The Physical Nature of the Planets Is Similar to the Astrological Nature

By Robin Armstrong

MARS is the volcano planet full of eruptions and lava flows. Astrologically it means temper, aggression, force, and passions, which erupt violently in our nature. If someone is said to be burning up, we would of course think of Mars.

VENUS is surrounded by dense clouds which create an exceptionally hot surface atmosphere. Venus is the planet of love and emotions, and our emotions do lead us into heated love affairs. Venus is the warm heart, love-sickness, & living in a dream. Romance is thick and moist.

MERCURY, the mental planet, is the only planet without an atmosphere. Mercury is our intelligence, our ability for clear headed thinking. Logic yields clarity, and logic is often so dry. Pure thinking is free of the clouds of emotions.

JUPITER is the social planet of understanding and religion. Physically it is surrounded by cloud banks and 12 moons. it is highly active and hard to focus on clearly.

SATURN, the planet of limits, law and order, has well defined rings around it.. .. like the chains of justice, and the regulations, limitations, and responsibilities that encircle us.

URANUS, our independence and sense of freedom, lies more or less on its side – more upside down than not – with its tail in the air. Does this not resemble many of the situations our independence leads us into?

NEPTUNE is hazy and we can hardly see it even with a large telescope. No wonder it’s a little confusing.

PLUTO, our will power is far away and icy.

Even the SUN, our spiritual power and purpose has its violent flares and outbursts.

THE MOON of course is captured and a more or less dead planet. We all know that family must be left behind or do we?