RASA-logo-20110209c-1-5nI am slowly but surely working through the first lecture series. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I can’t believe how much I’ve learned, and how much I’ve had to unlearn! I’m nearly done with the RASA 01, and wondering if I can schedule my exam for sometime at the end of the month?…..A.S., 20130102

I thoroughly enjoy your teaching style and you are the best instructor of astrology I have come across. Your classes have filled in alot of gaps and expanded my knowledge of astrology. …….B.B., 20121210

I’m really looking forward to the next classes. I love your teaching style and your wisdom. I can’t tell you how delighted i am to have been given the scholarship. …..R.M., 20121210

I have always been interested in astrology from a young age. When I started your course back in 1991, and then going through most of the classes twice, it made a big defference in my life at all levels, mentally, physically and specially spiritually. The classes were intense at time but fun and never a dull moment! I love your teaching .Thank-you Robin …….A.P., 2011-01-20

On receiving her diploma from the Astrological Association of Great Britain: I also thank my original astrology teacher, Robin Armstrong, who taught me not to be afraid to go into the dark places with clients, and whose teaching gave me a logical foundation for astrology. Robin’s mixture of spirituality and pragmatism is always with me as I continue to study this fascinating subject. …..P. R., 2010-02-14,

I was studying astrology on my own for a couple of years before taking Robin Armstrong’s 10 level course… and it made THE difference in my world of learning! I have yet to find books containing the valuable information this course has to offer, Robin’s teachings are profound, deep and comprehensive and entertaining.
His teaching style is truly unique. He is able to convey the deepest concepts, always holding your attention, while helping you create your own thought process and making astrology as real as your life. Every time I listen to the DVD’s, the various layers sink deeper into my consciousness…Robin Armstrong’s classes and wisdom continue to open my eyes to the true and meaningful language of the stars! ……Z.G., 2008-09-01

Your lectures and my historical notes on different life phases were SO meaningful to me – as though the veil was drawn back each week and the lessons and meaning in my life revealed to me in a great shining gift. Thank-you. ……….S.J., 1995

If you are looking for a good astrology teacher, there are many to choose from. If you are looking for a great astrology teacher, they are few and far between. In the latter category, I can highly recommend Robin Armstrong. His knowledge of Astrology is vast and his style is thoroughly entertaining. Beginners are rewarded with a solid foundation and advanced students can plunge into the depths of the cosmos with the best of celestial guides. Whether you attend Robin’s humorous yet intense personal classes or opt for the virtual RASA version, you can be sure that you will be learning Astrology from a Master……….L.B. 2011-02-06

I just wanted to thank you again for the scholarship. I am enjoying the classes more than anything I have ever studied and am excited about what the future holds as I learn more. Thank you for the opportunity! …..S.W. 20111013