Astrology Classes

RASA-logo-20110209aAstrology Classes

To study astrology and become good at it will take some time.
But it is exciting and inspirational.
Everything you learn in astrology applies to yourself and everyone you know.
Astrology is never boring!
On top of this, in today’s world
you don’t have to calculate or learn to draw up a horoscope.
You don’t need to know math!
All the calculations and horoscopes can be done by computer.
This makes it easier than ever to study astrology.
My beginners class consists of 18 one hour audio cds.
You can study at home!
You can listen to the classes again and again.
You can play them in the car on an mp3 player and learn going to and coming home from work.
It has never been so easy to learn.
As your interest grows, you may decide to create a second career as an astrologer.
Once you get good at it, you will be able to work for yourself and make money too.
It won’t take long to make back the money you spent on classes.
And the classes are fun!
These classes have been approved by Professional Astrologers Incorporated.
They are top quality!
If you want to learn at home and become a good astrologer, then these classes are for you!
In the beginner’s class you will learn about pattern types and moon phases.
You will learn about the signs of the zodiac, the astrological houses, the planets and aspects.
These are the essential fundamentals of astrology.
They are inspirational and fun to learn.
If after the first level you are satisfied and want more, there is plenty!
There are ten levels in all taking up the path to becoming a competent professional astrologer.
In each level you will grow a little more and become a better astrologer.
Studying astrology can change your life for the better. It can put you in the drivers seat!