Once Around The Zodiac

By Tony Waterfall, CIAO Co-ordinator (Vancouver, British Columbia)

from the ebb of reality in pisces

that is ramed by aries

into a new world of solidarity

for with taurus here we’ve landed

and here we’ll stay

possessing what we see and not letting go unless it returns in three

only as we look we find that we need duplicity so gemini our adventurers set out to see

of all that there be

while in search along came mother cancer

to give birth to keep all company

and who would be a shining friend to all

but leo the lion of magistry

and now we need virgo

whose sense of the orderly

does make what many call confusion

into a state called simplicity

that when our libran friend arrives

to tell us that we are half way there

and looks into this web of simplicity

to see that we must be the balance

of what has been

for now our scorpion who will reach

for naught than that which has

the ring of learnt desires

and who but who is it that can

provide that desire in a flash of energy

if a sagittarian its not

with their heart of fire burning

to many a wanderer

and their convincing line of life

to give the provider to so many

such a profundity as to climb

the highest mountain and claim

the right of capricorn

to call upon all to help

in the continuance of what must be done and its the all knowing man of the mountain the aquarian thinker

who says i know all that i see

and what is left for me says a piscean believer but to dream of all that can rise from this reality that the tide waters do recede so far

that many ask where they go

but as the waves regain and come

thundering back from that distant place

it is those mighty footfalls of the ram

that show us where the world we seek

does really be