The Sabian Symbols by Marc Edmund Jones

by Robin Armstrong

My natal Moon is in the 20th degree of Cancer.

CANCER 20 (Jones) Gondoliers in a serenade

        To me this contains the idea of fellowship and comradery. Whistling while one works. I have for the better part of my life felt a tremendous high when in harmony with a group. The odd thing is that I was never encouraged nor allowed to sing, especially by my teachers at school. But then I did not really find myself until after I left home. I have always tried to play one instrument or another but not around other people. The idea of singing together with friends is an ideal of mine. Singing is often replaced by chanting. I have done a lot of that!

This is a symbol of the ever-exuberant music of life itself, and is an emphasis on experience as a symphony of co-operative relationships.

        I do feel that the essence of life is musical. It is the foundations of my understanding of astrology, planetary and human relationships. I designed and built a musical instrument “The Celestial Harp” to play a person’s horoscope because I believe the musical application of astrology is healing.

The divisions of labor which create a human society are here brought to high consummation in the expanding development of selfhood and its functions.

      I do feel that I have spent much of my life in working towards something that will contribute to the education and evolution of human society. I feel we come into this world and have a choice. I have made mine …… many times!

The capacity of the individual spirit for participation in the basic stream of events is exalted momentarily in a contribution to the imagination and the hunger of the soul.

      I have the capacity to live deeply in the moment, At times it seems like I take everything too personally, but when I am in tune and alert to the flow of the challenges around me, I usually rise to the demands of the occasion in dramatic style. In fact when I can’t do that I feel very isolated.

The keyword is SENTIMENT. When positive, the degree is a perfecting of those personal traits and inclinations which bring an enduring satisfaction to every immediate situation, and when negative, a retreat of self from all worth-while reality.

      Getting into the immediate situation fully is a basic need in my life.. For me, pulling away into my feelings is the necessary means to get back to reality. I need to be clear inside before things can be clear outside. To some this could be interpreted as escaping from reality, but to me it is catching up with it again.

The formula is: sustaining-critical-universal-generalizing-physical-inspired.

Sustaining = feminine sign….to me reflecting is a more appropriate word.

Critical = cardinal sign….I can relate to this but activating seems more like it. I act on my feelings.

Universal = water sign… I do feel a need to include everything and every one. I need to feel connected to the universe in a very personal and immediate manner.

Generalizing = last half of sign…. I have trouble with this association, but I do make assumptions once I feel a certain way. I assume if I can feel or do it, so can everyone. My mother never hit me so I assumed that all women must be soft and safe! This Moon is in Cancer! I have, after several marriages,  come to realize that this is not always true.

Physical = (15 to 20 Cancer) …. I do have strong feelings about my body. This can make me detach at times, but usually I come out obsessive and impulsive. I don’t like to be touched without my own feelings giving approval.

Inspired = my feelings when secure do lead me to major inspirations. I feel that there is a river of inspiration running through life. Some people are fulfilled by one unique idea or inspiration. Myself I have always felt it necessary to be one with the whole river.

          This last category is based on sequential 5 degree divisions around the zodiac. This is a pentan system. Perhaps I can separate out this list.

In conclusion, the symbol, the interpretation, and the formula all seemed to lead to very direct and meaningful personal associations that involved my moon and personal feelings and needs. I had to break down what seemed to be Jones’ rambling verbosity into single sentences. When I slowed them down they made good sense. The keyword Sentiment is an apt one to describe me.

The formula opened many more doors than I expected it to.

Examples of others with the moon in this degree are:John Hazelrigg the mystical astrologer, Sir Henry Irving a Brittish actor, and Grant Lewi the astrologer, editor of Horoscope magazine.

I don’t know the actor, but these two astrologers and their works have held my respect and fascination for many years. I really do have a positive feeling towards and identification with both of these men. They feel like an inner family to me. Both were Geminis and I am a Libra… at least we all have air suns as well.

On close scrutiny Jones still stands up to the test of excellence. I just had to slow down and listen.

I think that in today’s television and electronic world, Jones’ brilliance might be overlooked. We seem to want all the information fast and spelled out easily for us. If you work with Jones’ Sabian Symbols they seem to pay significant rewards.

Also in the 20th degree of Cancer:

Degree            Focus on:          Hexagrams:             Person/Event:

19CA06 26 d  ASC    in   H01  32L2:51L1:63L3 Schwarzenegger, Arnold Actor

19CA12 09 r   PLU    in   H10  32L2:51L2:37L5    Dean, James: actor

19CA31@  d  MAR  in   H00  32L2:51L4:30L6    Mulroney, Mila

                                                                                          Wife of ex-PM of Canada

19CA37 38 d  NEP    in   H05  32L2:51L4:30L2    “Price,Vincent Actor/horror

My Natal I.C.(4th House Cusp) at 17°37’ CA

CA 18° (Jones): A hen scratching for her chicks.

Am I the hen or the chicks? I have played the hen’s role most often, most recently as a pet sitter.

“This is a symbol of the maximum protection which life at large will provide for the individual in general, here given emphasis on the personal side. There are always high rewards for any effort which is self-consistent or industrious at base, and by the reverse implication of the symbolism it is always possible for human creativity to endow its own manifestations with a gift of self-continuousness.”

I had a reputation for being self-consistent and industrious as early as grade school. The only reward I got was good grades, which didn’t mean much to me. As an adult, I’ve engaged in many futile efforts, such as the constant search for a better job, and horrible long searches for affordable housing . I’ve been self-consistent and industrious at studying astrology and hope to make it a profession.

“ Normality is exalted in the simple business of self being. The keyword is PROVISION. When positive, the degree is a marked capacity for meeting every demand of existence advantageously and with a persisting self-fulfillment, and when negative, idle bustle and unprofitable labor.”

My employment history is an example of the negative side of this degree, with my efforts and on-the job achievements generally unrewarded. I have also burned up a lot of energy trying to find better jobs. On the positive side, people are amazed at my ability to budget so carefully that I stretch out my income more than anyone else thought possible. I’ve lived in four U.S. states and in Ontario. Those moves appeared to be idle bustle to many people, but for me they were a means of broadening my perspective and seeing different parts of North America from a resident’s point of view.

Also in the 18th degree of Cancer:

Degree               Focus on:                                          Hexagrams: Person/Event:

17CA05 12 d    PLU    in H11  50L6: 3L1: 8L3   Vatican City

17CA20 30 d    VTX   in H08  50L6: 3L3: 2L6   Glenn, John Astronaut

17CA21 59 d    PLU    in H02  50L6: 3L3: 2L5   Gauquelin, Francoise                                                                                                        Scientist/astrological

17CA31@  d    MON  in H00  50L6: 3L4:24L1  Lepine, Marc Mass Murderer

17CA31@  d    VEN   in  H5/6 50L6: 3L4:24L1  Carl Jung, Psychologist

17CA33 37 r     PLU    in H05  50L6: 3L4:24L3  Armstrong-Jones, Anthony

17CA59 53 d    MON  in H10  50L6: 3L6: 3L6   Atom Bomb, Hiroshima

                                                                                        Age of Nuclear War began

My Natal Moon is at 22°08’ Virgo.

VIRGO 23° (Jones): “An animal trainer”

I’ve had fantasies of being a professional animal trainer and years ago made enquiries about training Seeing Eye or Hearing Ear dogs. As a teenager, I was the one who gave some basic obedience training to our new dog. Now I’m especially interested in animals’ understanding of human language. I’ve been trying to teach my can phrases beyond the range of the usual house cat, such as “I’m going to WORK”, which means “you stay inside”, and “Do you want to see your FRIEND?” who lives down the street.

“This is a symbol of the organic integrity of the world at large, evident here in man’s gift for using all its interweaving relationships to impose his ideas and desires on lesser forms of life.”

I take issue with the phrase “lesser forms of life”. It’s true I sometimes have to impose my desires on companion animals, but I’ve always tried to understand the animals’ point of view to see what they could tell me. I walk my cat on a leash. The leash was my idea; taking walks with me was HIS idea.

“Implicit in the symbolism is the fact that an individual will be conditioned more and more hopelessly by his environment and experience if he fails to give continual attention to his own potentials and to the self-discipline he must have to develop them. He finds that he can do everything for which he is able to enlist the whole of himself. ”

I’ve always been extremely self-disciplined, but have often worked to the point of exhaustion. I’ve had some success, but many failures. I use astrology to constantly remind myself of my potentials.

“The keyword is RESOLUTENESS. When positive, the degree is illimitable patience and adroitness in personal accomplishment, and when negative, futile show-off and idle boasting.”

          I’ve generally been extremely patient in working for long-range goals, through mid-life crises have worn that patience thin. …… DN

Also in the 23rd degree of Virgo:

Degree           Focus on:        Hexagrams:         Person/Event:

22VI04 57 d  NEP  in H07  4L2:25L1:14L4   Knievel, Evel Daredevil

22VI17 12 d  IC.    in H04  4L2:25L2:43L2   Griffin, Merv Entertainer

22VI36 17 d  NDs  in H06  4L2:36L3:44L4   1st manned moon Landing                                                                                                                    Armstrong, Neil

22VI49 53 d  JUP   in H03  4L2:36L2:28L6   Atom Bomb, First

23VI @          NEP  in   H00                                  Gordon Lightfoot, singer

My natal Sun in the 28th Degree of Scorpio.

Scorpio 28 (Jones) “The king of the fairies approaching his domain.”

(1)This is a symbol of the eternal promise underlying all inner self-realization, since any actual fullness of life is altogether independent of the passing state of affairs in a world of time and space. (2)Implicit in the symbolism is the futility of man’s common reliance on people and things through some mere accident of contact. (3)Outer reality takes the form with which he endows it as he exercises his sovereignty over its various potentials in the creative realms of his own imagination. (4)The keyword is ALLEGIANCE. When positive, the degree is a special competence of inward vision and a consequent outward perspective of high effectiveness, and when negative, capricious self-indulgence.

When I think of the symbolism I think of my thoughts. My thoughts being “the fairies” and “the king” being the focus of my thought. Up until October/November of 93’ I never meditated and my mind were full of reveries. I decided to learn how to meditate and now I find myself becoming centered, focused and directed. The reveries are transforming into concentration leading me, as written as the last word of the symbolism, to my “domain.”

  (1)Keyword for me in this sentence is “eternal promise”. Growing up I’ve always wondered about life inside of my own self. I’ve always asked “why” and the answers were always the same, “Wait until you grow up.” When I was getting older I would hear, “don’t worry about it….”, but being me that wasn’t enough. Promises were made that things will just fall into place. Naively I believed that since it were my elders giving me guidance. Guidance. I laugh at that now . It was the blind leading the blind as I see it now. These innate worries and insatiable curiosities drove me to find the truth. The poorly thought promise was easily broken. I needed to find answers. I needed to find truth. Nothing I was told held any water. So, presently in my life I’m searching the “eternal promise” by studying astrology and all related topics. And now, only now I find what I’m doing and learning can hold water. It can hold an eternal abundance of water.

  (2)One thing I’ve learned is that we attract the experiences that cross our path in life. Ignoring them is futile but being open to responsibility of them drops the seed that will reap abundance of fruits. I’ve taken responsibility and my animosity towards those “negative experiences” has been reduced incredibly. I’ve been able to see the good in most of my experiences, working towards seeing the good in everything and everyone.

  (3)Talk about deep. I sat and pondered this statement for a while before I conjured up a correlation.

What came to mind is the belief, which has been abused in society but very real and true, “whatever the mind can conceive, you can achieve”. It’s mind over matter which I deeply believe in. I believe that we all have a choice in any matter and I’ve always tapped into the “creative realms of his imaginations” to realize that choices are abundance and we are only limited in them due to social conditioning. Who’s to say any different? It’s only words that puts limits. Very few of my friends see the light the way I do and the friends that don’t……….well………………………….

  (4)I’ve been studying immensely. Studying astrology, spirituality and related topics initiated the development of my “inward vision” which I’ve never really had. By being immersed in them I’ve been seeing the light I’ve always had. Alot that I’ve learned has been profound and exciting and

some has not been really new to me because I’ve always had similar beliefs and ideologies. It’s just that I’ve never had enough confidence in myself to follow my instincts. Now they are being reinforced and will be sustained eternally. Being on this path of studies has allowed me to see myself for who I really am and to see the light of life. And being on this path I hope to project as much “outward perspective of high effectiveness” as possible and deflect the temptations of “capricious self-indulgence.”………..dd

Also in this 28th Degree of Scorpio:

Degree                Focus on:        Hexagrams:          Person/Event:

27SC05 59    d   NEP  in H08  35L3:30L6: 8L3    Kerrigan, Nancy : Skater

27SC33 05    d   PLU  in H11  35L3:30L3:24L2  Earthquake, Los Angeles

27SC34 17    d   VTX  in H05  35L3:30L3:24L3  Griffin, Merv Entertainer

27SC46 22    r    JUP   in H01  35L3:30L2:27L4  Uranus, Discovery of