Accreditation for Astrology Schools

Professional Astrologers Inc. (PAI) was the only organization to give accreditation to the curriculum and standards of Astrology Schools. It began in 1968 and operated until 1994.

Nothing has emerged to replace PAI since. There are many independent schools of astrology but only a handful that have gained accreditation from PAI.

Organizations whose examinations have been given accreditation by PAI are:

  • PAI,  Professional Astrologers Inc., USA
  • NCGR, National Council for Geocosmic Research, USA
  • ISAR, International Society for Astrological Research, USA
  • AFA, American Federation of Astrologers, USA
  • Church of Light, USA
  • Faculty Of Astrological Studies, England
  • Mayo School Of Astrology, England
  • Aquarius Workshops, USA
  • First Temple Of Astrology, USA
  • Experience Astrology, USA
  • Astrology Now Award Exams, USA
  • RASA School of Astrology, Canada
  • and the exams of the cities of Las Vegas, NV and Atlanta, GA., USA

Letter of RASA’s Accreditation

PAI Curriculum Approval 1994c