Personal Degree Assessments

by Robin Armstrong


                When I first began looking at degree systems, I didn’t look to see if there were any similarities tying one system to another. Then, at one NCGR meeting, it was suggested that some systems could have perhaps derived their meanings from earlier systems. This could be true, from what I have seen.

                I have seen similarities in descriptions for at least two degrees. For 24° Aquarius, 3 degree systems mention that the person is hardworking (Leinbach, Manthri, Weber – in Leek’s degrees, the element of hard work can be found at 23° Aquarius and not 24° Aquarius), 2 systems mention that the person goes through many trials (Matthews, Weber) and 5 systems mention that the person expands his own, or other people’s, horizons through his trials (Klimczak, Leo, Manthri, Muir, Rudhyar).

                For 29° Aquarius, 2 systems mention that the person is a gambler, perhaps even gambling with his life. In Leek’s degree system, the reference to gambling is found at 28° Aquarius, not 29° Aquarius. In Weber’s degrees, it says that the person with 28°-29° Aquarius is “often drawn to life-threatening situations”, which could be seen as another way of saying that the person will gamble with his life. …..jl


My Progressed New Moon degree is at 16°44’ Pisces, in the 12th house.

17° Pisces (Kozminsky) “UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE SUN. A gaudily dressed officer holding aloft a spear of gold. Denotes one of magnetic force, patience, and determination who wins his way by sacrifice of self for the sake of his ambition and who will never rest until he has achieved his purpose. He is identified with a great or a great production, spreading knowledge or giving pleasure. It is a symbol of Announcement.”

                I still depend on my parents financially, but I don’t like taking too much from them. Before, it was that I wanted to be more independent. It’s hard because I can be really lazy, get too comfortable and not want to do anything. But now circumstances are forcing me to be more independent bit by bit. It’s more than just about my independence. I feel weighed down by my family. I just want to find my own life rather living my family’s life. I want to break free of the past. I’m willing to be a little poor and do without some things to be more free. It’s a funny symbol for this degree, the symbol fo the gaudy knight. My mom hates seeing me dress in rags (like my jeans with a kajillion patches). I haven’t bought new clothes in a long time. But I’d rather not have new clothes until I can afford to buy them myself. I don’t hate my parents and I’m not overproud. I just need to find my own way. ……jl

Degree             Focus on:     Hexagrams:        Person/Event

16PI03 05  d    ASC   H01    30L2:27L1:52L2   Hamill, Dorothy                                                             Skating champion

16PI08 18  d    SUN  H03    30L2:27L1:52L5   Bakker, Tammy Faye                                                    

16PI17@   d    VEN  H00    30L2:27L2:12L2   Hall, Manly Palmer, occultist

16PI25 33  d    MON H06    30L2:27L3:45L3   Ismail, Rahgib Rocket, Football Star

16pi28 50  d    VEN  H07    29L2:27L3:45L1   Pele                                                                               Soccer super star

16PI40 42  d    DSC   H07    30L2:27L5:16L6   Lang, K.D.(Kathy Dawn), Country Singer

16PI54 16  d    MER  H08    30L2:27L6:20L4   Gore, Albert Arnold, Vice President USA


My South Node is at 16°52’ Leo, in the 11th house.

16°-17° Leo (Weber) – “Passive, solid Taurus adds earth fixity to fiery Sagittarius/Leo. Durable. Headstrong. More patient and conscientious. Athletic. Artistic. Loveable. Strong. Both a lover and a fighter and certainly not afraid of combat or debate. Always confident of victory. Value-conscious and unwaveringly correct and vengeful. Has considerable talent due to forcefulness which can be channeled best in midlife and needs a “stage” and attention that may be hard to find. Bullish in romances. Often a playboy or playgirl. Remains unmarried unless promised health or status.”

   WHAAAT? Oops! Is this what Jung calls THE SHADOW? Because I could gain great strength from all of this.

   Needs a stage? Really?

You mean it’s OK for me “to be myself”? You mean I don’t have to stay home and be a nobody to evade envy of others, jealousy, enmity of peers, of you’re too good?

   Hecklers? I love them…to death – their deaths.

   Athletic? Yes. But presently a non-doing athlete. The most I do is “think about athleticizing myself”, but my FLABBY, passive body (19° Gemini – Part of Fortune) tells me to just take it easy, be nice and bake cookies! This south node is my shadow. I’m sorry to ADMIT this, but it’s made me laugh out loud… and I’ve read it twice!

   Yeah – gimme a stage! I’ll know what to DO with it!

   And I keep thinking, “Good thing I’m not legally married after all”. Because you never know what Fate holds in store for you! A mansion, a swimming pool and “Steven Sagall”? Sorry. but my ego has taken a beating because I’m unmarried legally. So I say to myself to keep down the pain quotient. So – maybe there is really a reason for your being “politically available” (but of course – that’s my shadow talking. She’s a real naughty, strong creature).

   I have “seen” my shadow in dreams. She’s got dark hair (like I once did). She wears leather dresses or vinyl and same jackets, expensive and sexy boots and IS SO SURE of herself even I am afraid of her! I’m afraid she might “steal my boyfriend”. Ha ha. The Shadow really has the last laugh! Everyone senses her about me but me. Especially my mother hates her, my beautiful, strong S. Node Leo Shadow…

Degree          Focus on:     Hexagrams:        Person/Event

16LE00 03 r   SAT   H01   6L2:28L1:52L1   Gore, Albert Arnold: Vice President USA

16LE12 54 r   PLU   H08   6L2:28L2:15L2   Depardieu, Gerard: Actor

16LE16 02 d  MC.    H10   6L2:28L2:12L3   Sartre, Jean Paul: Writer

16LE19 58 d  IC.      H04   6L2:28L2:12L1   Gauquelin, Francoise: Astrologer/Statistician

16LE34 04 d  PLU   H01   6L2:28L4:35L4   Prince Charles, Prince of Wales:

16LE41@ d  VEN   H00   6L2:28L5:16L6   Jackson, Michael, Dancer/singer

16LE51 31 d  MC.    H10   6L2:28L6:20L6   Freud, Sigmund: Psychologist

16LE59@ d  URA   H00   6L2:28L6:20L1   Johnson, Magic: Basketball superstar /AIDS


My South Node is at 16°52’ Leo, in the 11th house.

17° Leo (Klimczak) – “A Volunteer Church Choir. Stirring up participation. Aligning one’s inner personality components with the needs of the situation. Off-the-cuff inspiration. Spontaneity vs. required roles. Subtle suggestion vs. formal structures.”

        I like the idea of “voluntary” and “church”. An act of giving song for the glory of God. Often I’ve done what I had to do – what SOMEONE “had” to do.  It wasn’t always comfortable to reduce the “Me” for the “We”.

        “Stirring up participation.” – Yes. For an entire year I organized a mixed bag entertainment show – 20 performers once a month. I got on the phone asking others to come and participate. Most said, “Gee, you’re really different than usual. You’re upbeat.” I had to switch gears from being “private and unhappy” to being “available and expendable”.

        It didn’t feel…comfortable. But…maybe it was me at my best of public selves? I felt I was doing for people in their best interests without bitterness or shyness. The shows were a big success – until another love scandal and public humiliation – which set me back 2 years until now. It seems every time I do well in public, privately a romantic humiliation arises.

        “Spontaneity vs. required roles.” – So I was hostess (required), and mother, and also performer and spontaneous. Some people I saw, were afraid of the spontaneity – the thought it might cast them in a buffoonish light in front of an audience.

         My “required role” in society is to be “nothing” and still contribute to the economy……… famous last words…..


My Mars is at 15°33’ Scorpio.

SCO 15°-16° (Matthews) “CAREFULNESS” Or carelessness under afliction. Not a powerful degree, and like 17-18, the natives are hardly typical of Scorpio. May be an art collector or a person who works hard at some branch of art, with little remuneration.

   I would tend to disagree with Matthews over whether this degree is powerful. I think it is, but then I have my Mars here. “Want to fight?”.

I am a collector. I collect mostly books and data, but I also collect music and musical instruments. I have worked very hard for years to develop musical ability. I am dedicated and constantly striving, regardless of remuneration…..ra

Degree          Focus on:             Hexagrams:        Person/Event

15SC16 34 d  MER H11    gpt     12L3:24L2:31L4   Lee, Bruce, Martial Arts/actor

15SC17 05 d  NEP H02    gpt     12L3:24L2:31L5   O’Neal, Tatum, Actress

15SC19 51 r   URA H10    gpt     12L3:24L2:31L6   Meher, Baba, mystic

15SC22 59 d  MER H07    gpt     12L3:24L3:56L2   United Nations

15SC36 50 d  NNd H03    gpt     12L3:24L4:62L5   Pope, John Paul II

15SC39 44 r   NEP H06    gpt     12L3:24L4:62L6   Jordan, Michael Jeffry, Basketball Star

15SC50 13 r   VEN H05    gpt     12L3:24L6:39L1   Harding, Tonya, Skater Olympics94

21°-22° CAP (Matthews) “POWER OF DETERMINATION” Active mind, persistent in his efforts. Studies the past to guide him in the future. Usually has more than one hobby. Women with planets here are usually hard to understand. (Also denoted by Uranus opposition to Neptune.) But some say that all women are hard to understand. Harold B. Wright and Lindbergh, Saturn.

“Active mind, persistent in his efforts. Studies the past to guide him in the future.”

My mind tends to be overactive, I have to work to slow it down. I’m notoriously persistent. I do use astrological analysis of the past and of people who have gone before to understand the present and anticipate the future. I’ve also used classical literature and films this way.

“Usually has more than one hobby.”

Sure, but doesn’t everyone? I never feel like I have “hobbies” because I pursue all my interests very intently, and they are all pretty serious, such as astrology and film. I wish I had time for hobbies!

“Women with planets here are usually hard to understand. (Also denoted by Uranus opposition to Neptune.) But some say that all women are hard to understand.”

It’s true that most people don’t understand me, if anyone does at all. Even astrologers find my chart difficult to interpret. (Caroline Kennedy has her Venus in this degree.) ……..dn

Degree      Focus on:         Hexagrams:        Person/Event

21CP05 53 d  NEP   H01   42L4:17L1:58L4   Earthquake, Los Angeles, LA Earthquake

21CP07 03 d  IC.      H04   42L4:17L1:58L5   MaharaJi, Young guru/Milenium 73

21CP22 58 d  ASC   H01   42L4:17L3:26L5   Queen Elizabeth II, of England        

21CP24 27 d  MAR  H03   42L4:17L3:26L4   Harrison, George, Musician Beatles

21CP31 45 d  JUP    H02   42L4:17L4: 5L5   Trump, Ivana, exwife of Donald Trump

21CP33 22 d  SUN   H12   42L4:17L4: 5L4   Limbaugh, Rush, Talk show host

21CP37 27 d  IC.      H04   42L4:17L4: 5L2   Prince Edward

21CP45 25 d  MAR  H01   42L4:17L5: 9L3   Earthquake, Los Angeles, LA Earthquake


My Sun is at 16°38’ Aquarius.

AQUARIUS 17° (Manthri) – February 4, 5 or 6

Creative Words: Muaduv Baiwup. Thou art a poet who, after travelling the seven seas in search of the love thou hast visioned in a dream, findest her and through her becomest a great arbiter of human emotions. Through knowing thine own heart thou learnest of all men’s hearts. That which thou seekest is the composure of the many warring elements in thine own nature, for thou wouldst travel in all directions at once. Great imaginings tempt thy strengths. Confine thineself to immediate tasks, lest none be finished. Thy love swayeth thy career; choose cautiously with whom thou consortest. Learn that secrets shared are not secret; keep to thineself that which would injure thee if abroad. Thy child is much to thee, yet thy solicitude threateneth to spoil him. Cultivate the benefits to be gained through cooperation with brethren of thy blood.

“Thou art a poet who, after travelling the seven seas in search of the love thou hast visioned in a dream, findest her and her becomest a great arbiter of hman emotions. “

   I moved about 3,500 highway miles in twelve years in search of a community more in line with my own values. I haven’t found it, but I got exhausted moving.  The last four locations were definitely better than the place I was born.

“Through knowing thine own heart thou learnest of all men’s hearts.”

   I know myself thoroughly, partly because I’ve usually been isolated a lot, but also because I’ve studied astrology and consulted astrologers for two decades. I cannot always generalize from myself to other people, however.  I’ve found astrology especially helpful for understanding other people.

“That which thou seekest is the composure of the many warring elements in thine own nature, for thou wouldst travel in all directions at once. “

   I’ve never felt that my personality is pulled in different directions, but in my twenties and thirties I had trouble choosing which of my many interests I should focus on. I was torn between what I loved the most, and other things that I thought might be more practical. I could never get work related to my interests.

“Great imaginings tempt thy strengths. Confine thyself to immediate tasks, lest none be finished.”

   This statement is especially true. I’ve always had too much imagination for my own good.  As a child and young adult, I’d often get lost in daydreaming and mix up the everyday tasks. Somehow I’ve gotten better at focusing on the moment.

“The love swayeth thy career, choose cautiously with whom thou consortest.”

   Men usually distracted me from career pursuits, and they never turned out to be really suitable. I wasn’t always cautious enough.

“Learn then that secrets shared are not secret; keep to thineself that which would injure thee if abroad.”

   I hate having to conceal things, such as my interest in astrology or my political views.  Over the years, I’ve tended to keep more secrets to avoid the controversies and criticisms that can result.

“Thy child is much to thee, yet thy solicitude threateneth to spoil him. Cultivate the benefits to be gained through cooperation with brethren of thy blood.”

   My only child is my cat and people do accuse me of spoiling him.

“Cultivate the benefits to be gained through cooperation with brethren of thy blood.”

   My relatives have always been notoriously uncooperative. For 18 years, I tried to persuade my sister that we could achieve a lot of privileges if we worked together, but she was only interested in getting more for herself. ……dn

Degree             Focus on:     Hexagrams:        Person/Event

16aq08 32  d    MER  H03    6L2:28L1:52L6    Mandela, Nelson Rolihlahla, President S.Africe

16AQ16 02 d    IC.     H04    36L2:28L2:12L3   Sartre, Jean Paul, Writer

16AQ17 28 d    MON H02    36L2:28L2:12L2   Eddy, Mary Baker, mystic

16AQ19 58 d    MC.   H10    36L2:28L2:12L1   Gauquelin, Francoise, Astrologer/Statistician

16AQ38 42 d    SAT   H05    36L2:28L4:35L1   O’Neal, Tatum, Actress

16AQ51 31 d    IC.     H04    36L2:28L6:20L6   Freud, Sigmund, Psychologist


My Venus is at 0°19’ of Sagittarius.

01° SA (Henson): Degree of draftsmanship; enterprise; degree of precision found in charts of watchmakers, engravers, astronomers; always in search of knowledge; photography; pelvic bone.

Once again Henson pretty well copies the very words of Matthews. She has added the idea of photography and the pelvic bone. Interestingly enough, I have for some time had an enthusiasm for taking photographs. I have also had a bicycle accident which damaged my pelvic bone. This was a lesson in cultivating new values. ……ra

Degree             Focus on:     Hexagrams:        Person/Event

00SA12 25 d    MER  H05    16L6:19L2:41L2   Harding, Tonya, Skater Olympics94

00SA15 00 d    NEP   H05    16L6:19L2:41L3   Harding, Tonya, Skater Olympics94

00SA21 35 d    MC.   H10    16L6:19L3:60L1   Knievel, Evel, Daredevil

00SA23 09 d    MON H08    16L6:19L3:60L2   Rose, Pete, Baseball star

00SA36 36 d    MON H01    16L6:19L4:61L4   Trump, Ivana, exwife of Donald Trump

00SA37 25 d    JUP    H06    16L6:19L4:61L5   Clinton, Hilary, 1st Lady USA


My Venus is at 0°19’ Sagittarius:

0°-1 ° SAGITTARIUS (SAG-1, ARI-5)/(Cochrane): Enterprising, active, expressive, direct and honest. Restless and always pursuing a new hope. Pioneering spirit. Loves sports. May lack persistence.

   With Venus representing my values and self worth as well as my likes and dislikes, I can relate pretty well to this symbol. I am enterprising and usually very active. I do really like sports. I don’t think that I lack persistence. The words given here seem too narrow in scope for me to apply, but if I interpret 0 – 1° Sagittarius with a Sagittarius sub-theme and an Aries sub-sub-theme, then significant meanings surface. I love philosophy, religion and understanding. I actively go after whatever I want, regardless of the expense. I tend to be overindulgent and impulsive. …….ra

My Mars is at 13°46’ Aries.

“13°-14° Aries (VIR-6, TAU-2)/(Cochrane): Takes the time to work neatly and accurately. Interested in nutrition or other health-related fields.”

                Yes, I do take the time to work neatly and accurately. I probably work a little too slow at times, but I’d rather work a little slowly and make sure that I do neat and accurate work. In my opinion, it saves a lot of time, because later, mistakes could pop up from out of nowhere, due to sloppy work.

                I am interested in nutrition. I am not the most nutrition-conscious person around, but I do know how different foods affect me and I know which foods are healthy for me and which food aren’t (not according to the Canada Food Guide, but according to my own body). I’m not the most healthy eater, but healthy eating is something that’s important to me. ……jl

Degree             Focus on:  Hexagrams:        Person/Event

13AR16 12 d    MC. H10   60L2:43L5:57L4   Prince Charles, Prince of Wales           

13AR51 39 d    IC.   H04   60L2:43L1:47L6   Chiron, Discovery of: by Charles Kowal

13AR51 52 r     SAT H02   60L2:43L1:47L5   Knievel, Evel Daredevil


My Sun is at 23°18’ of Libra.

24th LIB (Kop): This degree is quite similar to the previous one. Strong down-to-earth attitude and fixed nature is seen in these individuals. I am not very down to earth nor too practical. Money seems to play a fighting role in their romance and marriage. Financial issues were somewhat involved in all of my three marriages. I wouldn’t say that it was always a fighting role, but rather a pivotal role, but then that is probably true in most marital relationships. They have some intellectualism applied towards money but not enough to make it work. Their financial activities are rather disciplinary and conservative. They try to be quite strict about how they make and spend their money. I am spontaneous with my money. While I can be idealistic and gullible, I certainly am not disciplinary nor conservative. I take risks when an ideal can be achieved. Their work habits are a little uncoordinated and often they get distracted from their work as their priorities change fast. My long term consistency is exceptionally strong, but the day to day priorities can become disorienting. Their intellectual resources are very intuitive or psychic, but their thinking is too sensitive to surroundings and circumstances. Yes my thinking is sensitive to the environment that I am in. As a consequence I put a significant emphasis on a correct mental and spiritual space. In their romantic activities, they behave as they are, as a result, their achievements are also in line of their expectations. This is not a comprehendible statement. Their marriage relations are a tough showdown of each other’s “pickiness” and both of them love to gain the upper hand by finding more faults in the other’s actions. Their communication with their spouse has a touch of egotism, but outside the house they stick together and defend each other. He seems to be reading this as if I had a Libra Ascendant and an Aries Descendant. Well, I don’t. Maybe, but I really do not identify with this association. I usually idealize my partners, but if I or she falls off the pedestal, I could see some appearance of this negativity. This seems to relate more to the ending of relationships than the maintaining of them. Their early life activities are full of parental love and they get along well with both parents simultaneously. This comment is way off track. I like to hope for the best for each parent, but they did not get along, and my affection went from one to the other. ….ra

Degree             Focus on:     Hexagrams:          Person/Event

23LI03 16  d    MC.   H10    62L6:47L6:32L2    Princess Diana, Princess of Wales

23LI08@   d    NNd  H00    62L6:47L6:32L5    Jackson, Michael, Dancer/singer

23LI13 40  d    JUP    H01    62L6:47L5:57L3    Clinton, Bill, US President

23LI42 09  d    MAR H02    62L6:47L2:46L2    Sutherland, Donald, Actor

23LI51 21  d    SUN  H08    62L6:47L1:47L6    Knievel, Evel, Daredevil

23LI53 06  d    JUP    H08    62L6:47L1:47L5    Jung, Carl, Psychologist

23LI57 23  d    NNd  H03    62L6:47L1:47L2    Ciccione, Madonna, Singing star


My M.C. is at 28°51’ Taurus.

28° – 29° Taurus (MC/Gordon): Good organizing ability; success through development of land and mines or buildings. Strong will power.

I am not a good organizer. I am a rather cluttered one. I am good in that I do get things done in time for deadlines, but I am not quite able to make the best use of others potentials. I have trouble delegating responsibility. I have never been successful in land ownership. Once I owned a property but lost it when the marriage ended……. just six months before the price tripled! I do have strong will power…..ra

Degree       Focus on:           Hexagrams:        Person/Event

28TA37 49 d    IC.     H04   5L2:49L3:17L5   Arnold, Roseanne: Comedian/actress

28TA37 49 d    IC.     H04   5L2:49L3:17L5   King, Coretta Scott: Wife/Martin Luther

28TA37 56 d    SUN   H05   5L2:49L3:17L5   Little, Malcolm X: PoliticalActivist

28TA47 04 r     PLU   H03   5L2:49L2:36L2   Picasso, Pablo: Painter

28TA47 05 d    IC.     H04   5L2:49L2:36L2   Gretzky, Wayne: Hockey superstar

28TA50 47 d    JUP    H09   5L2:49L1:22L6   Vatican City

28ta51@    d    JUP    H00   35L2:49L1:22L6   Jouret, Luc: Cultist/Solar Temple Order

My Ascendant is at 4°48’ of Virgo:

4° — 5° Virgo (ASC/Gordon): A well-mannered and obliging nature; lack of ambition will be aggressive to a certain extent and, if developed, will enable him to the cause of the native’s low position in life. The character rather rise above his station in life. The life itself is void of big events and the native will do well to accumulate while young. A loyal friend and also a dangerous enemy. Whatever the native acquires will be the result of his own efforts. (An eventless life is indicated when there are few or no aspects in the natal chart. The more aspects between the ruler of the chart and the other planets, the more varied the life itself will be.)

Co-Ruler: Mars: Key-Word Indifference

   I am quite considerate and polite towards others. I have at times in my life been detached from ambition, and at those times I was in a lowly position. I was brough up poor and lived in many places in the world with little or no money. Even though I am fairly well established in my career now, I still live in renovated a warehouse. It is fine for me. My life has been filled with big events and incredible peaks as well as valleys. I am loyal in friendship but I am not dangerous. I probably have had some dangerous adversaries, but usually these turn around in time. I have not had inheritances but what I do have has come through both my efforts, those of my friends, and even from the good will of strangers. I can relate to the co-ruler of Mars in that I am active and assertive, but I do not think that I have ever been truely indifferent….ra

Degree        Focus on:          Hexagrams:       Person/Event

04VI18 04  d  NNd    H12  40L2:53L2:40L2 Shapiro, Robert Leslie:

                                                                                Lawyer:Defence O.J. Simpson

04VI46 13  d  ASC    H01  40L2:53L5: 4L3  Vatican City:

04VI47 03  r   MER  H12  40L2:53L5: 4L2  Atom Bomb, Hiroshima:

                                                                                Age of Nuclear War began

04VI50 15  r   NEP    H09  40L2:53L6: 7L6  Dean, James: actor

04VI55 10  d  SAT    H01  40L2:53L6: 7L3  Pope, John Paul II:

04VI59 12  d  MAR  H03  40L2:53L6: 7L1  Anka, Darryl: Chaneller/UFO                                                                                                                   investigator


My MC is at 16°29’ Capricorn.

17°Capricorn (Bardon) Arabim – is capable of informing the magician of occult botany and all its affiliated fields. This head teaches the magician to understand botany from the herme-tic point of view and to make practical use of it in magic and medicine .

                Plants are special beings to me. I don’t just water plans. I also talk to them and sometimes I sing to them.

                I have a story to tell about my aloe vera plant, which is like my pet and baby. Well, lately, I haven’t given it as much attention as I should. One day, I went to take a look at my plant. The plant had been kind of limp lately. I had thought it was in need of water, but I didn’t give it any water (I was worried that I might overwater it because I had watered it a lot lately). I hadn’t noticed how much I missed it until then. I just wanted to hug my aloe vera plant. I told it I missed it and I loved it. I went away and came back a little later. Well, my aloe ver plant wasn’t limp anymore. It was firm and strong. …..jl

Degree             Focus on:     Hexagrams:          Person/Event

16CP07 32 d    DSC   H07    3L5:27L1:52L5     Anka, Darryl, Chaneller/UFO investigator

16CP29 10 d    MAR H12    3L5:27L3:45L1     Arnold, Roseanne, Comedian/actress

16CP29 10 d    MAR H12    3L5:27L3:45L1     King, Coretta Scott, Wife/Martin Luther

16CP40 32 d    MER  H12    3L5:27L5:16L6     Yeltsin, Boris, President USSR