The I Ching System

By Robin Armstrong

My Sun is in the 28th degree of Scorpio.

       in Hexagram 35, with a special focus on line 3.


“The hexagram represents the sun rising over the earth.  It is therefor the symbol of rapid, easy progress, which at the same time means ever widening expansion and clarity.”

      I find that waking up early is more fulfilling.  I accomplish more and my physical vitality is always up a couple notches.  When I wake up hours after sun rise I find that it takes me more to get started and less is completed.  The “widening expansion and clarity” becomes “narrow expansion and clarity.”

THE JUDGMENT              

“Progress. The powerful prince  Is honoured with horses in large numbers.

In a single day he is granted audience three times.”

      When I was nineteen I was a foreman supervising a shift in a factory that manufactured plastic containers.  There were three shifts with about a dozen people on each shift.  The factory was new at the time so we had a lot of people come and go on every shift.  We had men and women, mostly women from the temporary employee agency.  These “horses” were mostly wild and needed to be tamed.  Each person had to be trained.

      I supervised on every shift on two week intervals.  Production on the shift I supervised was always above satisfactory.  Progress was made overall for the whole company but within a year the doors closed.

      Personally, progress was also made.  I was always a shy person so to deal with all these people was a challenge.  I was very nervous and soon realized that every person is the same regardless of where they are in their individual lives.  Because of this realization I felt more confident of myself and became stronger as a leader and making decisions.

“As an example of progress, this pictures a time when a powerful feudal lord rallies the other lords around the sovereign and pledges fealty and peace.”

      I am one to initiate peace and tranquillity.  I feel no one achieves anything when they hold a grudge against each other.  That attitude, in my eyes, is futile and vain.

“The sovereign rewards him richly and invites him to a closer intimacy.”

      The fruits that are harvested from the peace and fealty mentioned in the previous line is prevalent here.  When I work problems out this the result.  The bond grows stronger and more resilient.

“A two-fold idea is set forth here.  The actual effect of the progress emanates from a man who is in a dependent position and whom the others regard as their equal and are therefore willing to follow.”

        I’m naturally a personable person.  Because it’s natural the sincerity of my actions are sensed.  Because of this it’s makes me somewhat influential.  I’ve never abused this quality.

“…clarity of vision not to abuse his great influence…”

        The clarity comes from my sense of morals.  And with the sense of what’s right and wrong I’ve never misplayed anyone’s trust in me.  I’ve been always strongly aware of my actions and the consequences of them.

“…showers presents on the great man…”

        I’m very resourceful.  Anything I need I have or have access to.  With friends, the few close ones I have, will do anything for me when I ask.  This willingness has come from not undermining their trust and openness.  I don’t have to say to much and their assistance is ready and able. …….DD

Also in this  28th Degree of Scorpio:

Degree               Focus on:          Hexagrams:           Person/Event:

27SC05 59  d    NEP  in H08    35L3:30L6: 8L3    “Kerrigan, Nancy Skater”

27SC33 05  d    PLU  in H11    35L3:30L3:24L2  “Earthquake, Los Angeles”

27SC34 17  d    VTX in H05    35L3:30L3:24L3  “Griffin, Merv Entertainer” 27SC46 22            r               JUP         in            H01                        35L3:30L2:27L4 “Uranus, Discovery of”