Letter: Al H. Morrison, B.A.

25 September 1974

Canadian Independent Astrologers Order

20 Draper Street

Toronto, Ontario M5V 2M4


Dear Colleagues:

Now that I am back in my own country and have had a moment to think about it:

Thank you for the extraordinary honor of being invited to be with you at your first national convention!  I enjoyed every minute I was there.

My feeling is that CIAO fills a world need. A great nation like Canada should have a strong national organization to represent our astrological community within its own realm. Such a forum as you now provide can inspire the astrologers of Canada as nothing else can. The world needs an organized clear expression from Canada, in all disciplines.

I am impressed by the vigor and youth of your leadership, and with the well organized and sensible conduct of your convention.

The materials presented, as far as I could catch them, all deserve full presentation as articles in some forthcoming scholarly Canadian journal. I am delighted with the generally high level of competence amongst you.

Can we anticipate that you will distribute such a journal outside of Canada ? I want to subscribe!

All best regards,

A1 H. Morrison

(Al H. Morrison is President of the Astrologers’ Guild of America Inc., and Executive Secretary of the Congress of Astrological Organizations.)