Kozminsky’s Degree System

by Isidore Kozminsky

My Midheaven is at 11 51′ Cancer

CA 12°(Kozminsky) . UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE PLANET  VENUS: .An avenue of trees bending before a destructive  wind-storm, the rich golden leaves of autumn  falling thickly.   Denotes one whose thoughts will be directed to  securing a competency for himself in old age,  and who will labour hard to accomplish his desire.  His love of quiet is disturbed and outraged, and  he will be shaken by storms as a tree in the wind.  Still he fights on in gloom or sunshine, passing  sadness on the way. It is a symbol of Bending.


My Moon is at 16° Virgo


Denotes a thinker of thoughts, but slightly regarded by the mass of present-day earth men, who seeks for rights, feeling the silent appeal of beauty and the cry of oppressed humanity. He is a deep, sensitive nature-poetic, romantic and full of action. It is a symbol of luminosity.

I like this symbol of feeling the beauty and cry of oppressed people. I think that really defines a strong aspect of my personality and relates to my profession as a  counselor for assaulted women.  It is very easy for me to help people. Because of my sensitive nature I can go deep inside someone and understand their exact needs.

The interpretation of this degree is very different from Jones or Rudhyar. I think that the similarity Kozminsky has with Jones and Rudhyar is the need to fight to understand other people’s behavior.

Isidore Komisky talks more about sensation which is my every day reality. His explanation is more reflective. But the Sabian Symbols talk more about the challenge in my life and what I need to do to succeed in life. The description of being sensitive to oppressed people and romantism seem to be more Pisces than Virgo.

The flame is the passion and emotion I feel inside and the way I come across to people: nice, caring, and always looking for excitement. .vm

Degree            Focus on:       Hexagrams:         Person/Event

15VI00 51  d  SUN in H01     29L3:24L1:33L1   Sellers, Peter,Comedian,

15VI14 22  r   VEN in H12    29L3:24L2:31L3   Koresh, David,Cult leader/Waco Tx

My Ascendant is at 10°02′ Libra

LIBRA 11°(Kozminsky) . UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE PLANET  SATURN.A crow with a large rat in its beak.

Denotes one who is liable to be assailed by  powerful enemies, but who, being conscious of his  own strength, is content to wait patiently until  by frequent attacks they fall at last into his power.  He is gifted with patience and sagacity, understanding and diplomacy. It is a symbol of  Defiance.

Being under the influence of Saturn is accurate for me since I have Saturn opposing my ascendant I do come across Saturnine.  I’m shy and quiet when I meet people for the first time.  When I’m faced with a situation or environment that is foreign to me I always take it slowly no matter what.  In most cases I’ll take the time to first see where who, what, and where things are before I can loosen up and feel comfortable.  That is usually the impression I give off to people, shy, timid and quiet.

I can relate to the symbol of defiance and the rest of the symbol.  In relationship to the symbol I always try doing things that are not supposed to be done or do things when people tell me they can’t be done.  I can’t accept people’s word unless I try things for myself.  A couple of years ago I was selling cars and I remember when I told my family of what I decided to do before my first day at the dealership.  They all thought I wouldn’t do well or last long because of my shy and timid quality.  Did I let their attitude decide my fate?  Not one bit.  I knew I was timid and shy and if I were to be successful in selling some cars I had to break out of  my shell.  In an act of defiance I took on the position and to my benefit and surprise I overcame my shyness and timidity and sold some cars.  It took time(Saturn) but I persevered and made it…..dd

Degree            Focus on:       Hexagrams:         Person/Event

10LI06 36   d  MAR in H04   31L5: 9L6:19L4    Gates III,  William Henry..                                                                                                            Founder of Microsoft Corp

10LI39 38   r   NEP in H05    31L5: 9L3:61L6    Quayle, Dan..Vice President USA

10LI40 43   d  SNd in H08     31L5: 9L2:54L1    Meher Baba, Sri..Parsi Guru

10LI56 29   d  NEP in H05    31L5: 9L1:38L4    Battle,  Kathleen..Soprano

My Sun is at 23°18’ Libra

LI 24°(Kozminsky). UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE PLANET  MERCURY  A whirlwind scattering a mass of papers into  the air.

Denotes one who will suffer from an over-confident nature that neglects those details which  insignificant as they may appear, are as necessary  for the safeguarding of his interests as water is  to earth. His mentality is good, and he is capable  of useful mental work, but he may lose the results  of his labours and suffer thereby in many ways.  It is a symbol of Entrapping.

The influence of Mercury here gives power and purpose to my ideas.

As a kid I won a trip to New York. It was a rainy Sunday. A bunch of us made paper airplanes out of the entire New York City Telephone Directory and we sent them flying from the hotel window far above 42nd and Lexington.

The concept of oral versus written teaching arises for me. I have at times thrown knowledge to the wind and to the sea. I may be overconfident at times, but I don’t usually neglect mental details.

I have lost the results of my labours many times. Yes, perhaps it was a kind of suffering, but it was also a process of growth, detachment, and progress. …..ra

Degree            Focus on:       Hexagrams:         Person/Event

23LI42 09   d  MAR in H02   62L6:47L2:46L2   Sutherland, Donald..Actor

23LI47 43   d  VTX in H06    62L6:47L2: 6L2    Jordan, Michael Jeffry..

                                                                                   Basketball Star

My Jupiter is in the 5th Degree of Scorpio.

SC 05°(Kozminsky). UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE PLANET  JUPITER. An ancient temple from which shoot forth forks  of electricity.

Denotes one singularly gifted and of great power  of observation who has ability to turn even the thoughts of old-world philosophies into forms of materialistic triumph. He is disposed to regard  the thoughts of men and to ponder over, consider,  and utilize what most people would cast aside as  useless. Failures do not daunt his spirit, for he  knows that success comes from repeated failures.  He ” attempts the end and does not stand to  doubt.” It is a symbol of Achievement.

Jupiter in a Jupiter degree …. the story of my life has been travelling, learning, and teaching.

The symbol to me is uncanny. After spending two years in a temple in the heart of India, meditating in a black room without daylight or direct contact with anyone else, the vision that eventually came to me was a huge storm in which lightning struck  the temple and hit me. This was for me the main moment of enlightenment in my life. I should say enlightningment.

My vision was one of ancient philosophies of how the I Ching and the Zodiac were one and the same cosmology.

Re:  ‘materialistic triumph’ ….. well I survived! (Bodily and mentally). I survived on light other than the Sun’s for several years. I have spent my life trying to manifest this vision in physical ways. I designed and built a musical instrument to play a person’s horoscope and to play the I Ching as well.

God is in the simplest and most seemingly useless things.

A symbol of ‘Achievement”. ….It is significant to me!  …ra

Degree            Focus on:       Hexagrams:         Person/Event

04SC27 39  d  NEP in H02    39L5:53L3:59L2   Koresh, David..Cult leader/Waco Tx

04SC59 11  d  MC. in H10     39L5:53L6: 7L1    Signoret, Simone..Author

My IC is at 28°50’ Scorpio

SC 29°(Kozminsky). UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE PLANET  MERCURY. A university professor lecturing to his students

Denotes one of an entirely capable and trained  mind who is enabled to throw some little light  on the darker problems of life. He is fearless  and cultivated, expressing theories and sticking  to facts. His influence will sway many and his  personality will win him confidence. It is a  symbol of Performance.

With my IC in a Mercury degree, I am motivated by ideas and deep thoughts.

The professor symbol is most appropriate as I have taught astrology for over 20 years running my own school of astrology. My mind is well trained and capable. “Throwing light into the darker problems of life” is what I consider to be the role of the astrologer and the healing  value of astrology.

I have had to face most of my fears in life. I do try to cultivate artistic interests but I do not feel socially cultivated, just personally. I usually express my theories and stick to the facts. My influence as an astrologer does sway people. My personality wins me confidence at times and embarrassment at other times.

Re: “symbol of Performance” Life is a stage and I strive to be up for the moment or performance. …ra

Degree            Focus on:       Hexagrams:         Person/Event

28SC10 40  d  NEP in H01    35L2:49L5:51L1   Phoenix,  River..actor/ died overdose

28SC21 10  d  NEP in H03    35L2:49L4:21L1   Ismail, Rahgib”Rocket”..Football Star

28SC26 37  d  MON in H03   35L2:49L4:21L4   Lang, K.D.(Kathy Dawn).

                                                                                   Country Singer

28SC37 49  d  MC. in H10     35L2:49L3:17L5   Arnold, Roseanne..Comedian/actress

28SC37 49  d  MC. in H10     35L2:49L3:17L5   King, Coretta Scott

                                                                                   Wife/Martin Luther

My I.C. is at 11 51′ Capricorn

CP12° (Kozminsky) . UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE PLANET  MARS.  A man in full armour, visor up, holding his  two hands on the hilt of his sword, the point  of which pierces the ground.  Denotes courage and self confidence. The native  often meets danger or anxiety face to face, and  is ever prepared to repel it when it comes. His  sword is always ready, but he presses the point  to earth, for he knows the power of the spirit,  above all material force. It is a symbol of  Striving.

I can relate to the Martian influence on my I.C..  I’m very competitive and sometimes too much so if I don’t reflect what I’m doing.  I’m also motivated by sex, too much, but I’m learning to understand these manifestations and using the energy more positively.  It’s not easy but I’m progressing slowly and surely.

Alot of people, actually almost no one, knows where I’m coming  from and I see this symbol as a realization of surrendering your spirit to a higher power.  With the “visor up”, I see that as a time where one finally realizes that aggression and war is non-productive and the rest of the sentence, “…holding his two hands on the hilt of his sword, the point of which pierces the ground.” depicts me, at the present time of my life,  looking  for real answers to life instead of fighting and competing.  Instead of the sword it’s my ego I’m pointing down towards the ground allowing the spirit to rise above the selfish ego.  This new turn is really what motivates me now in my life.  It’s where I’m coming from and everyday when I wake up I strive to become a better person in order to live a more meaningful life. 

In order to meet “…danger or anxiety face to face.”  you need courage and self-confidence and I’ve always realized that deep down inside and being a Scorpio I can’t back down from any imposing situation.  But instead of fighting with a Martian attitude I’m presently realizing ways that are more profound and healing to meet these dangers and anxiety which is spiritually, “…presses the point to earth, for he knows the power of the spirit, above all material force.”  ……….dd

Degree            Focus on:       Hexagrams:         Person/Event

11CP06 02  d  MON in H04   27L6:20L6:58L4   Lennox, Annie..Musician/Eurythmics

11CP07 07  d  SUN in H11    27L6:20L6:58L5   Bakker,  Jim Orson..TV Evangelist

11CP11 17  d  SNd in H09     27L6:20L5:10L1   Mussolini, Alessandra.

                                                                                   Politicn/Mussolinis Dghtr

11CP40 28  d  MON in H09   27L6:20L2: 9L6    Farrow, Mia..Actress