Murder in the First Degree

By Robin Armstrong


Born: August 27, 1964 (Time unknown)

Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Horoscope of Paul Bernardo


Paul Bernardo is presently under arrest and being held for trial for two (possibly 3) murders, 50 charges of sex related assaults, and assault on his wife Karla.

This is a controversial case. The Canadian judicial system has come under public scrutiny for their handling of the case. A plea bargain was made with his wife who got off with a lenient sentence and then on top of that the court decided to silence all that went on in the court, until Bernardo’s trial.

Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka were married on June 29, 1991. On the very same day body parts of fourteen year old Leslie Mahafy were found encased in concrete in Lake Gibson. Leslie had been missing for two weeks since June 15. Ten months later on Apr. 16, 1992 Kristen French’s nude body was found on a country road near Burlington. Kristen was fifteen years old. Police maintain that both girls were sexually assaulted and that Kristen French was kept alive for 13 days after she was abducted.

In January 1993 police charge Bernardo with assault on his wife Karla. She claimed that Bernardo had assaulted her with a flashlight.

Several weeks later police laid 43 charges of sexual assault against Bernardo, who had since changed his name to Teale. The charges were over unsolved sexual assaults dating back to 1987 in Toronto.

On May 18, 1993 after an extensive search of their home Karla Homolka was charged with two counts of manslaughter.

On May 19, 1993 Teale (Bernardo) was charged with two counts of first degree murder.

Karla plea bargained and got 12 years for manslaughter. The judge decided that the details of her confession and trial information would be closed to the public to protect Bernardo’s right to a fair trial. The public and the press were and still are outraged over the enforced silence and censorship in this matter. The public does not know what happened. Information about this trial was published around the world but banned in Canada. Rumours and banned information were widely circulated, in any case, and some people were arrested or had US newspapers in their possession, confiscated by police.

Almost everything about Karla has been silenced. We do know that she could be eligible for parole and free in four years.

The rights of the accused prevail over freedom of speech and freedom of information in Canada.

Paul Bernardo’s trial for being the Scarborough rapist is on hold until after the murder trial. Bernardo has not been proved guilty of anything yet, but his wife has plea bargained and confessed to manslaughter for her part in the deaths. She remains the key witness. Bernardo’s murder trial has been delayed and subject to radical measures on the part of the legal system, to prevent any advance public information into this trial, and into the prosecution’s evidence.

Bernardo’s birthdata was published in a local newspaper when he was first arrested. No time of birth was mentioned, but we do know the day, year, and place of his birth.

Paul Bernardo’s Birth Chart

 No time is known. The chart presented here is done by speculative rectification.

Starting from the noon chart, the story, and photo’s of Paul; the Moon seemed more likely in Aries than in Taurus and the placement in the last degree of Aries making it Void of course also added to this consideration. A Mars ruled moon was more likely than one ruled by Venus. With the moon in Aries it would fall into the fifth house shortly after 1 pm. This adjustment put Venus and Mars into the Eighth House.

(The moon in Aries in the 5th ruled by Mars in the 8th is probable.)

This would put the ascendant at 21 Scorpio conjunct Neptune in the 12th. Both the Ascendant and 12th house cusp would be ruled by Mars in the 8th.

This also put Saturn in Pisces in the 3rd house opposing his Sun in Virgo in the 9th. His father was an abusive man and it fit the Pisces Saturn and the Pisces IC (4th house cusp). His Sun in Virgo in the 9th house also fits the controversy that arose over the now suspicious death of his wife’s sister during Christmas of 1990.

During the murders and marriage, Transiting Pluto would be conjuncting the 21 Scorpio Ascendant from 1990 to 1993 when arrested. During this same period Neptune was opposing his natal Mars and Venus.

Also the I Ching degree symbol for the end of Aries is The Marrying Maiden which warns of a dangerous woman being married who might bring about the premature death of her husband.

Since all the above factors clicked in, I decided to include this somewhat hastily rectified chart rather than the noon based chart without houses. I still consider it to be a tentative time subject to correction when the true time can be found.

Bernardo’s Moon (29AR12) is in the 30° Degrees of ARIES

AR 30°(ch) A man wheeling a barrow load of earth over a hollow run. This denotes that the person so born will be engaged through life in downright hard labour; and, although such an one may be born in different circumstances yet he may be driven to poverty, through crime, or the force of circumstances. So this degree may safely be designated a hard degree.

AR 30°(se) A horseman, armed as if for battle, is watching  the waning moon. It denotes a person of an independent and domineering nature, who will be forsaken by his friends and colleagues on that account, and whose fortunes will be severely hurt by a female. Serving himself alone, he will not receive assistance. ” The dog and his bone are best left alone.” It is a degree of ISOLATION.

AR 30°(jo) A duck pond and its brood. This is a symbol of the eternal fitness of things, provided the individual take the fullest advantage of the cosmic ordering. Implicit in the sym-bolism is man’s ability to establish his world of experience according to his own needs, and to function effectively because he has the acumen to align himself with his own genius and to seek a personal satisfaction in a simple efficacy of being himself. The keyword is RELIABILITY. When positive, the degree is an accustomed competency or ease in dealing with immediate circumstances, and when negative, a tendency toward pro-vincialism or an acceptance of life with an altogether uncritical complacency.


 KEYNOTE: The realization of natural boundaries. Keyword is “Substantiation.” Potency has to become substantiated–it has to mate with substance–in order to be effective power. Power must accept the principle of LOCALIZATION.

AR 29°-30° (IC)      THE MARRYING MAIDEN: W.54, Line 6: Receptive, passive, yielding, responsible.

KUEI MEI / THE MARRYING MAIDEN, shows a young girl under the guidance of an older man who marries her.

THE JUDGMENT: THE MARRYING MAIDEN. Undertakings bring misfortune. Nothing that would further.

A girl who is taken into the family, but not as the chief wife, must behave with special caution and reserve. She must not take it upon herself to supplant the mistress of the house, for that would mean disorder and lead to untenable relationships. …….

THE IMAGE: Thunder over the lake:

The image of THE MARRYING MAIDEN. Thus the superior man understands the transitory in the light of the eternity of the end.

Thunder stirs the water of the lake, which follows it in shim-mering waves. This symbolises the girl who follows the man of her choice. But every relationship between individuals bears within it the danger that wrong turns may be taken, leading to endless misunderstandings and disagreements. Therefore it is necessary constantly to remain mindful of the end. ………

Six at the top means:

The woman holds the basket, but there are no fruits in it.

The man stabs the sheep, but no blood flows.

Nothing that acts to further.

At the sacrifice to the ancestors, the woman had to present harvest offerings in a basket, while the man slaughtered the sacrificial animal with his own hand. Here the ritual is only superficially fulfilled; the woman takes an empty basket and the man stabs a sheep slaughtered beforehand—solely to pre-serve the forms. This impious, irreverent attitude bodes no good for a marriage.

[Special Footnote: In China, monogamy is formally the rule, and every man has but one official wife. This marriage, which is less the concern of the two participants than of their families, is contracted with strict ob-servance of forms. But the husband retains the right also to indulge his more personal inclinations. Indeed, it is the most gracious duty of a good wife to be helpful to him in this respect. In this way the rela-tionship that develops becomes a beautiful and open one, and the girl who enters the family at the husband’s wish subordinates herself modestly to the wife as a younger sister. Of course it is a most difficult and delicate matter, …]  (It is quite a coincidence that his wife’s sister died mysteriously a few months before their marriage.)

AR 29°-30° (PA)     ` Sun

             The Sun rulership here seems to gove purpose and power to the Moon’s feelings and instincts. This would add fuel to the Moon in Aries’ fire.

AR 30° (Car) “A virago leading by the bridle a horse entirely covered with iron plate.” (Bernardo was in a horse and carriage on his wedding day!) An imperious, selfish, and unpleasant temper. The native’s ambition to sway his neighbour for personal interest is even too conspicuous. This estranges his friends and relatives from him, but does not deter the native from his pursuits, which will lend him in the end to face unassisted some too heavy task exceeding his forces.

In a man’s horoscope, a woman may be feared to be his undoing, so as to push him headlong into misery or to make a criminal of him (if the theme as a whole admits of such an extremity). Another feature is proficiency in riding. In times past, such a skill would have led to jousting – an indispensible accomplishment in a knight.

EXAMPLE: Henry 11, King of France (Moon’s degree); Napoleon 111 (degree of Sun & Mars conjunct here). The point of Eq. of Italy’s unity is to be found in the same degree.

N.B. Both the above-mentioned rulers were highly skilled horse riders and Henry 11 was mortally wounded jousting; their wives are even too well known for it to be necessary to point to Catherine de Medici’s bloodthirsty despotism and Eugene de Montijo’s reckless intrusiveness. I think it was this degree’s influence that spoiled the Italian woman’s character after the achievement of national unity. (1861)

AR 30°(Koz). UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE PLANET NEPTUNE. A man endeavouring to subdue a raging forest fire with a pail of water.  Denotes one who will endure sorrow and who underestimates the strength of his adversaries. He is apt to enter into great schemes with very little backing, and to provoke argument without being prepared to meet it. Hence he is continually at the mercy of forces into whose grip he enters without regard to consequences. He is apt to fight a hard fight with insignificant weapons, and thus to court defeat. It is a symbol of Unreadiness.

Bernardo’s Jupiter (25TA34) is in the 26° Degree of TAURUS

TA 26°(ch) An elephant. A person possessing much sagacity. A great amount of secrecy, and implicit confidence in his own strength.

TA 26°(le) Power and authority, firm and often unscrupulous: death of partner.

TA 26°(mu). Dominating and, in low types, unscrupu-lous. Powerful and convincing in develop-ed types and a leader against all forms of corruption.

Taurus 26 (Chan) GROTESQUE ROCKS IN A SAND GARDEN. Appreciation of austerity and love of natural beauty.-Inability to grow. This symbol is similar to Japanese Rock Gardens.

TA 26°(jo) A Spaniard serenading his senorita This is a symbol of man’s unlimited capacity for self-establishment and for finding everything he desires immediately at hand, as here given emphasis on the ideal side. Reality is seen as the product of every least element the individual contributes to its over-all effectiveness, rather than as the end result of whatever he may discover and pre-empt for himself privately. A poetry of living and a music of desire become the final touchstones for a true self-fulfillment. The keyword is CONSTANCY. When posi-tive, the degree is the continual reassurance by which the will of man coaxes the depths of his soul into his experience, and when negative, futile attempts to control life by empty bland-ishment.

TA 26°(Rud): A SPANISH GALLANT SERENADES HIS BELOVED.  KEYNOTE: The ritualization of individual desires. At this level we see the play of collective values as they affect the individual person and indeed confirm his individuality by giving it a solid basis in a tradition. The individual is still attached to these group-values; he “belongs.” Nevertheless, this state is necessary for a safe and secure sense of differentiation within an enfolding whole. Music and the culturally acceptable rituals of love are cultural products, yet each person can use them for the spontaneous fulfillment of his very own desires.

This is the first symbol in the twelfth five-fold series. It reveals the individual human being making use of his personal status to find fulfillment and a sense of social identity. This is ROLE-PLAYING in its most enjoyable form.

TA 25°-26° (PA)      e Jupiter (It seems that with Jupiter and understanding already twisted, Jupiter in a Jupiter degree added excess to excess, or insult to injury.)

TA 26° (Car) “A lonely lady wandering about singing and picking flowers one by one.” (The image of Matelda in Dante’s Purg., XXXVCIII, 40-41).A personality to which nature, not ambition, lends authority; a steady reserved, self-assured being; a mild character agreeable to all; one who sees the right spiritual angle of problems and the poetic side of life, understands being and things; gathers effortlessly whatever the world around him offers of beauty; loves peace and spreads harmony and comfort around himself. He needs to live in the open air.

EXAMPLE: Giovanni Pascoli (Asc.’s degree).

(The image is cetainly one that is present in Bernardo’s life.)

Bernardo’s North Node (29GE37’r) is in the 30°Degree of GEMINI

GE 30°(ch) An execution. I would warn the native to be very careful as to the company he associates with, as he may have to suffer for what another may have done

GE 30°(se) A wolf following a sheep along a secluded pathway. It signifies a crafty nature, capable of intrigue and deception; one who will form associations with a design of ultimate conquest. A seductive nature, living at the risk of others’ happmess. A man of considerable powers of persuasion, but not to be trusted. It is a degree of DECEPTION.

Gemini 30 (Chan) MANY GLASS ANIMALS ON A SHELF. Clear vision of the various aspects of human nature. Ability to reflect different types of attitudes. This symbol reminds me of Tennessee Williams’ play, The Glass Menagerie.

GE 30° (jo) Bathing beauties This is a symbol of human excellence on the side of purely natural endowment, and of the soul as wholly inadequate except as it is able to meet some need of everyday experience with the elements inherent in its make-up and so free from any or all responsibility to anything other than itself. Here individuality gains a needed assurance through the phases of its being which prove immune from change or loss. A person becomes himself as he is able thus to stand radiant and reliant among the total of his fellows. The keyword is CHARM. When positive, the degree is a special capacity for bringing the familiar desires and interests to an enduring representation of worthiness, and when negative, regression to childish vanities.


 KEYNOTE: The setting of social standards through personal excellence and competition.

  In this very American scene we see a very ancient and basic process which can operate at several levels. Society sets certain collectively acceptable cultural standards, and recompenses by prestige and fame the persons who embody them, physically or mentally. This generates emulation and the desire to bring the social images to their most perfect and concrete manifestation. The archetypal image or canon of proportion is thus incarnated for all to behold and be fascinated by. The process of exteriorization is completed.

This is the last phase of the sixth scene. In the zodiac the spring season has come to a close. It is summer solstice. Fulfillment leads to new demands upon the individual human consciousness. The SHOW is over. Now comes the hour of decision.

GE 29°-30° (IC)THE CREATIVE, INDIVIDUAL: W.1, Line 1: Creative, active, firm, independent.

             Line 1: Hidden dragon. Do not act.

             This means a person who has the character of a Dragon

             but remains concealed.

GE 29°-30° (PA) a Moon (The North Node in a Moon’s degree seems to add a forboding association to closeness and nurturing, and perhaps the women associated with it.)

Gem 30° (Car) “The cow, the goat and the ewe in society with the lion.”  “… Nominor quonim leo.” (Phaedrus, l, 5, 7) Like the previous degree, this one can also make the native into a fond and efficient hunter, but the point lies elsewhere and can be summarized in the expression: A Lion’s Share. It will have to be left to the horoscope as a whole to decide if the native himself or other partners will have that share; and whether he is endowed with a deceiving, cunning nature apt to rob others of their ;luck, or is forced by circumstances to pay for one of the partners’ misdeeds; but in any of these two hypoteses, containing each a double question, the former item does not on onprinciple exclude the latter. The native undoubtedly, has formidable persuasive or seductive powers, a strong character, a hard worker’s temper, and can weave and unravel plots. However, destiny will disappoint him in the end.

GE 30°(Koz). UNDER THE lNFLUENCE OF THE PLANET VENUS. A maiden bound to a stake smiling at an angel. Near-by lie three dead bats. Denotes one who is forced by fate to meet many obstacles, dangers, and deceptions, and whose scope of action is limited and held within bounds. The life is a peculiar one, full of threatenings, dangers, strange feelings, incidents, and uncommon action. It is a symbol of Stumbling.

Bernardo’s Mars (18CA18) and Venus (18CA35) are in 19°Degree of CANCER

CA 19°(se) An escutcheon containing a harp and a gauntlet. It denotes a person of noble aspirations and refined tastes. One whose family is connected with the musical or military worlds, and who will have tastes in one or the other direction. In either he will show much aptitude, but in music the executive powers will transcend the ability to compose. As an interpreter of others’ works he would shine. In the character there is a peculiar admixture of gentleness and irritability, of playfulness and gravity, which will render the native difficult to deal with. It is a degree of EXECUTION.

CA 19°(le) Restless and domineering, not to be controlled: usurps position of elders.

Cancer 19 (Chan) AN OPOSSUM COMES OUT IN-TO THE MOONLIGHT. Secretive activity. Desire to be alone. Active subconscious.  Opossums are nocturnal.

CA 19° (jo) A priest performing a marriage ceremony . This is a symbol of the spiritual stewardship of man as expressed in his conscious concern for the integrity of human society and for the everyday institutions through which all racial ideals must have their continued embodiment. There are very full rewards awaiting the individual who is willing to live the life of his fellows through his consistent shaping of his own acts and opinions to dramatize the current aspirations of his kind. His service to the established rituals becomes a special self-fulfillment. The keyword is CONFORMITY. When positive, the degree is a genius for bringing various facets of life into organic unity, and when negative, bondage to outer form.


  KEYNOTE: The ritualization of productive interpersonal relationships.

  This scene symbolizes the profound need for referring the interplay and the relatively permanent and productive union of all polarities to some third factor which either includes, or transcends and gives spiritual meaning to, the relationship. A conjugal union is essentially and traditionally the union of a man and a woman for the sake of producing progeny able to perpetuate the racial type, the family tradition and the way of life of a particular culture (or “subculture”), including a set of religious beliefs. The married couple is the basic productive unit in our society–as it has been for millennia in all patriarchal societies. The purpose of any established religion (including tribal cults) is to glorify, sanction and bless with a super personal meaning all personal and interpersonal activities. This occurs through the “sacraments,” and indeed through most religious rites.

At this fourth stage of the five-fold sequence we are given the basic technique used in all processes of effectual social or group integration. It is the technique which takes the form of sociocultural, and thus business or religious, ritualization. Through this technique commonplace individual endeavors acquire SANCTION; that is, they are ritualized an indeed “sanctified.”

CA 18°-19° (IC)      DURATION: W.32, Line 1: Receptive, passive, yielding, responsible.

             Line 1: Seeking Duration too hastily brings misfortune persistently,

             Nothing that would further.

             He who demands too much at once is acting precipitately,

             and because he attempts too much, he ends by succeeding in nothing.

             This line is the ruler of the hexagram and tends to penetrate too hastily

             and too deeply.

CA 18°-19° (PA) ` Sun (Mars and Venus both in this Sun ruled degree imply an extra purpose or power to getting what one wants, love or money.)

Cancer 19° (Car) “A renaissance gentleman, sword and dagger at his side, plays the flute before a bookstand on which an ancient illuminated score rests. Other courtiers stand respectfully around.” “Through wearing a sword, I am of courteous manners.” (Heraldic device to be read on the sword-bearing coat of arms of painter Courtois Bourguigon, still standing on the house where he lived in Rome.)

Gallantry in war and civil courage, a great passion and gift for art, a taste for polemic. The native will be capable of profound thoughts, love books and research, and hold, for all his refinement a marked sway over others. His is a terribly difficult character. He will be apt to fly off the handle for a trifle; very kind when not roused, he will frighten everybody when angered. Should the horoscope bear evil influences his artistic gifts would degenerate into histrionics, his gallantry into quarrelsomeness, his spirit of research into fruitless bookishness.

Bernardo’s Sun (04VI23) is in the 05° Degree of VIRGO

VI 05°(se) A soldier prepared for battle. It defines a man of ready spirit, quick to respond to the calls of duty and honour; a man of noble instincts and well-disciplined habits, Such will prove a ready and willing friend and a redoubtable opponent. He will succeed in life through his own executive powers, and the credit which falls to him will be well earned. It is a degree of EFFICIENCY.

VI 05° (Chan) A SKULL ON A POLE AT THE ENTRANCE TO A DARK WOOD. Interpretation of warnings. Ability to read omens and portents. The need to heed one’s inner voice.

VI 05° (jo) A man dreaming of fairies This is a symbol of the imaginative resources of life as manifest in the folklore of the race, and of man’s ability to use the coin of his inner and eternal experience with a practical wisdom and insight. Here is his effective communion with the personified powers of the everyday world, as this instruments his efforts whenever he moves toward his goal and reorders his perspective whenever he gives voice to his vision. The dreams of men are always the foretaste of human achievement. The keyword is OUTLOOK. When positive, the degree is subtle persuasiveness by which real support is gained for any given end, and when negative, lack of all appreciation for enduring realities.


KEYNOTE: The opening of new levels of consciousness.

In the first of this sequence of five symbols we saw the individual seeking to bring out of everyday contacts a consciousness of significant form and meaning. Now, as the sequence ends, a further stage of realization is shown in its initial and relatively primitive character. The consciousness is gradually reaching beyond physical characteristics and becoming aware of energy processes, i.e. of the dynamism of forces which externalize themselves as life forms.

This is the last stage of the thirty-first five-fold sequence of phases of the cyclic process of consciousness. The mind in its objectivizing and analytical character always tends to give “name and form” (nama and rupa in Sanskrit) to that which it contacts as energy process. It “images forth” energy or feeling, relating it to more or less familiar sense experience. We call this IMAGINATION.

VI 04°-05° (IC)        DELIVERANCE: W.40, Arousing out of the abyss.

Line 2: Creative, active, firm, independent. One kills three foxes in the field and receives a yellow arrow. The obstacles in public life are the designing foxes who try to influende the ruler by flattery. They must be removed before there can be any deliverance. (This is a positive line in the I Ching but it does have some relevent images.

VI 04°-05° (PA) d Mars (To have his Sun in a Mars degree adds passion and force to his purpose. It adds an element of agression, power, and sex.)

Bernardo’s Uranus (10VI03) is in the 11° Degree of VIRGO

VI 11° (ch) A pyramid of red, very conspicuously situated on a large open plane. This denotes one of a strong character; much strength of will, great energy; he seldom fails to accomplish what he takes in hand to do. Strong animal passions; and these, unless well regulated, may occasion some trouble. This person will ” never say die.”

VI 11°(le) Sensitive and impulsive, inclined towards serious art: difficulties through love affairs.

VI 11° (jo) A boy molded in his mother’s aspiration for him This is a symbol of the immortality of man as dramatized in his physical heredity, or in a succession of tangible achievements and possessions down through a family line. The soul is fundamentally a matrix of itself, since in a sense the ideals it holds create its outer habiliments among its kind and contribute to its embodiment on some congenial plane of human affairs. The coming of the self into experience is always in response to these inner and almost irrevocable compulsions. The keyword is EXACTION. When positive, the degree is personal excellence sustained in its own creative consciousness, and when negative, insensitive conformity to superficialities.


KEYNOTE: The Spirit’s answer to the vital needs of whatever became individualized out of its infinite ocean of potentialities.

 All cycles of manifestation end in an essential duality of “success” and “failure,” as every release of new potentiality at the start of a cycle is inevitably polarized in two opposite directions, becoming sharply differentiated at the mystical “separation of the sheep and the goat.” But out of duality a new unity eventually is produced: the child, the new God of a new universe. Subconsciously or consciously, during pregnancy, the mother dreams of the son-to-be and the imprint of the dream in time is revealed in the boy’s structural being. The true disciple must become the Mother of the living God and should eventually fulfill the great need of humanity and of all his people. MAN is constantly renewed through the great dreams and sacramental pregnancies of all disciples of the One Master.

VI 10°-11° (IC)        DISPERSION, DISOLUTION: W.59, Wind blowing over water disperses it. This suggests that when a man’s vital energy is dammed up within him, gentleness serves to break up and dissolve the blockage. Line 2: Creative, active, firm, independent.

VI 10°-11° (PA)       e Jupiter  (Uranus in a Jupiter degree implies that the native will have a radical outlook or understanding of life.)

Virgo 11 (Car) “A white stud racing at full speed, his bit white with foam.” This degree promises success, honours and riches. The native will know how to command and even better, how to secure obedience, as one joining kindness with imperiousness. His mighty will power has a way of sizing up situations and adapting itself to them without yielding an inch. His character is strong rather than despotic, steady rather than stubborn, and he has a large heart. Work goes on smoothly and swiftly without showing signs of wear and tear, and never stays unachieved.

There is an uncommon, prompt, supple, ingenious and inventive mind bent on the practical side of things and endowed at the same time with artistic taste. Here is more than a useful, a precious personality for society, whose only besetting sin is lustfulness. This ought to be kept in check, but it would be folly to try to repress it. This horse must be given a run. If you keep it bound, it will become skittish and runruly and you will have to look out for its kicks.

Examples: The Sun was in this degree when World War II was declared (Sep.23, 1939).

Bernardo’s Pluto (13VI38’) is in the 14° Degrees of VIRGO

VI 14°(le) Inclinations towards oriental customs, reserved in speech: danger on short journeys.

Virgo 14 (Chan) A LONG STEEL SCREW. Ability to draw accurate conclusions. Deeply penetrating analysis. Inability to let go.

VI 14° (jo) A family tree This is a symbol of the ever-effective dynamic with which an established tradition endows mankind, dramatized here by the extent to which an individual will live the lives of his forebears or accept the guidance stemming from them through their spiritual presence in his blood. Men are swayed and torn by the demands of the interweaving relationships which form among them or hold them in varying complexes of common experience, but yet each person looking to his endowment may reveal an integrity peculiarly his own. The keyword is GENTILITY. When positive, the degree is exceptional fidelity to some unique promise of self and so an ultimate achievement of distinction, and when negative, a false sense of heritage.


  KEYNOTE: A deep reliance upon the ancestral roots of individual character.

  Stressed here is the fact that the power available to any man in time of crisis and decision has very deep roots in the past, whether the past of physical ancestry or the past outlined by a series of previous embodiments conditioned by some dominant purpose and by the many-phased development of a particular type of complex character. True spontaneity and creativity are always based on a structured sequence of antecedents if they are at all genuinely spiritual, i.e. if they are able to meet a collective need. Only the actions that are necessary–even if only in the long run–for meeting such a need can actually be called “spiritual.”

This fourth stage symbol, strange as it may seem to many people–especially young people of our day–suggests a technique which, at critical times, must be used. It characterizes the means for true “success.” One returns to the roots in order to produce the flowering of personality, if this flower is to bring forth a living seed. ROOT POWER is essential to seed-achievement.

VI 13°-14° (IC)        THE ABYSMAL, WATER: W.29, Abysmal Water above and below. Repeated danger. The principle of light is inclosed in the dark . Danger due to a subjective attitude. Line 5: Creative, active, firm, independent.

VI 13°-14° (PA)       c Venus (Pluto in a Venus ruled degree would tend to add coldness and emotional confrontation to the native. It would make satisfaction more difficult to come by.)

Virgo 14 (Car) “A cow standing in the middle of a plain.” ……… The native totally lacks imagination and, for all his honesty and good-heartedness, cannot harbour any ideals. This is not due to any cynicism, but to an inborn inability to visualize what has never seen met or experienced, making the native loath to look or believe beyond the range of his bodily senses. Lack of imagination makes him commonplace as well – not altogether dull, owing to his skill in handiwork – but surely a hearty blockhead devoid of ambitions and proud of his portly build and his excellent craftsmanship; and very, extremely talkative.

His sexual life is not normal, but rather excess than aberrations are to be feared. Anyhow, the glut of vigour is queerly hindered by a dull stagnation, by an absolute lack of the inquisitiveness and fantasy which are the main incentive to the third capital vice.

Should the horoscope carry other dangerous pointers, accidents, even deadly ones, mutilations and wounds are to be feared.

Bernardo’s Mercury (14VI51’r) is in the 15° Degree of VIRGO

VI 15° (ch) A man standing, resting lightly on the end of his bow, with his quiver full of arrows on his back. A mind capable of grand achievements. A warrior, yet not exclusively such; a quick observer; a designer; a prompt and a skilful executant.

VIR 15°(se) A beautiful woman nesting two doves upon her breast, one in each hand. It indicates a person of the most tender and humane instincts, imbued with gentleness, love and devotion; capable of service in the meanest capacity, providing it to be an office of usefulness to others. The native will be remarkable for his womanly tenderness and gentleness. His life will be successful, but on account of his timidity, he will be in danger of being pushed into the background at critical junctures, and will thus lose credit where it will often be due to him. It is a degree of DEVOTION.

VI 15° (jo) An ornamental handkerchief .This is a symbol of man’s self-quickening desire for allegiance to a reality higher or finer than himself, evident on the side of his aesthetic instincts. The knight in theory at least could never enter the lists of chivalry without his lady’s bit of lace as a talisman of the spirit, and every normal person feels rather lost without some continual reminder of his better impulses. Objects therefore are of value as they preserve meaning and help perfect action. The keyword is GRACEFULNESS. When positive, the degree is an effective refinement of personal manner and a high achievement through an exceptional charm, and when negative, insinuating self-pretense and a pompous interest in trifies.


KEYNOTE: The quintessence of deeds well done.

  Root strength produces beautiful flowers. The neophyte who acts with determination, courage and discrimination while following “in the footsteps” of his predecessors receives a symbolic prize from the Brotherhood ready to welcome him when he has fully proven himself on the battlefield where he meets his past, which tries to block his way. The mystic Beloved hands him what she has woven for him out of spiritual threads.

This is the last stage of the thirty-third sequence which also ends the eleventh scene, “Characterization.” This scene began with the revelation in a portrait of salient features in a man’s face. It ends with symbols which bring out the ultimate validity of the many efforts of generations of men toward the building of a beautiful and significant CULTURE. The Man of Culture is, in the deepest and best sense of the term, the Aristocrat. He is the flowering of a line of ancestors who have accepted responsibility for a group or community. Likewise, the true “disciple” is the blossom that crowns a long series of incarnations.

VI 14°-15° (IC)        THE ABYSMAL, WATER: W.29, Line 4: Receptive, passive, yielding, responsible.

VI 14°-15° (PA)b Mercury (Mercury in a Mercury degree in Virgo implies a significantly critical mind.)

Virgo 15 (Car) A feminine nature, whose most pronounced features are self-surrender and tenderness, and its coresponding vice, effeminacy. For all this, more than one good soldier will be born under it. ………….

Bernardo’s Neptune (15SA19) is in the 16° Degrees of SCORPIO

SC 16° (ch) A red flame, ascending upward to a great height.Denotes a person possessed with ardent desires; an enthusiast to the cause he espouses; a true friend and an open enemy.

SC 16° (chan) CHARON FERRIES THE DEAD ACROSS THE RIVER STYX. Helping of others through periods of transition. Realization that death is part of an ongoing process.. An image from Greek Mythology.

SC 16° (jo) A girl’s face breaking ino a smile This is a symbol of the need to share any true essence of selfhood, as here brought to an immediate actuality in everyday living. No ultimate values can be cloistered forever in the depths of self, and implicit in the symbolism is the gregarious nature of the human soul as revealed in the naive friendliness it shows for all other creatures. Here is a magic of personality by which any desired reality may be conjured into being. The keyword is ACQUIESCENCE. When positive, the degree is man’s ingratiating gift for employing the simple things of life for surmounting any momentary obstacles to his self-fulfillment, and when negative, self-betrayal through a lack of all discrimination.


KEYNOTE: The fervent reaching out on the part of the young of heart to new experiences.

 Faith in life and in other human beings enables us to go forth toward relationships with whatever attracts our senses or stirs our imagination. Smiling is perhaps a uniquely human characteristic because it implies a conscious acceptance of relationship, thus a choice. The animal, on the other hand, is compelled by unconscious instinct, at least in its natural state. It is not free to choose between love and hate.

This is the first symbol of the forty-sixth five-fold sequence. It introduces us to a series of responses to human experience and pictures a glowing WARMTH OF FEELING.

SC 15°-16° (IC)       STANDSTILL, STAGNATION: W.12, The dark power is within and the light without. The way of inferior people is on the ascent. Heaven and earth are out of communion.

Line 3: Receptive, passive, yielding, responsible. in the 3rd Line: They bear shame. Inferior people who have risen to power illegitimately begin to feel ashamed within their hearts.

SC 15°-16° (PA)  `  Sun (Neptune in a solar degree would give purpose and power to one’s dreams and fantasies.

SC 16(Car) “A knight of the Holy Grail.”       An ancient Christian legend tells how, when Lucifer was flung down from Heaven, a jewel fell from his crown. From this jewel a cup was carved in which, on the day of our Lord’s passion, Joseph of Arimathea gathered the blood flowing from crucified Christ’s five wounds. This chalice, luciferic by origin, divine by destination, is named Grail. Its wardens are knights enlisted into a military order having its headquarters in a mysterious and impervious place by the name of Monsalvat. Hence, the knights set out to bring mankind the medicines it needs, to defend the oppressed and to redress downtrodden rights. But not all the knights have stayed faithful; evil forces try to win over as many as possible of them, and the ranks of deserters form the army of Monsalyat’s bitterest foes. ……..  

                Whatever the moral height of the native, foreign is the country where he is called to act, his outward appearance is nimble and attractive, his wedding princely. Should other components allow, he would either belong to a secret sect or to the militant Church.

SC 16°(Koz). UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE PLANET MARS. An ancient warrior on his knees, with a cross-sword stuck in the ground before him, praying. Denotes one who is mixed up in life’s battles and fights for every advantage. Gifted with endurance and a penetrative mind, he wins his way through obstacles only to meet more obstacles later on. But he knows, for all this, that the Power sustaining him is faithful, and he prays for peace in the midst of war. It is a symbol of Contrition.

Bernardo’s South Node(29SA37’r) is in the 30° Degree of SAGITTARIUS

SA 30° (ch) A man standing alone in a dark and gloomy valley, and a ray of brilliant light coming direct from the heavens on the crown of his head. Denotes one who will have a mission to execute; a cyclic man ,not a time man; one who lives a life beyond his day; not always understood, he suffers accordingly.

SA 30°(se) A spade prodruding from the soil.It is the symbol of a mind that is capable of sustaining great and arduous work, one to whom some of the dark secrets of nature will be revealed. He may show some taste for agri-culture or may follow the fortunes of some great mining industry or archaeological research, and in such he will be a discoverer. Whatever his walk in life, his work will be difficult and protracted, but success will ultimately crown his labours. Endowed with a sharp, incisive mind and strong purpose, he will ignore the advice of friends and rely wholly on his own efforts. It is a degree of DISCOVERY.

SA 30° (jo) The Pope This is a symbol of human excellence on the side of the special values exalted in the various social and political hierarchies of modern civilization, and of man’s ambition as entirely inadequate except as he is able to meet some exceptional need of everyday experience and so proceed to dramatize whatever abilities he may have developed in climbing to the position in which he finds himself. A person is strengthened within himself by the appreciation he succeeds in winning from his fellows. The keyword is SANCTITY. When positive, the degree is an effective and spectacular sacrifice of self in some enduring service to the race at large, and when negative, inordinate love of self-display and surrender to a lust for power.


  KEYNOTE: The need to pay homage to traditional values upon which the lnvisible Community of the spirit is built.

 The concrete integration of myriads of human individuals within a great religious institution with a long tradition reflects, as well as having produced century after century, an invisible spiritual Community. The “flag bearer” has now become the “Pope,” who assumes the role of God’s representative on earth. It is a role, but culture is based on embodying great Images and deeply moving symbols in physical reality. The symbol asks of the individual: “Are you willing to live a transpersonal life as a symbol?” This is the final and supreme statement of that section of the cycle of the year represented by Sagittarius.

This concludes Scene Eighteen. A collectivity of human beings is seen having “transferred” their sense of spiritual value to a man who has become an incarnation of their common ideal. Keywords: PERSONALIZED WORSHIP. It can be a blessing or in some cases, a curse.

SA 29°-30° (IC)       THE RECEPTIVE, EARTH: W.2,

Line 1: Receptive, passive, yielding, responsible.

When the first hoarfrost comes in the Autumn the power of darkness and cold is just beginning. After these first warnings, signs of death will gradually multiply, until according to natural laws, stark winter with its ice is here.

SA 29°-30° (PA) d Mars (South Node in a Mars degree adds force to fate and hidden feelings.)

SA 30° (Car) The native is a misfit in his times. He may discover some of the most jealously guarded secrets of nature, and be a forerunner of times to come; and may as well bring again to the light things long forgotten and buried, thus reviving the past. Whether the former or the latter, he has a mission to fulfill, and possesses the force of character and the sharpness of mind life demands of him. A naturalist or a mining engineer, a pioneer, and archaeologist or whatever he is, he is born to discover, to innovate, and to be misunderstood and bitterly fought. He will have to suffer, but will be able to overrule the intrusive advice of the zealous. Should the other aspects not rule out a measure of luck, he may well end by carrying the day.

SA 30°(Koz). UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE PLANET MARS. A shield, with a gorgon’s head embossed on it, attached to a column. Denotes one of active mental power who is indispensable to his friends and a thorn to his enemies. He is capable of seeing events far in advance of their materialization and counts the years of human progress in its pendulum-like motion. He has in him a strong spirit of fight and a feeling of naught else but victory. It is a symbol of Supremacy.

Bernardo’s Saturn (1°PI27’r) is in the 02°Degrees of PISCES

PI 02°(se) A chest floating on an open sea. This is an index of a nature that is placid and calm and disposed rather to carelessness and lassitude. He will be willing to sacrifice much for his own comfort and peace of mind, and will rarely distress himself on account of others. Nevertheless there is a strong undercurrent of feeling and passion, which, when aroused, will prove formidable. Left to himself he will prove inoffensive and dilatory; careless and haphazard. But when opposed he will show himself capable of fierce resent-ment and irresistible force. There is little doubt that he will lose much of his property by allowing things to drift and take their own course, where he should be taking the direction and management of them in hand. Although by no means a weak character, he will pass for such on account of his indifference to his own affairs and those of others. It is a degree of INDIFFERENCE.

PI 02° (Chan) A MAN TURNING INTO A WEREWOLF. Cyclic compulsion to have contact with one’s instinctual nature. Suf-fering under the illusion that one has no control over one’s primitive impulses. In mythology, it is supposedly the Moon that causes individuals to turn into werewolves. Also, werewolves can only be killed by a silver bullet. Silver is the metal of the Moon.

PI 01°-02° (IC)        THE FAMILY,THE CLAN: W.37, Line 5: Creative, active, firm, independent.

PI 01°-02° (PA)        d Mars (Saturn in a Mars ruled degree adds force to ones decisions, and anger to ones restrictions.

PI 02(Car) The native is a good-natured, outwardly harmless scholar, whom excessive negligence and inborn slackness prevent being refined. Far from being rough, he is therefore superficially very uncouth, a lazy, haphazard fatalist. But an emotional, touchy, fitful and skittish, altogether choleric character slumbers under the surface, which one had better not cross. The rush of self-willed fury of which he will then prove capable is such as to smash and sweep away everything and everybody. A boundless ambition, which was dozing under the cloak of the Epicurean student awakens suddenly as soon as the native realizes mankind’s cowardice, and its willingness to appreciate only those who bully it and brutally kick it in the pants.

In spite of this the native is unlikely to manage well what he has, or to acquire permanently new wealth as his action develops by fits and starts and he does things only when roused. Once his fury has abated he is apt to wonder why one should act at all. Thus, he may sooner or later find himself broke and forlorn. This furious resentment may sublime into noble indignation, and ambition purify itself into unselfish aspirations.. Astrological components indusive of altruism may move the native to a heroic sacrifice for the benefit of mankind.

PI 02°(Koz). UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE PLANET SATURN. An old man sitting beneath a leafless tree with bread in his hand and a bag of money by his side. Denotes one who will be no stranger to suffering. Directly or indirectly he benefits through people older than himself. No matter how important his position in life, he is limited.  He feels for those whose portion of earth life is but pain and he relieves when the pained plead. It is a symbol of Clemency.