – I haven’t gone out in almost 2 years to do any of this degree. It’s so vague and scary because my Mars squares my Neptune. Mostly I stay home, dream and clean and feel very, very, angry. I feel so angry I don’t understand how I could have “forgotten” my lyrics to some very beautiful songs which I birthed with a lot of blood and guts, but the pain of those births – I just couldn’t take it anymore. messenger vs. message. So I’m stuck right now in this degree, pondering it on a daily basis…

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22LI01 29 d  NEP       H11   62L5:46L1:14L6 Clark, Marcia,Lawyer:Simpson

22LI05 00 d  JUP        H11   62L5:46L1:14L4 Chretien, Jean, P. M. Canada94

22LI10 58 d  NEP       H08   62L5:46L2:43L6 Arnold, Roseanne, Comedian

22LI10 58 d  NEP       H08   62L5:46L2:43L6 King, CorettaScott,Wife/Martin Luther

22LI22 31 d  NNd       H11   62L5:46L3: 1L5 Glenn, John H. Jr., Astronaut

22LI29 18 r   MAR      H03   62L5:46L3: 1L1 Pope, John Paul II

22LI31 23 d  MON     H05   62L5: 6L3:44L1 Kissinger, Henry, Politician

22LI37 34 d  IC.         H04   62L5: 6L3:44L5 Prince Andrew

22LI51 44 d  MC.       H10   62L5: 6L1:50L2 Eddy, Mary Baker, mystic

22LI54 03 d  VEN      H02   62L5: 6L1:50L3 Allen, Woody, Actor/producer

My progressed Sun is in 19° Pisces.

“19° Pisces: (Klimczak/Sabian) Master Instructing A Disciple (During A Long Walk)

Metaphysical explorations. Letting things emerge step by step. Transmitting a perspective. Briefing for a “mission”. Illuminating comparisons or parallels. Spiritual legacy. Leading vs following.”

                About a year ago, when my progressed Sun went into 19° Pisces, I had my first consultation with an astrologer, I joined the NCGR and I started taking astrology classes – my “metaphysical explorations”.

                This past year has been a test to my patience. I was taking classes I didn’t want to take in university. I wanted to drop out, but I wasn’t sure that it was the best thing to do. And I did try to stick to the program, but I just couldn’t stand it and, eventually, I did drop out of university. To me, that is an example of “letting things emerge step by step”. I did my darnedest to stick with something that was totally wrong for me, but eventually the fact emerged – I had to stop doing what I hated. I was forced to take a look at myself and see what I wanted. I didn’t voluntarily let things emerge, but I was forced to let things emerge step by step.

                I’ve gained some perspective about school. I still want to get a degree, but I don’t have to do it in the standard three or four years. I also don’t have to kill myself, taking five courses a year. I can take less courses and have more fun outside of school. So, school isn’t the “be all and end all” of a student’s life. I can actually enjoy going to school.

                This upcoming school year will be very different, I can feel it. It will be a challenge – I’m not quite used to doing what I want to do; I’m much better at doing what others expect of me. Right now, I’m preparing myself for the challenging school year to come. I’m getting my strength together. It does feel like a bit of a mission – for myself.

                I have noticed some “illuminating parallels”, for example, my increased interest in astrology when my progressed Sun went into this degree with its “metaphysical explorations”.

                I started becoming interested in astrology when I was in high school, but until this year, I’ve only ever dabbled in it, reading as much as I could find on it, but never taking classes. My interest led me to take classes – my “spiritual legacy”. I’ve also expanded my horizons, wanting to know more about the I Ching.

                I have never identified with my Chinese origins until now. I never quite understood why I was born Chinese. I don’t feel Chinese and I don’t think like a Chinese ( at least I don’t think I do). But I can understand a bit better now what it means to be Chinese – because of the I Ching – that, to me, is another part of my “spiritual legacy”.

                I think I followed most of the time this year. I wanted to plunge ahead with all my plans, but I lacked the self-confidence to do so. So I asked for others’ opinions and I went along with a lot of what they said. …….jl

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18PI00 32 d  MER      H05   49L6:42L1:42L1 Prince Edward

18PI21 49 d  SUN       H09   49L6:42L3:21L2 Fischer, Bobby, Chess grandmaster

18PI27 50 d  MER      H06   49L6:42L3:21L5 Cobain, Kurt, Rock Star/suicide

18PI28 08 d  JUP        H09   49L6:42L3:21L5 Mulroney, Brian, ex P.M. of Canada

18PI29 49 d  MER      H06   49L6:42L3:21L6 Poitier, Sydney, Actor

18PI37 04 d  IC.         H04   49L6:42L4:17L5 Glenn, John H. Jr., Astronaut

18PI38 51 d  NNd       H06   49L6:42L4:17L6 Ismail, Rahgib Rocket, Football Star


My Mars is at 13°46’ Aries.

“13°-14° Aries: (Matthews) “ENERGY” The fixed star Alpherax (Andromeda’s Head) is at 13.35 Aries. Nature of Jupiter, Venus, said to signify wealth and honor. This degree may also denote gluttony. It is found in the charts of bakers, along with Virgo, Pisces and Cancer, Capricorn. Waiters, waitresses and others who work with food frequently have planets here. Ball players, golfers and athletes often have this dsgree occupied and it is sometimes found in the charts of Astrologers and Theosophists. It has been referred to as a “Karmic Degree.” Mrs. Annie Besant Asc. (NN040), “A Cavalry Officer” author of ‘Astrology As It IS, Not As It Has Been Represented”, Venus (NN 856); Mary Pickford, Venus .

                Well, this degree may signify “energy”, but I have a lot of energy anyway, with my Mars in Aries. But I wouldn’t be surprised if I had even more energy than the average Mars-in-Aries person. I am a bit of a glutton. I love food – I love to eat it as well as to prepare it. I’m not much of a baker though.

                As for astrology, I’m taking astrology classes and I’m part of the NCGR.

                I think this might be a “karmic degree”. Often I will become friends with someone and part ways with him/her. Much later, I will come suddenly come across him/her again, to clear the air of anything that might be left. After the sudden encounter, he/she and I go our separate ways, never to see each other again. To me, the sudden encounter isn’t a chance occurence. It happens when I am ready to deal with the past, ready to let go of someone or something. …..jl

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13AR16 12  d  MC.   H10   60L2:43L5:57L4 Prince Charles, Prince of Wales

13AR51 39  d  IC.     H04   60L2:43L1:47L6 Chiron, Discovery of: by Chas Kowal

13AR51 52  r   SAT   H02   60L2:43L1:47L5 Knievel, Evel Daredevil

My Saturn is in the 25 degree of Aries.

“Ar 24°-25° (Mathews) “ WATCHFULNESS” An independent person who goes his own way regardless of cost. Under Affliction he may become a restless wanderer. This degree is often found in charts of policemen, along with Cancer, Capricorn.”

                I am an independent person who goes his own way most of the time. With Saturn in this degree I would not say that I would push my ways and ideas blindly. I push my independence if I feel there is no alternative but with always the thoughts of what the repercussions might be.

Am I a restless wanderer? Only when I find myself giving up too many of my principles to do what others feel that I should be doing. I have always wanted to be a policeman when I was growing up. At one point I was seriously considering joining the auxiliary police force if it was not for the fact that I am afraid of heights. Lastly, I am not certain about Mathews reference to Cancer and Capricorn but, I do have a Cancer rising and a Capricorn moon….jh

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24AR05 31  d  SUN   H01   54L1:64L6:64L3 Rose, Pete Baseball star

24AR09 52  d  IC.     H04   54L1:64L6:64L1 Depardieu, Gerard Actor

24ar13@      d  SUN   H00   53L1:64L5:40L5 Jouret, Luc Cultist/SolarTempleOrder

24AR19 07  d  NNd   H06   54L1:64L5:40L1 Freud, Sigmund Psychologist

24AR24 27  d  IC.     H04   54L1:64L4:59L4 Major, John: P. M. of England

24AR26 45  d  SAT   H02   54L1:64L4:59L2 Bakker, Jim Orson TV Evangelist

24AR34 19  d  IC.     H04   54L1:64L3:29L4 Benedict XV, Pope Pope

24AR44 40  r   VEN  H10   54L1:64L2: 4L4 Nicholson, Jack Actor

24AR50 45  d  NNd   H03   54L1:64L1: 7L6 Connery, Sean actor

24AR54 26  r   VEN  H02   54L1:64L1: 7L4 Adler, Margot Wicca Priestess

I have my IC at 28°50’ of Scorpio.

“SCO 28°-29° (Matthews) “FATALISM” The fixed star Bungula (a Centauri) is at 28.49 Scorpio, nature of Venus and Jupiter. A person with many interests. Usually industrious and persevering. Strange things may happen to make them think of Karma, and the inevitable. Hetty Green, Sun, Sir Christopher Wren, Saturn, Bidder, Neptune, Dr. Hugo Eckner, Saturn, Walter Winchell, Uranus, Clark Gable, North Node.”

                The IC represents my personal motivation and inner integrity. I do have a strong work ethic and I have several diverse interests; such as, music, astrology, genealogy, Tai Chi, mysticism, chess, and the evolution of literacy. It would not be wrong to say that I do persevere at whatever I do. I consider Fate to be simply another name for Nature. I do believe that there is definite laws of Karma. What one puts out, one gets back. What one does not put out, also comes back. I have often said that my main philosophy of life is that: “If you get close enough to anyone, they are going to look weird.”……ra

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28SC10 40 d  NEP       H01   35L2:49L5:51L1 Phoenix, River, actor/ died overdose

28SC21 10 d  NEP       H03   35L2:49L4:21L1 Ismail, Rahgib Rocket, Football Star

28SC26 37 d  MON     H03   35L2:49L4:21L4 Lang, K.D., Country Singer

28SC37 49 d  MC.       H10   35L2:49L3:17L5 Arnold, Roseanne, Comedian/actress

28SC37 49 d  MC.       H10   35L2:49L3:17L5 King,,Coretta Scott,Wife/MartinLuther

28SC44 05 d  NNd       H08   35L2:49L2:25L3 Khan, Murshid Inayat, musician

28SC46 08 d  SUN       H11   35L2:49L2:36L3 Benedict XV, Pope

My Venus is at 0°19’ of Sagittarius.

“SAG 0°-1° (Matthews) “ENTERPRISE” 0-3 Gemini Sagittarius are degrees of precision, found in charts of watchmakers, engravers,draughtsmen, astronomers, and others. Always in search of knowledge. But this is not one of the’mental degrees’. Said to be M.C. for Alexander the Great and “Neptune” the astrologer. Gen. Chas. DeGaulle, Sun, born Nov. 22, 1890; Walter Winchell, Saturn; Billy Bonney “Billy the Kid”, Sun, born N.Y.C. Nov 23, 1859. At time, he was killed, July 12, l881, Moon had progressed to conjunct South Node and Saturn; probably in 8th house. (South Node and Saturn were in Leo; he was shot through the heart.)”

                I do love precision and clarity. I have several special watches and I set my clocks correctly. I do not like to have a clock faster or slower than it really is. I value good timing in clocks, in music, in nature and especially in the heavens. I have always been in search of knowledge as have many others, however with Venus in my 4th House, I have founded and lived in a mystical, astrological library for over twenty years with rare information at my fingertips. I love the mixture of cultures, religions and philosophies. I consider the multi-cultural cross referencing of spiritual ideas to be the prerequisite for any renaissance. I have and do seek for knowledge, but I have a greater value placed on understanding. Under….standing….standing under …. the stars of course…this is where understanding comes from. ….ra

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00SA12 25   d  MER  H05   16L6:19L2:41L2 Harding, Tonya, Skater Olympics94

00SA15 00   d  NEP   H05   16L6:19L2:41L3 Harding, Tonya, Skater Olympics94

00SA21 35   d  MC.   H10   16L6:19L3:60L1 Knievel, Evel, Daredevil

00SA23 09   d  MON H08   16L6:19L3:60L2 Rose, Pete, Baseball star

00SA36 36   d  MON H01   16L6:19L4:61L4 Trump, Ivana, exwife/Donald Trump

00SA37 25   d  JUP    H06   16L6:19L4:61L5 Clinton, Hilary, 1st Lady USA

My Jupiter is at 14°56’ Aquarius.

“AQU(Matthews) 14°-15° “QUEER” (Probably some connection with thyroid or pituitary glands.) Sometimes eccentric, restless, impractical or fantastic. Fattest boy in the world NN 065, Sun, Demi-Mondaine NN 323, Moon, Alton Giant, Venus, Gertrude Stein, Sun, born Feb. 3, 1874.”

                For most of my life I’ve had symptoms that suggest a thyroid imbalance, though the lab tests are always in the normal range. I still suspect there’s some problem there that the tests don’t identify. As to “Queer”, I prefer the word “unusual” or “different” to describe me.

“Sometimes eccentric, restless, impractical or fantastic.”

                These words have been used to label me, except possibly fantastic. “Impractical” comes up most often, almost anytime I do something really Aquarian, such as studying astrology or television production. My mother’s reaction was always “Why don’t you take a course in something practical, like bookkeeping. As to restless, I left a lot of dead-end jobs after one or two years, and made several long distance moves. ……dn

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14aq46@ d  PLU       H00   46L3: 1L2: 4L3  Jouret, Luc, Cultist/Solar Temple Order


LIBRA 24° (Manthri) – October 16, 17 or 18

“Creative words: Hairon Touryab. Thou art a prisoner for whose release a friend is pleading with a magistrate; thine imprisonment may be based on a misunderstanding, but the magistrate is not wise in the spirit of the law. Thou art oft in difficulty because of the appearance of thine actions and the interpretation others put upon thy words. Thy position is ever in danger at the hands of those who see gain in thy despoilment. Yet ever art thou blessed with understanding friends who take up thy defense. Thou art thyself a good friend of them thou findest worthy, being willing to accept a portion of their responsibility or wealth in custody for a time. Take care that thy trusteeship be not the cause of those difficulties or misunderstanding. Thine estate fluctuates. Thou canst be the power behind another’s throne.”

                I often find that, while not exactly a prisoner, I do tend to run into misunderstanding and ignorance from those in authority. I am a prisoner of my expectations for justice and responsible administration. In taking a stand on principle, I am often misunderstood. The intensity with which I express my sense of truth, can lead to misinterpretation. Some people consider sensitivity to be a weakness, fortunately I do not. I consider it to be the essence of creativity. When in positions of authority I have run into problems with the envy and animosity of some. Without the goodwill and love of my friends I would not be here today. In my work, my dedications, and my personal world, friendships play an integral part. I decided a long time ago that if the world were going to blow up or deteriorate in the future, I would want to be with friends. With friends one can learn from and deal with the greatest of problems and still feel that the world has meaning in it. Whenever I want money for myself, it does not always come; but whenever there is a group or inspirational need, sufficient funds appear. Trusteeship, mine and others has indeed caused misunderstandings in my life. I also feel that I would be better off as an advisor or teacher, than as a leader. I lead when it is necessary, but there are more socially efficient people. ……ra

Degree         Focus on:         Hexagrams:      Person/Event

23LI03 16 d  MC.       H10   62L6:47L6:32L2 Princess Diana, Princess Wales

23LI08@ d  NNd       H00   62L6:47L6:32L5 Jackson, Michael, Dancer/singer

23LI13 40 d  JUP        H01   62L6:47L5:57L3 Clinton, Bill, US President

23LI42 09 d  MAR      H02   62L6:47L2:46L2 Sutherland, Donald, Actor

23LI51 21 d  SUN       H08   62L6:47L1:47L6 Knievel, Evel, Daredevil

23LI53 06 d  JUP        H08   62L6:47L1:47L5 Jung, Carl, Psychologist

23LI57 23 d  NNd       H03   62L6:47L1:47L2 Ciccione, Madonna, Singing star

My Mars is at 15°33’ Scorpio.

SCORPIO 16° (Manthri) – November 7, 8 or 9

“Creative words: Deilek Haimout. Running across an open field, thou art a man carrying a heavy leathern bag in which are gold and jewels; thou art pursued by two who would take this bag from thee. It impedeth thine actions, and thou wilt surely be overtaken save thou abandon thy treasure. The two who pursue thee are thy fear of the opinions of others and thy love of the short pleasures of this world. Thy leathern bag is made of the animal instincts within thy nature; it has accumulated in thy youth the baubles by which the thoughtless would measure thy worth. The strength with which thou canst escape from all that is false, and which thou wasteth in protection of what must one day be left behind, is thy knowledge of spirtual law, thine ability to govern thineself and others with Justice. Choose a mate who will work with thee.”

   This is a fascinating manner of expression. The symbolism is most vivid to me and on reflection seems to grow in appropriateness. While travelling I have had things stolen from me, but I have also given away every possession that I own on more than one occasion. I am not certain about fearing the opinions of others, but I am certainly sensitive to them. I am far more productive when ignorant and out of touch with the opinions of others. I do prefer to work late at night as there are less disturbances in the ‘Force’. I do have fears about singing in front of others that have been with me most of my life. In grade school I was not allowed to sing, I had to mime the words when the school choir had its concerts. In truth I love music and singing, but criticism from others takes a heavy toll. I have spent long periods of time over the years chanting as part of my meditation, however I still sing happy brithday with a subdued voice!

    I certainly do have a love or even lust for the short pleasures of the world. I seem to be driven to live life to the fullest, and that includes my fair share of animal instincts……and then some! Concerning the measure of my worth: I have lost all of my real estate equity through divorce. Apart from that my resources have been invested in books and computers, neither of which is considered worth anything by the idiot loan managers at my bank! I do have a strong trust in spiritual law and higher knowledge. Astrology is cosmic justice.

With regards to mates: my three ex-wives have all significantly helped me in some way or another (and vice versa) but they did not really work with me. …..ra

Degree         Focus on:         Hexagrams:      Person/Event

15SC16 34 d  MER      H11   12L3:24L2:31L4 Lee, Bruce, Martial Arts/actor

15SC17 05 d  NEP       H02   12L3:24L2:31L5 O’Neal, Tatum, Actress

15SC19 51 r   URA      H10   12L3:24L2:31L6 Meher, Baba, mystic

15SC22 59 d  MER      H07   12L3:24L3:56L2 United Nations

15SC36 50 d  NNd       H03   12L3:24L4:62L5 Pope, John Paul II

15SC39 44 r   NEP       H06   12L3:24L4:62L6 Jordan, Michael, Basketball Star

15SC50 13 r   VEN      H05   12L3:24L6:39L1 Harding, Tonya, Skater Olympics94


I have my IC at 28°50’ of Scorpio.

29° SC (Henson): “Often found in charts of actors; a person of many interests; usually industrious and persevering; strange things may happen to make them think of karma and the inevitable.”

                Henson here is simply a verbatim copy of some of Matthews interpretation. She took out the reference to Bungula and put it in the next degree. She removed the keyword of “Fatalism” from Matthews and added the reference to the charts of actors.

Now I can carry off a good act when necessary, but I am not an actor nor am I motivated to be, unless it is simply an actor on the stage of life! ……ra

Degree         Focus on: Hexagrams:                  Person/Event

28SC10 40 d  NEP       H01   35L2:49L5:51L1 Phoenix, River, actor/ died overdose

28SC21 10 d  NEP       H03   35L2:49L4:21L1 Ismail, Rahgib Rocket, Football Star

28SC26 37 d  MON     H03   35L2:49L4:21L4 Lang, K.D, Country Singer

28SC37 49 d  MC.       H10   35L2:49L3:17L5 Arnold, Roseanne, Comedian/actress

28SC37 49 d  MC.       H10   35L2:49L3:17L5 King, Coretta Scott,Wife/Martin Luther

28SC44 05 d  NNd       H08   35L2:49L2:25L3 Khan, Murshid Inayat, musician

28SC46 08 d  SUN       H11   35L2:49L2:36L3 Benedict XV, Pope

28SC47 05 d  MC.       H10   35L2:49L2:36L2 Gretzky, Wayne, Hockey superstar