The Carelli System

by  Adriano Carelli

My Moon is in the 20th Degree of Cancer.

Cancer 20° (Car) “A watchdog slumbering at the entrance of an old palace.”

This seems to imply that I am not as awake as I should be to the spiritual roots of my past, or home, or palace that my soul lived in a long time ago.

“Masters is what dogs have.” (Popular Italian proverb)

Being awake to the guidance of spiritual masters …… yea, I must be slumbering!

The native will never be in want either of a piece of bread or of a roof. And though poor, he has, all considered, an easy life of it.

I have travelled around the world without a penny in my pocket. I was always taken care of in some manner without having to beg or borrow. I have been very poor at times and my family  was poor.

His days are spent in blissful idleness.

I would like to argue with this, however, I am a highly active person, more so at night. I do sleep through much of the day. Getting up at noon, going to sleep at 4 am….. Sweet dreams = blissful idleness.

An easy life, not a dignified one.

My life has not been all that easy….. not too much dignity but some. 

He cannot even think of being independent; as soon as the old master has gone, he will look for a new one. when kicked, he will whine like a coward, and will think nothing of kissing hands which enslaved him.

This paragraph is wrong. I am highly independent, but I have been married three times and perhaps I whined and went along with the wives (masters?) kissing them and trying to maintain security rather than fighting or standing up to them.

I think he cannot lead an independent life because nothing weights so heavily on his shoulders as a personal responsibility, and thinking with his own head.

I am the opposite of this. But I do not know how to think with anything other than my own mind.

Should the master allow him a minimum of authority over others, he will misuse it or at least make a display of it in front of those less well dressed.

I  am sensitive to the misuse of authority, perhaps I have misused it at times, but I have probably never displayed it in front of others less dressed! Sometimes I dress up for special occasions but usually I dress down ……. jeans and a sport shirt.

A lustful and lazy being, of ready wits and a watchful character, he wants to be left in peace – that is, in idleness, and does not bear anybody else than his master daring to prod him or  rouse him from his slumber (do not rouse a sleeping dog … Italian proverb).

Lustful?  I confess….. at times absolutely! Lazy? Not likely …… more often hyper. Ready wits? Yes! I like my peace but it is not idleness. I especially like a few moments peace when I wake up. I can’t stand being prodded by radio alarms.

For his master, he has a faithful attachment which is both base and heroic, despicable and moving. A thorough craven, he will boast of his master’s valiant deeds; in his utter poverty, he will brag of his wealth.

I have never ever had enough money to brag of it.

The native is hale and hearty, though no great friend of water and soap.

I have always felt that cleanliness is next to godliness. I have for the most part of my life bathed and washed every day. However, I do only used sandalwood soap which I order from India. I do not like soap made with calcium or bones! I rinse my hair every day, but I only use shampoo on it once or twice a week. I don’t like an excess of chemicals on my body.

Though he is, as we said, financially poor, this poverty is the result of an heritage too costly for his income, which it would be wise to waive, though none would dare to advise him to do so.

Yes, I have always put everything I have into the causes I support. You have to trust that things are put in front of you for  a reason. If you don’t buy it when it is there, you may never see it again. I feel this was about spiritual books and people.

A bastard (or a degenerate) scion of a very old lineage, he would die rather than forget it.

This goes beyond acceptable limits. Carelli goes too far here, but it does show his attitude towards the degrees.

What has been said till now about the native’s despicable nature ought not to deceive us as to the real, indisputable usefulness of his task. As long as mankind stays what it is, policemen, customs officers, sextens, career soldiers, jail wardens, harlots, are all necessary evils. The frontier needs watchdogs, justice bloodhounds, and the male needs the female.

This is an interesting list of occupations and associations. I have not done any of them, but I have run into most of them!

Carelli’s symbolism seems to apply with some interpretive effort, but it could be written in less of a red-neck or bigotted way.

Degree            Focus on:       Hexagrams:         Person/Event

19CA06 57 d  IC. in H04       32L2:51L1:63L2   Mussolini, Alessandra..

                                                                                   Politicn/Mussolinis Dghtr

19CA21 12 r   PLU in H06    32L2:51L3:55L6   Yeltsin, Boris..President USSR

19CA31 09 d  VTX in H08    32L2:51L4:30L6   Arnold, Tom..Comedian/actor

19CA48@  r   MER in H00   32L2:51L5:49L2   Bowles, Camilla Parker..

                                                                                   Friend of Prince Charles

19CA52 12 d  MAR in H08   32L2:51L6:13L5   Glenn, John H. Jr…Astronaut

My natal Sun is in the 11th degree of  Virgo.

Virgo 11 (Car) A white stud racing at full speed, his bit white with foam.

To me this conjures up two main ideas 1) of rebelling and running from situations where others wish to conform one  to their ideas and lifestyles for the sole reason that you do not appear to be one of the norm.  2) of charging into situations to stop an injustice of unkindness that was placed upon an innocent  bystander.

A “degree which promises success, honours and riches.   The native will know how to command and even better, how  to secure obedience, as one joining kindness with imperiousness.  …a way  of sizing up situations and adapting itself to them without yielding an inch.  His character is strong rather  than despotic, steady rather than stubborn,  and he has a large heart. “

I am a manager at the place where I work.  I have always tried to encourage the                                          employees to take pride in their work and learn skills that may benefit them in the future.   Although I have been accused of being a perfectionist from time to time,  I have always taken great care to listen to any queries or problems that may arise and help if I could.

“There is an uncommon, prompt, supple ingenious and inventive mind bent  on the practical side of things and endowed at the same time with artistic taste.”

I like to believe that I have a somewhat warped mind ;  to be a little out of the ordinary.  It is true that I tend to portray myself as a rather practical and sensible person but to be this all of

the time is plain boring.  I enjoy surprising  and startling others when things get dull.  When alone, I like to create with my hands and envelope myself with either sketching, painting or playing the cello.

A person “whose only besetting sin is lustfulness.  This ought to be kept in check, but it would be folly to try and repress it.”

I suppose this “besetting sin “ is in me somewhere but I have yet to see it rise to the surface.  ( I guess I will simply have to ask my future lover and ask his  opinion. )

“ This horse must be given a run.  If you keep it bound, it will become skittish and unruly and you will have to look out for its kicks.”

I love the the outdoors, and given free access to roam and gallop as I please. If made to stay and sit at home all day I become claustrophobic and a cantankerous grouch.

Degree            Focus on:       Hexagrams:         Person/Event

10VI02 39   d  ASC in H01    59L2:16L6:19L2   Sellers, Peter..Comedian

My Jupiter is at 14°52 Aquarius

Aquarius 15° (Carelli)  “The statue of Liberty. . .  An all around open mind, an enterprising character, an ambitious and adventurous spirit; the native country is the whole word, as he feels at home everywhere.  In his native country he will happily associate with congenial cooperators, and he will do excellent business abroad, profitable both to himself and to others.”

I ‘ve never been away from North America, partly because I can’t  fly due to medical conditions, but I’ve made five long distances moves, including moving from the U.S. to Canada.  I’ve always been interested in learning about other cultures.  In my native country, my co-workers were not always congenial and my first venture at self-employment is the pet-sitting I do now.  It’s not very successful financially because the volume of work is too low,  but I like doing it, and my clients are happy. 

“Fluent in speech and articulate in wiring, possessed of a sharp insight, pleasant and easy with everybody but far from submissive, the native will be able to build himself up into a splendid financial position if other stars lead him to trade or to other lucrative callings.  Should he, on the contrary, take to purely intellectual or altogether spiritual activities, he would enjoy a transcendental intuition enabling him to perceive the spiritual reality underlying this world.

Fluent in speech is accurate only in some situations, when my favourite topics are being discussed.    I ‘ve been forced to  take jobs in business at times, and never made much more than minimum wage.  I worked in support positions in more “intellectual” media producers, but have not secured that type of work since the recession began.   The “spiritual activities”  could refer to my long study of astrology and the ancient

 Eastern philosophies that have influenced it.  ……dn

My Sun is at 16°38 Aquarius

Aquarius17° (Carelli)  “A sick woman in bed.  .  .  . It is one of the worst influences, as it can lame the body, pervert the soul, poisoning both at the same time.  Idiocy can also fall to the native’s lot.”

I don’t think this is even worthy of a comment.  Yes, I’ve had health problems most of my life, but not a perverted, poisoned soul, or idiocy.  This is also the sun degree for Adlai Stevenson, Hank Aaron,  possibly Francois Truffaut, depending on the time of his birth.   …….dn

Degree            Focus on:       Hexagrams:         Person/Event

16aq08 32   d  MER in H03   6L2:28L1:52L6    Mandela, Nelson ,,President S.Africa

16AQ19 58 d  MC. in H10     36L2:28L2:12L1   Gauquelin, Francoise


16AQ38 42 d  SAT in H05    36L2:28L4:35L1   O’Neal, Tatum..Actress