Personal Degree Assessments

by Robin Armstrong


My Moon is at 17°01’ Taurus.

18° TA (Klimzcak): A Woman Airing Out A Linen Bag.

“Cleaning out one’s psychic space. Bringing out hidden contents. Sorting out what is useful vs. what is useless. Emptying out vs. closet-like crampedness. Thrift store-like recovery of value.”

                A lot of junk gets collected. It doesn’t matter how much space I have – I can find something to fill it. I collect booklets, books, school notes, knicknacks, paper… – anything that has a special meaning or that may be useful someday. All the things I collect fill up my mind too. So at least once a year, I have to look through my junk and see what is worth holding onto and what is not. The yearly cleaning cleans my physical and mental space – when I get rid of junk, the junk leaves my mind. Still, a lot of things I keep look like junk. I have an old favourite purple shirt I keep to use as patch material for jeans………….jl

Degree:           Focus:         Hexagrams        Person/Event

17TA05 38   r   SAT   H03   11L1: 3L1: 8L3  Rogers, Roy: Actor

17TA51 28   d  NNd   H06   11L1: 3L6: 3L1  Onassis/Kennedy, Jacqueline

17TA52 59   d  MAR  H11   11L1: 3L6: 3L2  Perot, Henry Ross: Politician USA

17TA58 37   d  DSC   H07   11L1: 3L6: 3L6  Onassis/Kennedy, Jacqueline

My Pluto is at 23° Virgo

23°VI (Klimczak): A lion tamer demonstrating his skill. Mastery of a situation. Sense of will power or self-discipline. Strength. Tense excitement. Putting oneself on the line vs. keeping the instincts in line. Taming the “wildness” vs. the scent of danger.

                Pluto is in my 12th house and that makes me feel that the whole world is against me and I’ve been told that I’m paranoid (a need for “A Lion Tamer”). In order to tame that “lion” inside mastery is necessary or at least the effort. I’ve put that effort and still am doing so. It’s not an easy task, PLUTO IS INVOLVED!!! I meditate regularly in order to find truth and tranquilty. It’s been over 15 months since starting the daily regimen and it has paid off profoundly. It has allowed me to”Tame the ‘wildness’ vs. the scent of danger.”….dd

Degree:         Focus:       Hexagrams            Person/Event

22VI01 32  d  IC.   H04   4L2:25L1:14L6      Anka, Darryl: Chaneller/UFO’s

22VI04 57  d  NEP H07   4L2:25L1:14L4      Knievel, Evel: Daredevil

22VI17 12  d  IC.   H04   4L2:25L2:43L2      Griffin, Merv: Entertainer

22VI24 00  d  ASC H01   4L2:25L3: 1L4       Ismail, Rahgib Rocket: Football Star

22VI26 33  d  PLU H04   4L2:25L3: 1L3       Graf, Steffi: Tennis Champ

22VI35 26  d  IC.   H04   4L2:36L3:44L4      Gates III, Bill: Founder of Microsoft

22VI48 19  d  MC. H10   4L2:36L2:28L5      Arnold, Tom: Comedian/actor

22VI49 53  d  JUP  H03   4L2:36L2:28L6      Atom Bomb, First: 1st atom bomb

22VI51 29  d  MER H01   4L2:36L1:50L1      Case, Paul Foster: occultist

My Sun is at 23°18’ Libra.

LIB 24°: (Klimczak) A Butterfly With An Extra Left Wing

Displaying some unusual capacity. Versatile stance towards the flow of events. Compensating experiences. Balancing intuition and reason. Finding one’s social milieu: Ugly Duckling unfurls into swan.

                Klimzcak is quite similar to Jones and Rudhyar but without the verbosity. I find his material refreshing and easier to work with. I do generally feel that I have an extra hand to play or at least another approach to whatever adversity approaches me. I have had many downs in life, but I have had just as many incredible ups. As a young man in university I was attracted to the philosophy of Voltaire. I think it has stayed with me to some degree. I do make many long term reasoned plans for advancement, but I am usually ready to trust and use my intuion whenever it is needed. I don’t know if I have ever found my social milieu, in that I generally feel that I do not belong, however, I have a long term duration in astrological circles.

                With regards to the ugly duckling, I am a Libra and don’t usually think of myself as ugly. When I look back over some distant period of time at old pictures or videos, I certainly don’t like what I looked like. The realities of the past often appear to me as an ugly duckling…..ra

Degree:       Focus:             Hexagrams        Person/Event

23LI03 16 d  MC.   H10   62L6:47L6:32L2     Princess Diana, Princess of Wales

23LI08@ d  NNd   H00   62L6:47L6:32L5     Jackson, Michael: Dancer/singer

23LI13 40 d  JUP    H01   62L6:47L5:57L3     Clinton, Bill: US President

23LI42 09 d  MAR  H02   62L6:47L2:46L2     Sutherland, Donald: Actor

23LI51 21 d  SUN   H08   62L6:47L1:47L6     Knievel, Evel: Daredevil

23LI53 06 d  JUP    H08   62L6:47L1:47L5     Jung, Carl: Psychologist

23LI57 23 d  NNd   H03   62L6:47L1:47L2     Ciccione, Madonna, Singing star

My Sun is in 28° Scorpio.

28° SC (Klimczak): The King of the Fairies Returns to his Domain. Entering a new realm. Trying to align things with inner ideals. Searching for the “true home” or real center. Dramatic changes vs. hidden angles. Renewed vitality vs. fantasy. True vision vs. escape.

                This degree cuts to the chase from the Jones and Rudhyar interpretation. Here one is not compelled to contemplation whereas with Jones and Rudhyar one needs to take the time to extract and connect to what is being said with the answers arriving on one’s own. Here with this degree it gives you the “answer”. Not a lot of fun.

                I can relate to this degree easily and I think it’s because of the work I spent on Jones and Rudhyar degrees. When something is given to you easily it doesn’t make the acquirement satisfying and growth oriented. With the Klimczak degree interpretation no growth was achieved accept for confirmation. Jones and Rudhyar is where the growth took place and I enjoyed the process……. dd

Degree:       Focus:         Hexagrams            Person/Event

27SC05 38 r   JUP    H08   35L3:30L6: 8L3     Simpson, Nicole Brown:Wife of OJ

27SC05 59 d  NEP   H08   35L3:30L6: 8L3     Kerrigan, Nancy:Skater Olympic94

27SC12 11 d  IC.     H04   35L3:30L5:23L5     Allen, Woody: Actor/producer

27SC28 51 d  MON H11   35L3:30L4: 2L1     Depardieu, Gerard: Actor

27SC32 38 d  JUP    H06   35L3:30L3:24L2     Campbell, Kim: ex-PM of Canada

27SC33 05 d  PLU   H11   35L3:30L3:24L2     Earthquake, Los Angeles

27SC46 22 r   JUP    H01   35L3:30L2:27L4     Uranus, Discovery of


My Moon is in 2° to 3° Cancer

2°-3° CANCER: (Weber) Libra added to 12th-house from Cancer(Gemini) creates a romantic or playboy, if not a lustful manipulator. Gemini diversity and verbal superiority make confidence and coquettishness. May regard people as objects. Subjective, clerical and statistical-common vocations in business. Social but superficial. Well mannered and dressed. Ambitious and fond of beauty, comfort and entertainments. Owes much to family and depends on them. Good memory, but must remember to stick to business and proper self-expression.

                This degree would describe perhaps how other people, who don’t know me well, see me as. People see me as good looking and think that I sleep with every woman in town. Ideally that would be nice but life does not revolve around having the most bed post marks and besides I have too much of a conscience to be with somebody just for sex and selfish gratification. So much so that when I tell people that I am the opposite to what they think I am looked upon as a compulsive liar. The “Social but superficial. Well mannered and dressed. Ambitious and fond of beauty, comfort and entertainments.” part was a very prominent part of my life when I was selling cars. I was well dressed and mannered and being very charming(Venus conj.the Ascendant in Libra) I attracted a lot of people. Making money, going to bars, participating at parties where Porsches are parked in the driveway and hob-nobbing with these so-called successful people, was a normal ritual of my life a few years back. What a joke!! How fake!! Yuuukkk!!! ……..dd

Degree:         Focus:         Hexagrams          Person/Event

02CA04 43 d  DSC   H07   44L3:56L1:14L4   Menuhin, Yehudi: Violinist

02ca15 00  d  JUP    H05   24L3:56L2:43L4   Senna, Ayrton: Race car champion

02CA17 04 d  JUP    H02   44L3:56L2:43L2   Wilson, Brian: Musician/Beachboy

02CA35 24 d  PLU   H07   44L3:56L4:44L4   Menuhin, Yehudi: Violinist

02CA44 38 r   MER  H04   44L3:56L5:28L3   Khan, Murshid Inayat: musician

My Pluto is at 17°01’ Leo, retrograde.

17-18° LE (Weber): Capricorn adds organized serious practical influence here, moral and dutiful helping to turn Taurean material “gifts” into real personal benefits. Works long and hard to reach success and distinction. Resourceful and confident, often starts with little, from a small or humble family or harsh beginnings and builds position and character, using occult powers and astrology where necessary. Respectful of others and great learner or instructor. Critical and thorough. Will win many hearts.

                “Capricorn adds organized, serious, practical influence here, moral and dutiful helping to turn Taurean material ‘gifts’ into real personal benefits. Works long and hard to reach success and distinction.”

Most of this describes me though I’m not sure what is meant by Taurean material “gifts”. I haven’t had the kinds of nice things associated with Taurus. Until my health problems got too bad, I worked as long and hard as anyone, but never got properly recognized or paid for it. So I haven’t reached success and distinction yet.

                “Resourceful and confident, often starts with little, from a small or humble family or harsh beginnings and builds position and character, using occult powers and astrology where necessary.”

I’m extremely resourceful, was confident at times, but not since the 90’s recession. I did start with very little from harsh beginnings, and have used astrology from the age of 20.

                “Respectful of others and great learner or instructor. Critical and thorough. Will win many hearts.”

I can’t say I’ve won many hearts. At some of the temporary jobs I’ve had in the last 18 years, I’ve been reasonably popular and at others people acted like I didn’t exist. The first two statements are true. ………… Dn

Degree:           Focus:         Hexagrams          Person/Event

17LE09 42 d    URA  H11   6L1:50L1: 8L1     Koresh, David: Cultist/Waco Tx

17LE20 59 d    VEN  H05   6L1:50L3: 2L6     Khan, Murshid Inayat: musician

17LE26 06 d    MON H11   6L1:50L3: 2L3     McCartney, Paul:Musician/Beatles

17LE32 27 d    DSC   H07   6L1:50L4:24L2    Baha, Abdul: Mystic

17LE34 23 d    ASC   H01   6L1:50L4:24L3    Trump,Donald: Millionaire Tycoon

17LE35@   d    PLU   H00   6L1:50L4:24L3    Ito, Lance A: Judge: Simpson trial

17LE52@   d    PLU   H00   6L1:50L6: 3L2     Sanchez,Rimierez:Carlos the Jackal

17LE58 01 d    PLU   H10   6L1:50L6: 3L5     Princess Anne:

Criticism about Weber in general:

Whereas I can relate to some of Weber’s comments, especially on the degrees in the first half of the zodiac, I think his comments on Capricorn and Aquarius degrees are generally too negative (I have the Midheaven and Mercury in Capricorn, and Venus, Jupiter and the Sun in Aquarius). In some cases he’s obviously influenced by earlier astrologers such as Sepharial (15° Aquarius and 18° Capricorn). Like many others his interpretation of 17° Aquarius has an overwhelming type of hopelessness.


My Sun is in 8°-9° Virgo.

8-9° VI (Weber): Superficial opportunistic Gemini here gives a double Mercurial emphasis widened mental interests curiosity, imagination, and desire to do everything and experience “all” – perhaps some things that are not so good. Loves the earth and travelling on it, often unfortunately. May manipulate too many mates and romantic attractions, creating troubles and hurts. Drawn to experimentation, transportation and common vocations. Is leisurely and fun loving- unaggressive nature contributes to friendliness and cooperation with all.

                Weber and other interpreters give the general implication that this is a degree of leisure or stagnation. I am very fond of my leisure and whenever I’m forced with any sort of responsibility I cringe. When I was younger I used to play in class instead of working on my studies or skip school altogether. I celebrated when I missed my 100th day of school by staying home sleeping in bed. I have always loved travelling to local or faraway places. Meeting new and interesting people and circumstances have given me some of the greatest joys of my life.

                I do have wide mental interests, curiosity and imagination and try to experience the wonders of life through as many avenues as I can and I feel very fortunate to be able to do this. …………md

Degree:         Focus:                                     Hexagrams        Person/Event

08VI04 49  d  SUN   H10   59L4:45L6:42L3   Clark, Marcia : Lawyer/Simpson

08VI12 31  d  VEN  H12   59L4:45L5:51L2   Sutherland, Donald: Actor

08VI20 34  d  VEN  H10   59L4:45L4:21L1   Ferguson, Sarah:

My Descendant is at 2°39’ Scorpio.

2°- 3° SC (Weber): Air influence positive here, due to Libra. Careful thoughtful attentive degree; checks every angle and possibility. Deep thinker, but often slow to act Fixed star Princeps in constellation Bootis reflects contemplative mental quality- good researcher or analyst thorough cooperative, helps to solve mysteries of life Meditative, occult pursuits may lead to fatalism or surrender: sacrificing all ambition (Aries opposite Libra) perhaps as an idle wanderer or free-floater. Romance should be favorable, although the grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence.

                “Air influence positive here, due to Libra. Careful, thoughtful, attentive degree; checks every angle and possibility. Deep thinker, but often slow to act.”

Very true. I do research before making any major decisions, and like to discuss things with people whose opinions I value. Other people get annoyed that the process takes so long.

                “Fixed star Princeps in constellation Bootes reflects contemplative mental quality – good researcher or analyst, thorough, cooperative, helps to solve mysteries of life.”

This describes me, and the way I use astrology in particular.

                “Meditative, occult pursuits may lead to fatalism or surrender, sacrificing all ambition (Aries opposite Libra) perhaps as an idle wanderer or free-floater.”

I’ve always been a fighter even when the odds are against me. I still have ambition though not as much as I had 20 years ago. I’ve done some wandering around the North American heartland and New England, but I had specific goals. I am sometimes tempted to continue wandering but I’ve stayed put in Toronto for 8 years and feel there may be just one more move someday, but not wandering.

                “Romance should be favourable, although the grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence.”

No, there has not been real romance in my life. ……….dn

Degree:           Focus:         Hexagrams            Person/Event

02SC14 33 d    ASC   H01   39L3:56L2:43L4     Mays, Kimberly: Switched as baby

02SC16 59 d    NEP   H05   39L3:56L2:43L2     Bambenek, Lawrencia Bambi

02SC18 15 d    NEP   H03   39L3:56L2:43L2     Ciccione, Madonna: Singing star

02SC35@   d    NEP   H00   39L3:56L4:44L3     Jackson, Michael: Dancer/singer

02SC42 53 d    SUN   H01   39L3:56L5:28L2     Picasso, Pablo: Painter

02SC48 24 d    SUN   H05   39L3:56L5:28L6     Clinton, Hilary: 1st Lady USA

02SC53 07 d    MAR  H01   39L3:56L6:50L2     Princess Anne

My Ascendant is in 12°-13° Scorpio.

12-13° SC (Weber): Aquarian imagination and inventive skills, with heavy emphasis on mental”air” elements gives self-sufficiency, cleverness, futuristic plans, idealism with Scorpio exacting cunning, logic and persuasion.Perhaps too self-reliant to listen to others helpful advice. Typical Scorpio willpower, useful in any vocation requiring concentrated effort or mental determination Seldom contented always reaching, ready to take from others anything unprotected or undeserved Able to protect its own- position, family, romances. Often misplaced psychic powers; must avoid dangers of dawdling in power trips and selfishness.

                Everything that is indicated here is true. I do have imaginative inventive ability which comes quite naturally to me, and I apply this quality to my work habits, as well as to my everyday common chores, to the awe or irritation of others. My father could never understand how or why I went about mowing the lawn the way I did. I am never aware of how strange I go about doing something until someone comes along and points it out. Yes, I am very self-sufficient, sometimes I surprise myself. Clever? Perhaps. Futuristic? Idealist? Very much so, but most of the time it’s all just fancy dreams, although I do try to make those thoughts somewhat practical. Oh, and yes! I do appreciate other people’s help and advice, but I take it very seldom only – because I feel I’m already ahead of their ideas. My willpower and concentrative effort is very strong. I usually let things go to the last minute (like these degree interpretations), but if I set my mind to do anything I’m always able to get it done. Seldom contented, always reaching? Yes – but not so obsessive. Or maybe? Who knows? As far as being ready to take from others anything unprotected or undeserved, is for me, instinctive. I feel this is a transformative quality because I will take from those situations and instinctively give to others what I have taken, whether it may send me to hell or not. I am never worried of protecting what I feel is important to me. “All my enemies have a healthy respect for me,” kinda thing.

                There is no doubt that I possess psychic powers, however, like Weber indicates they are misplaced, or more accurately in my case, undisciplined. Just last week I was being told by some kind of energy to play the 649. It kept it up all week and I was too lazy to buy a ticket and sure enough, 5 of my regular numbers came up! I could’ve won thousands!

                I am quite aware of my lust for power and I am also somewhat selfish (people are constantly pointing this out to me and so it must be true). To tell the truth, it worries me how much I want power to the point of perversity. ………

Degree:           Focus:             Hexagrams            Person/Event

12SC01 34 d    JUP      H11     15L1: 8L6:14L6     Earthquake, Los Angeles

12SC11 03 d    MON   H10     15L1: 8L5:43L6     Bakker, Tammy Faye

12SC13 08 d    SUN     H09     15L1: 8L5:43L5     Rogers, Roy: Actor

12SC16 23 d    DSC     H07     15L1: 8L5:43L3     Simpson, Justin Ryan: son of OJ

12SC19 47 d    SUN     H02     15L1: 8L5:43L1     O’Neal, Tatum: Actress

12sc19 53  r     JUP      H02     10L1: 8L5:43L1     Pele: Soccer super star

12SC22 56 d    MAR    H04     15L1: 8L4: 1L5      Phillips, Mark

12sc23 03  r     SAT     H02     10L1: 8L4: 1L5      Pele: Soccer super star

12SC37 09 d    MER    H02     15L1: 8L3:44L5     O’Neal, Tatum            Actress

My Sun is in 28° Scorpio:

27°-28°SC: (Weber) Noble, aloof Leo is the center of a fire influence here, which is not complementary to Scorpio’s better qualities. Urged into leadership positions and hard work-can overcome obstacles and take up challenges wherever wished. Discerning, fun, dedicated, often misunderstood, often a devote follower of causes or church, filling the pews and the rank of file of unions, bureaucracies and political machines. Rarely breaks a promise, but doesn’t make many. Is relied upon, although occasionally missing the mark. Handsome, but often passive in romance.             

                I’ve been in a position where the role of leadership has been imposed upon me. An example of an unexpected placement was when I was working for a renovation company and a big job had to be started with the boss out of town. He was due to arrive before starting but the job starting date was pushed up a couple of days and I had to organize the job. I had to get equipment, temporary employees, make calls to the different suppliers and co-ordinate all these responsibilities smoothly. It was hectic but satisfying to pull it off smoothly until the boss arrived.

                I’m fun to be with so I’m told. Often misunderstood……….YES!! Family and friends. I went from selling cars and eating meat everyday to learning astrology, meditating, learning Ayurveda (basic Indian medicine. Natural) and am eating no more meat whatsoever. This happened almost two years ago and do you think they understand me or what I’m doing? NO!! They still ask what I’m doing what it’s all about even after I’ve spent evening upon evening during dinner explaining to them (the family) in the most simple manner possible. I still get puzzling looks and questions. I just shake my head and watch The Three Stooges. Some of you people are probably saying, “The Three Stooges!?!” It’s better than indulging in several Bloody Caesar’s an yapping off to the bartender. I rarely break a promise as said in the degree passage it’s the opposite situation when it comes to making them. I make too much and get myself into trouble and jams because of it. Handsome? Call for a photograph and you be the judge. Passive in romance? No, just truthful. I don’t like to be vain in romance. Does that make sense? I know what I mean. ……dd

Degree:         Focus:           Hexagrams            Person/Event

27SC05 38 r   JUP    H08     35L3:30L6: 8L3     Simpson, Nicole: Wife of OJ

27SC05 59 d  NEP   H08     35L3:30L6: 8L3     Kerrigan,Nancy:SkaterOlympic 94

27SC12 11 d  IC.     H04     35L3:30L5:23L5     Allen, Woody: Actor/producer

27SC28 51 d  MON H11     35L3:30L4: 2L1     Depardieu, Gerard: Actor

27SC32 38 d  JUP    H06     35L3:30L3:24L2     Campbell, Kim ex-PM Canada

27SC33 05 d  PLU   H11     35L3:30L3:24L2     Earthquake, Los Angeles

27SC46 22 r   JUP    H01     35L3:30L2:27L4     Uranus, Discovery of


My North Node is in 26° Sagittarius:

SA 26°(Kozminsky). UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE PLANET VENUS. Two girls on a see-saw gaily dressed, a man in motley in the centre holding a cup of wine in his hand. Denotes one who is attracted to the sport and gaieties of life, and to whom physical pleasures constitute the essence of existence. The native may indulge in extravagances and will feel the ups and downs of life. His philosophy favours the pursuit of happiness, and his mental gifts will be directed to the furtherance of his thoughts. It is a symbol of Pleasure.

                “Two girls on a see-saw gaily dressed, a man in motley in the centre holding a cup of wine (pleasure)”. The symbol means to me rather my sister and I on the see-saw with our father in the middle, with the wine representing his alcoholism. I can’t say I’m overly attracted to sport, the gaieties of life and the physical pleasures. The two girls gaily dressed reminds me of many close girlfriends during my childhood ………mmc

Degree:        Focus:              Hexagrams         Person/Event

25SA01 10   d  URA  H03   2L5:40L6:33L1  Nin, Anais         

25SA04 55   d  IC.     H04   2L5:40L6:33L3  Costner, Kevin Michael       Actor

25sa08 22 d  DSC       H01   1L5:40L6:33L6  Mandela,Nelson : Pres. S.Africa

25SA12 41   r   SAT   H07   2L5:40L5:31L2  Pfieffer, Michelle Marie: Actress

25SA22 46   d  ASC   H01   2L5:40L4:56L2  Depardieu, Gerard: Actor

25SA23 52   d  SUN   H02   2L5:40L4:56L3  Richards, Keith   : Rolling Stones

25SA25 07   d  MC.   H10   2L5:40L4:56L4  Khan, Murshid Inayat: musician

25SA44 28   d  URA  H10   2L5:40L2:53L3  Flight, First powered: Wright bros

25SA57 25   d  VEN  H05   2L5:40L1:39L5  Gauquelin, Michel: Astrologer,

My I.C. is at Capricorn 11° 51’:

CP12°(Kozminsky) . UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE PLANET MARS. A man in full armour, visor up, holding his two hands on the hilt of his sword, the point of which pierces the ground.  Denotes courage and self confidence. The native often meets danger or anxiety face to face, and is ever prepared to repel it when it comes. His sword is always ready, but he presses the point to earth, for he knows the power of the spirit, above all material force. It is a symbol of Striving.

                I can relate to the Martian influence on my I.C.. I’m very competitive and sometimes too much so if I don’t reflect what I’m doing. I’m also motivated by sex, too much, but I’m learning to understand these manifestations and using the energy more positively. It’s not easy but I’m progressing slowly and surely.

                A lot of people, actually almost no one, knows where I’m coming from and I see this symbol as a realization of surrendering your spirit to a higher power. With the “visor up”, I see that as a time where one finally realizes that aggression and war is non-productive and the rest of the sentence, “…holding his two hands on the hilt of his sword, the point of which pierces the ground.” depicts me, at the present time of my life, looking for real answers to life instead of fighting and competing. Instead of the sword it’s my ego I’m pointing down towards the ground allowing the spirit to rise above the selfish ego. This new turn is really what motivates me now in my life. It’s where I’m coming from and everyday when I wake up I strive to become a better person in order to live a more meaningful life.

                In order to meet “…danger or anxiety face to face.” you need courage and self-confidence and I’ve always realized that deep down inside and being a Scorpio I can’t back down from any imposing situation. But instead of fighting with a Martian attitude I’m presently realizing ways that are more profound and healing to meet these dangers and anxiety which is spiritually, “…presses the point to earth, for he knows the power of the spirit, above all material force.”… Dd

Degree:            Focus:          Hexagrams             Person/Event

11CP00 12 d    DSC   H07   27L6:20L6:58L1     Griffin, Merv: Entertainer

11CP06 02 d    MON H04   27L6:20L6:58L4     Lennox, Annie: Eurythmics

11CP06 13 d    NEP   H07   27L6:20L6:58L4     Montreal Massacre:14 students

11CP07 07 d    SUN   H11   27L6:20L6:58L5     Bakker, Jim Orson: TV Evangelist

11CP10 07 d    MC.   H10   27L6:20L5:10L1     United Nations

11CP14 29 d    MAR  H01   27L6:20L5:10L3     Cayce, Edgar: spiritualist

11CP40 28 d    MON H09   27L6:20L2: 9L6     Farrow, Mia: Actress


My IC is in 29° Scorpio.

29°Scorpio (Bardon) Horasul – controls all irrigation in our physical world. He inspires man how to make use of the powers of water, how, for instance, to install an artificial irrigation of the soil, or how to let water work artificially, according to his wish, in a river bed. Horasul is the inspirer of the most simple water mills as well as the most up to date hydro-electric power stations, of the canals built for shipping, and the like. He entrusts the magician with many novelties concerning irrigation and the use of waters in the distant future.

                I do believe in the healing power of water, whether it is a lake, a river, or an ocean….hot or cold! I like to stop and contemplate by the shores. I have jumped 60 feet into a waterfall near Thunder Bay. I also have a special waterfall/ rapids in northern Ontario where I go to sit in as the water crashes around me. I often rent a small boat and travel by myself for miles along an unknown river and by the ocean. I love thunder storms and blizzards. I do consider myself to have a special mystical and healing relationship to water and snow. I find water to be deeply motivating. It seems like home to me. ….ra

Degree:       Focus:             Hexagrams        Person/Event

28SC10 40 d  NEP       H01   35L2:49L5:51L1 Phoenix, River: died overdose

28SC21 10 d  NEP       H03   35L2:49L4:21L1 Ismail, RahgibRocket: Footbll Star

28SC26 37 d  MON     H03   35L2:49L4:21L4 Lang, K.D.: Country Singer

28SC37 49 d  MC.       H10   35L2:49L3:17L5 Arnold, Roseanne: Comedian

28SC37 49 d  MC.       H10   35L2:49L3:17L5 King, Coretta:Wife/Martin Luther

28SC44 05 d  NNd       H08   35L2:49L2:25L3 Khan, Murshid Inayat: musician

28SC46 08 d  SUN       H11   35L2:49L2:36L3 Benedict XV, Pope

28SC47 05 d  MC.       H10   35L2:49L2:36L2 Gretzky, Wayne  Hockey star

My Moon is at 16° of Virgo:

16°Virgo (Bardon) Basanola – Since this head controls all vegetation, he may be regarded as the protector of agriculture and forestry. He is an expert- in this respect, and the magician who gets into touch with him may learn a great deal from him. Apart from giving methods and instructions for effecting a good growth of plants, this head also instructs the magician in special magic-quabbalistic methods by which growth of plants can be accelerated or delayed, depending on what the magician wishes .

                At the first sight, this description doesn’t seem to fit with my personality. I’m not interested in plants and forest. Actually, I am the perfect townswoman. In a larger sense, my interpretation would be the need of growing, learning and teaching. My Moon is conjunct Pluto in the 9 th house and I have Sagittarius Rising. I am very interested in tarot, astrology and New Age movements which are, in my case, a way of learning and growing. The communication of knowledge is also very important, for me that is an important part of the growing process. …….vm

Degree:       Focus:             Hexagrams        Person/Event

15VI00 51 d  SUN       H01   29L3:24L1:33L1 Sellers, Peter: Actor

15VI14 22 r   VEN      H12   29L3:24L2:31L3 Koresh,David: Cult leader/Waco

15VI17 30 d  URA      H06   29L3:24L2:31L5 Khan, Murshid Inayat: musician

15VI36@ d  PLU       H00   29L3:24L4:62L4 Lepine, Marc: Mass Murderer

15VI48@ d  MAR      H00   29L3:24L5:53L5 Johnson, Magic: Basketball star

15VI50@ r   VEN      H00   29L3:24L6:39L1 Johnson, Magic: Basketball star


My MC is in the 29th degree of Taurus.

TA 29° (Leinbach): This degree is widely contradictory. And the two extremes may exist in the same person. There is potential mathematical and scientific ability, and at the same time a tendency to create and live in a dream world of his own. When the native is rebuffed or feels a sense of failure there is the temptation to withdraw. And yet his capacity to achieve is great. Many times this person gives up without a struggle especially if that dream world is comfortably constructed and the life situation is one that does not demand attention to daily details. Many daily details are of such a nature that they can be performed without much awareness but are accomplished by rote habit. When such is the case this native’s ability risks to stay dormant. Alcoholism is also a possibility here, although there really is no need for alcohol to escape into the fantasy dream world. There is also a magnetism here which may attract so-called karma or heavy problems to be dealt with or the magnetism may attract other people who add zest to the life.

My status and career does seem to be a double headed monster at times. However I do feel very accomplished in this area. My father (M.C.) was a Gemini who also had a two sided influence on me. First I had to rebel to get away from early violence and abuse. Second, I did in time gain respect from my father and by the end of his life we reached a place of “no guilts remaining”. This represents a definite duality to me.

In my career as an astrologer my mathematical and scientific ability has always been highlighted through my charts and my astrological program. On my high school matriculation I had 100% in my several math and chemistry exams. I was planning to be a scientist from an early age. My image of being a scientist was sitting at a desk drawing circular charts and graphs!

I also have an artistic side to my accomplishments, which has led many to believe that I live in a dream world, or at least not their sense of a real world. I have designed an built a musical instrument that can play a person’s horoscope. I have worked extensively with colour in my presentations of astrology, and I have been involved in several musical, dance, or theatrical productions.

I sometimes take offense at ignorant or flippant criticism when one is striving to develop a creative work. There is a time and a place, and a correct manner of delivery for such criticism. Besides most creative works carry on in spite of criticisms and doubts. My solution is to withdraw, especially from inconsiderate musical opinions.

With regards to daily details, I do work rather hard, but can end up with many piles of unfinished business. It may appear dormant tro others, but it rarely is! I do hold to a fairly regular daily routine. I do like a drink at times, but I can escape quite easily without one! ……….ra

Degree:       Focus:             Hexagrams        Person/Event

28TA37 49   d  IC.     H04   5L2:49L3:17L5 Arnold, Roseanne: Comedian

28TA37 49   d  IC.     H04   5L2:49L3:17L5  King, Coretta:Wife/Martin Luther

28TA37 56   d  SUN   H05   5L2:49L3:17L5  Little, Malcolm X: PoliticalActivist

28TA47 04   r   PLU   H03   5L2:49L2:36L2 Picasso, Pablo: Painter

28TA47 05   d  IC.     H04   5L2:49L2:36L2 Gretzky, Wayne: Hockey star

28TA50 47   d  JUP    H09   5L2:49L1:22L6 Vatican City

28ta51@ d  JUP        H00   35L2:49L1:22L6 Jouret, Luc: Cultist/Solar Temple